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Being built on product and powered by the people, Market America has been in operation for over two and a half decades where they have been offering quality services to their customers. Having been established in 1992 by a couple which used to be Amway distributors, JR Ridinger and his wife Loren Ridinger, the private company has become multi-level marketing firm which is specifically known for product brokerage and internet marketing as well. The tremendous growth of the company has made the company to be the best in the global marketplace.

Market America has become the very first platform that converts ones spending into earning. It has been ensuring stability, longevity, and profitability through their product brokerage. They do not strictly focus on one product like many other companies, this multi-level marketing company offers a variety of products and diverse brands in various multibillion-dollar markets. Basically, they provide the most competitive and in-demand products including cosmetics, weight management, coffee, custom websites, oral hygiene, clothing, electronics, flowers, supplements, and water purifiers.

Having its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States, Market America is headed by JR Ridinger who is the Chief Executive Officer and the President. In 2016, the company had an employee population of around 800 people which is subject to increase from the visible unassailable growth of the company. Though there was slowed growth for almost one decade since its commencement, Market America, grew tremendously a year after going private in 2001.


In 2002, the company expanded to reach global markets like Australia; in 2005 it went to Taiwan and by late 2007 to Hong Kong. In 2010, its market expanded to the Philippines, in 2012 to the United Kingdom and Mexico, in 2014 to Singapore and lately in 2017 it expanded to Malaysia. In the year 2010, they made a major step in acquiring Shop.com which is an online comparison shopping engine that features Amazon, Yahoo and even Microsoft guru, Bill Gates.


In 2013, Market America featured on the Global 100 list of DSN at number 27. This could be as a result of their over 3,000 diverse products. There are several ways of earning with this global company including Gross Retail profit, cashback commission, and team earnings among others.



Sahm Adrangi is a 33-year-old executive who owns and operates his own New York City investment firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management. In February 2018 he issued a very negative report about Eastman Kodak Company and their new plan to enter the area of cryptocurrencies. His report highlighted some of his thoughts and findings and invited investors to listen in on a conference call he would be conducting about Eastman Kodak. He also explained that he had taken a short position on Eastman Kodak Company’s stock in the hedge fund that he operates.

In early February Eastman Kodak Company had announced two developments that tied in with each other. The first was KODAKOne, their new image licensing platform. The second was KODAKCoin which is their new cryptocurrency. The plan is that people will buy images on KODAKOne using KODAKCoin and the owners of the images would receive payment in the form of KODAKCoin. Among the many problems Sahm Adrangi has with this is that no one in their right mind wants to get paid with some cryptocurrency whose value isn’t backed by anything and the value of which fluctuate wildly.

Another thing that Sahm Adrangi said in his report was that Eastman Kodak Company has had poor fundamentals for years and their entering the cryptocurrency industry will do nothing at all about that. He also said their capital structure is buried in debt and, again, entering the cryptocurrency industry wouldn’t change that fact either. When Eastman Kodak had made their announcement their stock shot up close to 200%. Sahm Adrangi said this was entirely unjustified and it was all built on hype and speculation. He expected their stock to soon tank once investors understood what was happening.

Prior to opening Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi had been an analyst in the financial industry. He had worked for three firms which were Deutsche Bank, Longacre Fund Management, and Chanin Capital Partners. He has experience in a few different specialties such as restructuring, distressed debt credit, equity funds, and leverage financing among others. His hedge fund manages about $300 million in assets and it was founded in 2009.