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The great Warren Buffet has just made a billion dollar bet to charity that he can outperform some hedge fund managers by S&P 500 investments. With his bottom-up strategy and countless hours of research into companies, it looks like he’s on his way to win the bet. Warren has been preaching to save and invest for the longest time now, and is one of the innovative leaders in investments. He went on to kindly share some advice from his years of experience.

Do your due diligences with the mutual fund of investment you want to work with. A majority of them atre just aiming to get as much of your money as possible. Make sure you go with a company that has great long term performance but doesn’t over charge in fees and taxes to learn more: https://thecapitalideas.com/guest-author/tim-armour/ click here.

Don’t put too much thought into whether or not to get a passive or active index investments. The long game in the long run is to make as much as you can either way. You need to see that even slow passive returns aren’t exempt to the market downfall. Out of the trillions invest in the passive route, only around 12,000 investors were aware that their passive funds of investment have a one hundred percent chance of losing them money.

The last tip Warren gave was that nobody ever knows what mutual funds will prosper in the future. Even the people who invest in S&P 500 and make a great return, if they went with someone like AMCAP or Capital Group, they would have made more. Timothy Armour then iterates that people need to go with firms that have years of experience and has something that sets them apart. There are mutual funds out there that will invest their own money alongside yours for better profit.

Tim Armour was named chairman of Capital Group on July 28, 2015. He started with a bachelor’s in economics from Middlebury College, he made his way to Capital Group through their associates program. He moved his way from an equity investment analyst to global telecommunications helping service US companies, accumulating over 34 years of investment experience.

Arthur Becker is a former Bear Sterns Stock broker. He made his wealth in the early 2000s by buying tech companies. Recently, he has gotten involved in dealing with real estate in Florida and New York. He involves himself a wide variety of activities, career pursuits and interests having to do with tech, finance, art and real estate. Sometimes, he blends these pursuits together. His real estate studio in Tribeca is also used as an art studio. In his artwork, he alludes to money and it’s philosophical and spiritual meanings. He also includes magic 8 balls in his artwork.

Arthur Becker was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1950. He currently works and resides in New York. He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Fine Arts from Bennington University in 1969. He also attended business at Tuck School of Business in Dartmouth, where he earned an MBA. Arthur moved 18th century houses in New England, and then went on to be the CEO of two technology companies. According to Curbed, Arthur Becker is currently the Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners, LLC, is a firm that focuses on bio tech ventures in the early stages and real estate. He has invested in real estate projects in locations such as Redhook, Third Avenue, Tribeca, Chelsea Tower and Townhouses on 6th Avenue, Steinway at 57th Street and Sullivan Street. He is also the Chairman and Chief executive officer of Zino, LLC.

Arthur Becker was married to Vera Wang for 23 years, until 2012 when they broke up. Have two daughters with Vera Wang—one who is 25 years old and another who is 22 years old. Even though his marriage to Vera Wang ended in arguments, they have have unanimously agreed to be whole-heartedly devoted to their two daughters. He likes to collect things like paperweights, ancient currencies and toy soldiers with binoculars.

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Orthopedic surgery involves repairing damage to the muscles and bones. Everyone from elite athletes to stay-at-home parents have benefitted from the work of orthopedic surgeons. Orthopedic surgery can be used to address a variety of conditions. Two of the most common types of orthopedic surgery procedures are ACL reconstruction and spine surgery.

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is the knee’s major stabilizing ligament. It can rupture while playing sports or by a person simply twisting or taking a misstep. Orthopedic surgeons perform procedures to reconstruct this ligament countless times each year. They use the person’s own or donor tissue, bone tunnels, screws or other devices, to reconstruct the ligament and hold it in place until new tissue grows and the ligament heals.

Back pain is a common complaint today. It is now commonplace for people to get spine surgery to eliminate back pain and increase their activity level, physical fitness and productivity. One common type of spinal surgery is spinal fusion. In this procedure the orthopedic surgeon join spinal bones together. This restricts the bones’ movement, limits the amount the nerves stretches and eliminates back pain.

Dr. Greg Finch is an internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in the treatment of spinal conditions. He has vast experience in operative, minimally invasive and non-operative procedures. Dr. Greg Finch is a graduate of the Royal Australisian College of Surgeons with a FRACS in Orthpaedic Surgery and holds bachelor’s degrees in surgery and medicine from the University of Auckland.

Dr. Greg Finch also spent 2 years in Germany, the U.S. and the UK working with the top spine surgeons. He holds a membership in the Spine Society of Australia and the North American Spine Society and is an Australian Orthopaedic Association fellow. Dr. Greg Finch currently practices at public and private hospitals throughout Australia.

If you’re familiar with Lime Crime makeup, then you’ve seen the wild and crazy color palettes that come together. Now the e-commerce cosmetics brand is diving into a pool of rainbow bright hair dye, so women and men can amp up their manes.


Unicorn Hair is the latest creation by the brand’s CEO and founder Doe Deere. She is hands-on when it comes to every product the company puts out there. Doe Deere has been working for a few years now on perfecting her special new line of semi-permanent dyes. She enjoys candy-colored tresses, and purple is one of her current favorites. You can copy Doe Deere’s do in Pony, the purple-icious shade and one of 13 colors to choose from.


The beauty in Unicorn Hair is in its superb gentleness and nourishing features. The Lime Crime makeup brand is already proud of its cruelty free and vegan status, so the new line of hair color products follow suit. You won’t find any harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach or peroxide in Unicorn Hair, just natural vegetable glycerin.


Each bottle costs $16 and is filled to the brim in nearly 7 fluid ounce jars. That’s an ample amount of dye and can transform your locks to mega-watt shine and rainbow beauty.


The hair color is available in full coverage or tint, creating rich, deep pigment or pretty pastel luxe. Best of all, Unicorn Hair fades gently and gracefully without any harsh lines visible.


Although the hair dye can be used on dark strands as sexy highlights, to get the best bang out of the color is to apply these dyes on medium blond or lighter shades, according to suggestions at the company’s store website found here.


Some of the other luscious and naughty hair colors include Chocolate Cherry, Peach Neon, Jello (Green), Dirty Mermaid (Teal)and Bunny (Baby Pink).


Lime Crime is huge on social media, and they’re prominent on Instagram with more than 2.8 million followers. Fans love sending colorful selfies with their faces and now hair, adorned with the brand’s gorgeous, edgy makeup and hair dye.

James Dondero is the co-founder and the main reason behind Highland Capital Management’s success. A businessman and entrepreneur, James Dondero has an excellent understanding of financials and all that goes into making a company have a good financial backing. Based in Texas, the company is dedicated to offering their customers the best service when it comes to their monetary needs. James Dondero has an incredibly extensive list of clientele, ranging from business owners to individual homemakers. He takes special care to ensure that all his client’s needs are adequately met, in accordance to that they want and need.


James Dondero has an incredibly brilliant mind when it comes to financials, and tries his best to ensure that all the financial workings of the company are in the right place. He is known to be someone who can properly formulate a plan of action that can help in almost any and every financial situation, no matter what the issue at hand is, that the company is dealing with. His incredible experience of working with numerous clients is what has got James Dondero to the position he is in today, and which continues to contribute to Highland Capital Management’s success.


James Dondero has been working in the field of over thirty years. Throughout these years, James Dondero has won numerous awards for his incredible work for the company and in the field of finance. He is known as someone who can help any business grow and expand in the right direction. James Dondero was even known for his contribution to the previous companies that he has worked at. James Dondero worked with Protective Life, during which he took the company and transformed it into one which was worth over two billion dollars.


James Dondero also believes in using his fortune to help the community around him and make them a better place to live in. James Dondero is known to be an extremely significant charitable donor who regularly works with charities and donates to them. James has always viewed education to be one of the biggest contributors to a better society and therefore regularly provides scholarships to students who do well in their academics.


AXA is a multinational insurance firm that provides insurance, investment management, and other financial services worldwide. It is a conglomerate of many independently run businesses all the word that operate in line with the regulations of the particular countries. Based in Paris, France AXA has expanded its operations all over in North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. The company has grown tremendously due to the acquisition of the other main players in the insurance business such as The Equitable and Winterthur Group. Its American arm, AXA Advisors, is a leading player in the US that deals with insurance and other financial services. AXA Advisors are active in philanthropy through their foundation and scholarship program.


At the helm of AXA Advisors is Vincent Parascandola who serves as the Senior Executive Vice President. He has over 25 years of experience working in the insurance sector and thus is well equipped to lead the company to greater heights. In his current position, he is responsible for recruiting, retrenchment and training of employees so as to maintain and develop reputable and skilled financial professionals. Under his management, AXA Advisors has created numerous products and services that continue to protect and provide investment options for their clients. His management strategy has worked well and has even enabled him to win some awards such as GAMA Career Development Award and Master Agency Award.


Vincent Parascandola is an alumnus of Pace University, New York where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. After graduation, he worked at Prudential Insurance where he won the National Rookie of the year. He then moved to MONY Group where he worked as a financial advisor before being promoted gradually to end up as the Field Vice President finally. It is after this that he joined AXA Advisors as president of the Parascandola Advantage Group. He is also an excellent orator and recently gave the keynote speech during the Commencement speech of the graduating class of 2014 at his alma mater. Mr. Parascandola continues to help millions of people by offering financial advice to help them secure their financial future.



You can’t run a business in the current digital climate without having a full and well rounded understanding of what it takes. Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communication solutions firm that has been focused on keeping businesses ahead of the competition by bringing them the digital tools that they need in order to find success. Talk Fusion was established by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007 after the founder had failed to find a similar platform. Reina has since grown Talk Fusion into one of the most prominent innovators in the industry ever since. Reina sat down to talk about just what Talk Fusion has to offer.


Talk Fusion excelled in 2016 in a way that few other companies within the industry did. To start off, Talk Fusion won the prestigious 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for their work on the Video Chat application. Talk Fusion also saw unquestioned growth in the market both in America and around the rest of the world. CEO Bob Reina has been focused on continually pushing the limits of what his company can offer so it should surprise nobody that they are where they are today.


Now, Bob Reina knows that in order to win new customers you have to sell them on your services. Reina doesn’t need to work too hard to sell Talk Fusion to potential entrepreneurs within the market. The biggest thing that Talk Fusion offers, and they offer quite a bit, is the ability to become an all in one office for all of your digital management needs. Talk Fusion offers enhanced customer service programs, live meetings, video chat interfacing, and reputation management through a plethora of different programs. Reina points out that often times companies who go through another provider will be forced to individually hire out for all of these tasks.


Talk Fusion is also focused on keeping themselves ahead of the rest of the pack with rock solid technology. Reina points to their work with WebRTC technology as a prime example. He also invites anyone interested in taking advantage of this technology aboard the Talk Fusion platform.


The airline industry is a much maligned area of business, but the use of technology could soon change the entire experience for airline passengers in the eyes of Arizona based technology expert Jason Hope. From the moment an airline passenger sets foot on the grounds of an airport the use of technology has been growing and will soon make a major change in the way every worker and passenger experiences the airline industry.

Jason Hope believes the airline industry will soon become a technology leader in the world as the use of wireless and Bluetooth technology becomes the norm for keeping aircraft in the air and maintaining the highest levels of comfort possible for all passengers. in terms of safety, Virgin Airlines ha already been identified by Jason Hope as a leader in the use of wireless technology that will identify issues with any aircraft that can be attended to as soon as a plane touches down at its destination to reduce the number of delays.

Jason Hope has become a leading entrepreneur for many different business areas as he has been looking to bring the latest technologies to the public and industries throughout his career; the use of mobile app’s and gaming software has been moving across different industrial areas that allow startups to become more important than ever before.

One of the most interesting aspects of the career of Jason Hope is his role as a futurist, which allows him the opportunity to work with major business leaders in a bid to identify which technologies and trends will prove successful in the coming years.

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The Texas bankers association’s strategic opportunities conference takes place every year with the aim of assessing the local market, and also to look at opportunities and challenges facing the community. The panelists are expected to come up with solutions to the challenges facing the community. The last annual conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The CEO and the president of Nextbank, John Holt was among the panelists who delivered a remarkable speech. Among the key issues that were discussed at the conference included the role of the new technology in transforming the financial sector.


In his speech, Mr. Holt noted that Nextbank has been on the forefront in enhancing community banking. Nextbank, which is one of the market leaders in the sector, has been involved in various initiatives with the aim of taking community banking to the next level. Some of the projects initiated by the bank include the acquisition of the college savings bank, which aims at helping the community in Dallas to start saving for the children’s education early enough. Other initiatives taken by the bank include funding companies that give mortgages to individuals from the less privileged areas of the town. Mr. Holt noted that when the needy people are empowered by giving them an opportunity to own homes, they will be in a better position to educate their children which will eventually uplift the entire community.


About Nextbank Inc

Nextbank is one of the leading banking service providers in the country with assets totaling to $4.6 as of December 31, 2016. Nextbank specializes in mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional banking. The company has been offering unmatched banking solutions to a variety of clients that include large institutions, corporations, middle market companies and real estate investors. The company’s success can be attributed to great leadership that combines industry expertise and the focus on offering the best services to the clients.


Now, is a great time to prepare for a life after your career with NexBank. They offer their customers a expertise in investment banking services. You can now invest in your retirement with confidence. They also offer their customers $40 billion dollars in assets that is protecting their money along with FDIC insurance. NexBank also focuses on industrialized and commercialized banking features. You get superior banking services that have been proudly serving their tenants for over 60+ years. Discover practical banking solutions for a complex and perplexed economic market. You never have to worry about how your money is working for you with a NexBank account.


NexBank has acquired over 246,000+ online banking customers making them one of the largest growing online networks in Dallas, serving customers nationwide. They have recently acquired a $24 million common equity has CEO and President, John Holt, says, will add to the expansion of their general counsel and their leadership professionals. Holt recently was a keynote speaker at a Texas Banker’s Association Annual Strategies Opportunities Conference and said that it is important for them to focus on improving their services for their personalized account holders.


NexBank Services


– Free direct deposit

– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

– Anytime access

and more…


You have anytime access to your money when you want it with the benefits of checking your balance and switching money in between accounts with your tablet, pc, and smartphone. You never have to worry about what is happening to your money in relation to having access to your account around the clock. They also offer their customers a friendly representative that is available 24/7, to answer your questions and give you assistance with your account. Join the superior NexBank institute to maximize your hard earned money today.