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Jason Hope is widely considered to be a-jack-of-many-trades. His stellar reputation is undeniably based on his various professions comprising of investor, philanthropist, and futurist. As an entrepreneur with a knack for success, Jason Hope’s immense philanthropic contributions speak volumes about his commitment to giving back to the community.

The Arizona native recently grabbed the headlines by providing a no-holds-barred perspective regarding the internet of things, or better known as IoT. Contrary to public opinion, the Internet of Things essentially dictates life in the 21st century. From refrigerators to thermostats, IoT primarily makes life much easier by rapidly changing how we interact with the world. The key to making this massive transformation lies in fostering communication between items and relaying quality feedback in real time.

For instance, the internet of things has provided lamps with the unique ability to shut down in the absence of animal or heat source in a predefined location for more than 30 minutes. Alternatively, a refrigerator can also prioritize food preservation and even advise you on fitness levels when using the treadmill. These are just but a few examples of how the internet of things is revolutionizing daily actions with the sole intention of making life easier than before.

What’s interesting about the Internet of Things is their unique ability to promote efficiency and reduce costs in the long run. For instance, you no longer need to worry about a powered appliance while at work. The Internet of Things will simply turn it off in the absence of human interaction. Such an intervention can significantly help in protecting your HVAC system from rapid surges in power.

On a commercial scale, the internet of things has been lauded for its unique ability to monitor shipments along specific routes courtesy of state of the art sensors installed within specified products. Such constant supervision significantly avoids spoilage of food items destined for impoverished locations. Not only will reduce global poverty but it will also go a long way in fostering communication across continents.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope’s reputation as a seasoned entrepreneur remains unrivaled. Despite possessing an impressive business portfolio, none can be compared to his philanthropic contributions to various charitable causes.

In essence, Jason Hope recently pledged half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. The generous contribution is expected to boost the SENS Foundation research on rejuvenation biotechnology and its unwavering dedication to treat age-related diseases. Jason Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University with a degree in finance and an MBA from Carey School of Business.

About Jason Hope: cityscene.org/jason-hope-the-entrepreneur-from-arizona/

Known as one of the largest private companies in America and ranked number 58 on the Forbes list, the OSI group celebrates over 100 years of superior food service and retail food branding. OSI is truly one of the most trusted global food suppliers, with more than 65 facilities and 20,000 employees in 17 countries and growing, focused on making high-quality custom food products. The duties and capabilities of OSI include custom food product development and global food supply chain management from sourcing through processing and distribution. It is passion and dedication that makes OSI stand out from the rest as the OSI wants to make sure that food relationships are solidified and represented by the best possible standards at all times.

The OSI legacy was first founded and established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky as a family-owned meat market and butcher shop in the Chicago area as Otto & Sons, USA. Throughout the years OSI has established itself as a very dependable food supplier known for solidifying important business relationships. In fact, in 1955, OSI was selected as McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef. And then in 1973, West Chicago, Illinois, USA plant opens as Otto & Sons’ first dedicated facility for McDonald’s. By representing such a growing franchised food conglomerate such as McDonald’s, this helped the world become fully aware of the strength and growth process that pushes the mission of The OSI group.

With their multi-billion dollarstatus steadily on the rise, the OSI group strives to convey important messages through their company’s values and goals. Since they are still known for being such a strong world leader in quality food service and retail branding, it was no surprise when the OSI group purchased a former Tyson Food Plant in Chicago for $7.4 million in order to expand their ever-growing empire to include specific food products. At the end of the day, the OSI group pushes the food envelope by making sure the customer gets what they want and that is, high quality, great tasting food with premium service that keeps the customer coming back every time wanting more.

For more info: www.foodworks.pl/en/osi-group-en.html

In today’s competitive business environment, small to medium businesses need the most powerful analytics that they can find. Knowing one’s own customers and market is not any longer an option. It is absolutely imperative.

The problem with legacy SQL databases has been their extreme barriers to entry. Businesses wishing to implement a full-scale SQL database system often had to contend with hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront infrastructure costs as well as the payroll costs of hiring a full-time team of information technology professionals. This often meant that the full suite of relational database capabilities was out of reach for most small to medium business owners.

But NuoDB is revolutionizing the way that SQL databases are implemented. Using cloud computing, NuoDB has been able to implement a system that uses the highly optimized and efficient cloud computing model, enabling bullet proof storage, worldwide access from any device and total scalability, from the smallest operation to a Fortune 500 company.

What’s more, NuoDB’s SQL database system enables businesses to set up the database within a few hours, not requiring any additional expertise whatsoever to utilize the incredibly powerful analytics contained within NuoDB. And businesses no longer have to worry about hiring even a single information technology professional. The system is designed to be used by anyone who has minimal computer skills.

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Recently, the street artist Banksy donated £205,000 to a human rights groups, Campaign Against Arms Trade and Reprieve. Campaign Against Arms Trade is based in the UK. Currently, the group is working on bringing the Arms Fair to a halt.

Not only that, the group’s entire purpose is to end the international arms trade. The group is most concerned with damaged economic development due to the arms trade.

The group works on stopping the acquisition and export of arms to places that will result in increased tension and conflict. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: https://twitter.com/JimLarkin_ and http://james-larkin.com/

Human rights group, Reprieve

Reprieve is a human rights group which focuses on eliminating extreme human rights abuse. Around the world, people are sentenced to death because of their crimes. Fortunately, Reprieve has saved at least 400 lives from experiencing the death penalty. The groups is also working on ending death by legal injection.

Reprieve helps pharmaceutical manufacturers break ties with the execution drug trade by preventing the sale of drugs to death row. One of the goals for this human rights group is to change the common perspective that death by legal injection is humane.

Since 1999, the group has been providing legal counsel and support for people facing execution, torture, and extrajudicial imprisonment and killing. The group continues to expose how the US government issues drones which target individuals on their “kill list”.

How the Frontera Fund launched

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The pair have dedicated the settlement income received after their arrest to funding migrant groups in Arizona. In 2007, Larkin and Lacey were awarded $3.75 million after being wrongfully arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The homes of Larkin and Lacey were entered in the middle of the night and the two were arrested. The two exposed that grand jury subpoenas had been issued to gain more details about writers, readers, and editors of the Phoenix New Times.

Information was requested such as browsing histories and IP addresses. The publication is where the two writers released the information about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

NexBank is a popular financial institution in Dallas, Texas that serves three core businesses. These businesses include Institutional Services, Commercial Banking and Mortgage Banking. John Holt, the President of NexBank speaks at Texas Bankers Association. During this conference, he talks capital and benefits to help with a strong financial position. NexBank serves institutions nationwide to help increase their cash flow and expand their short-term assets.

The President of this fine Texas Financial Institution speaks how NexBank is making Texas strong with a financial institute that not only offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services but also introduces this financial corporation to middle-market companies, and real estate investors. It’s a High-Yield Money Market for Public Funds with a minimum balance of $5 million. Helping Texas gain high assets with high rewards benefiting many.

Nexbank sponsors 12 public schools in low to moderate income neighborhoods in Texas, and it does not cost the schools a dime. NexBank brings literacy course and web-based programs into classrooms to stimulate today’s digital generation. Offering internship opportunities and sponsors teaching senior level students basic banking, budgeting and help students with financial career opportunities.

Is this financial institution of Texas meant to help the middle-class? Sponsoring the future generation of today’s digital generation and teaching the next generation how to gain assets by having a strong financial position. They are given the knowledge and expertise to help with student insights into the financial services of the future.


Lifeline Screening encourages people to do more than an annual checkup. The company offers screening services for the whole body and illnesses including carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, atrial fibrillation, and osteoporosis. With over 80 ultrasound teams that cater for people in the US and the UK, Lifeline Screening hopes to reduce the prevalence of manageable conditions at an early stage.

The screening procedure including ultrasounds, blood screenings and electrocardiograms are noninvasive, simple and painless. The Life Line pre-screening preparation is convenient, quick, personalized, and straightforward.

You are required to wear appropriate clothing that is loose fitting and comfortable. If you are going for carotid artery disease screening, avoid wearing turtle necks. For the atrial fibrillation screening, avoid lotion, watches, and pantyhose. If you choose to wear a shirt wear one that is short sleeved.

Some types of screenings such as Abdominal aortic aneurysm, diabetes type 2, complete lipid panel, and cholesterol will require you to first for 4 to 8 hours prior. The last meal before the fast should be light. However, if you have diabetes limit your portions depending on meal plan. In case you are under medication take them as routine.

The process lasts for over an hour. The exact period is dependent on the disease, your body type, the number of tests and vascular anatomy. Life Line arranges the screenings in line with your schedule.

Using advanced technologies supported by a highly trained team Lifeline Screening makes the experience unmatched. The screening is comprehensive, affordable and accurate. Your privacy is a priority at Lifeline Screening. If you depend on a wheelchair, you will be assisted by the team. Plus, you are allowed to come with an assistant. If you cannot stand completely, they are tests you can sign up for including cholesterol, glucose, c-reactive protein, osteoporosis, carotid artery ultrasounds and peripheral arterial disease.

Lifeline Screening is currently involved in the research in the causes of vascular diseases. They endeavor to provide quality preventive health care. The tests offered are similar and at times better than those offered in accredited hospitals.

Lifeline Screening info: www.indeed.com/cmp/Life-Line-Screening/salaries

According to The Philly Purge, many people are flocking to the development Omar Boraie created in New Brunswick. He wasn’t trying to gain popularity or get to a point where he was making millions of dollars, though. He was just trying to improve the city that he lives in so people will be able to enjoy it more than they did in the past. He wanted to help the city grow while he was also helping other people out with the things that were going on. Since he did this, Sam Boraie was able to make things easier on the people who he was working with. He also made the city a better place.


Now that people are coming to the city, it is clear to see the opportunities Omar Boraie created for them. They are enjoying the development that he created and the high-rise building that it is all housed in. Most people are looking forward to the next building Omar Boraie is going to create. Since this building is in very high demand, Boraie Development can expect to get more money from each of the things they are selling associated with the building.


There have been major improvements to the city since the new development. People are becoming more active in the community and others are working on making things better for all of their families. According to centraljerseyworkingmoms.com, the majority of people who are working in the industry are doing their best to make sure they can put New Brunswick on the map. They believe Omar Boraie gave them the chance to improve their city for a reason. They’re going to run with it so they can keep improving it while they are living there and working in the new buildings.


With all of this improvement comes advancement. Those who are living in New Brunswick and are working toward a successful career are able to get what they need from the industry there. Omar Boraie made sure that the best of companies were able to come into the city. He wanted quality employers because he knew that would be one of the only ways to bring the city out of poverty. This was the key to ensuring the city was able to become the best that it could be. Without opportunity, the people who lived in the city would never have a chance to improve with their lives or jobs. Read about Boraie Development on centraljerseyworkingmoms.com.

There are thousands of customers who made the switch with over 340,000+ additional online customers. Their loyal customer patrons have been able to use their integrated technology features to maximize their earnings. Get the benefits of a bank with their core expertise in personalized, commercial, and investment accounts. Your money is backed with a proud $40 billion dollars on assets and government FDIC insurance. Take advantage of more ways to save with a 1.9% interest bearing savings account from NexBank. Thousands of customers have made the switch to a local trusted financial institution providing more than just a big name.

NexBank Services & Features

– Anytime account access

– Direct deposit

– Switch money in between accounts

– Multiple device capabilities

– Mortgage accounts

– Free online bill pay

– 24/7 customer support

– Credit rebuilding program

John Holt, is the CEO and president of the NexBank financial corporation nationwide. PRN Newswire says, he was the perfect keynote speaker at a recent Texas Banker’s Association Annual Strategic Opportunity Financial Conference. His commitment is extended to improving the services of his personalized customers. You can register for an account by visiting the NexBank website for more details. You’re invited to the freedom of controlling your financial goals with NexBank.


End Citizen United Reforms in the Campaign Finance Systems

End Citizen United was set as a movement with the aim of pushing the reforms for the campaign finance system. The organization made a tremendous contribution of $4 million in the year 2017, and it has raised its target beyond the bar with the aim of collecting more than $35 million by 2018. The amount that was raised was to finance the election of the Congress that was to be carried out in the year 2018. The money that is set to be collected by the organization is approximated to break the record that has been earlier contributed by the Political Action Committee (PAC).

The previous amount that was raised by the group of the Political Action Committee (PAC) in the year 2016 was $25 million. The organization has put in place all the required measures that will make the goals of collecting the set amount flow along the line of expectation. The information that was sourced from the genuine sources indicates that more than 100,000 people were part of the amount that was raised in the year 2016 by Political Action Committee (PAC). A lot of individuals has come forward to make their contribution to the group. The records indicate that the End Citizen United made a significant amount of contribution of 500,000 to fund the Democrat candidate in Georgia. The primary purpose of raising the money was to push the agenda of the Jon Ossoff during his campaign period. The organization raised a significant amount of $4 million.

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The group’s name ‘End Citizen United’ was taken after the move of the Supreme Court in the year 2010 Citizens. The decision by the Supreme Court made a go ahead run for the organization to raise its money through the various institutes that were willing to make donations. The primary aim of the contribution is to fund the various campaigns for the candidates. The earliest groups that were set up to make the collection of the money that is supposed to be used to run the campaigns are is among the PAC. This then made a good start up for the other organization such at the End Citizen United. End Citizen United was not bound to any limiting factor in the collection of its money. Additionally, the team has extended its boundaries to being part of the campaign-finance organization which is recognized in the United States. Within the group, there is condition that restricts the contributing members to $5,000 or less. The organization was in the first row in carrying out the campaigns to convince the various senators who were the beneficiaries of the Devos’ fund to vote Betsy Devos. The founder of the group is James Bopp who is a lawyer that is based in Indiana.

Matthew Autterson is a financial expert with a very big heart. He seats of the board of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB), where he offers the company his business insights. By working at FAB, he makes it possible for more people with neuromotor issues to benefit from the company.

So far, FAB has come up with a Smart Glasses Technology, which helps to send neuromotor signals to the brain of disabled people, in order to operate various devices. With this technology, and others underway, FAB will help people with neuromotor issues to become less dependent on care givers.

Autterson joined the biotechnology industry a few years back. By then, he had years over years of experience in the finance industry. However, his passion always lay in the biotechnology industry and he know that his career and education achievements would enable him make impact in this industry. His works includes ensuring that FAB and other non-profit organizations, where he works, run effectively and that they more efficient in their course.

Starting out, Matthew Autterson worked at Fierv’s subsidiary, First Trust Corporation. Then, he had just graduated from Michigan State University, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance. Autterson was later to pursue a course in tax, when he attended the Graduate Tax Program, which is offered at the University of Denver.

His first job was going on great, but he had to leave the company after two years. This is because he had gotten an even better opportunity. He was approached to be one of the co-founder of Resources Trust Company, which was a subsidiary of the Integrated Resources, Inc. that was based in New York.

Working at Resources Trust Company got him to be associated with one of the largest chartered financial companies in the nation, and he did not take it for granted. He was so devoted to his job and a few years on, his efforts started to pay. In the year 1986, just four years with Resources Trust, he was appointed to be the president of the company.

By the time that Reources Trust was being sold to AIG, along with other assets owned by Integrated Resources Inc, Autterson had grown the company to have over $20 billion in custodial assets and over $1 billion in assets. The company had also acquired over 200,000 clients and over 700 employees.