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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or “Duda” as he prefers to be called is an entrepreneur in Brazilian media. As CEO, he runs both e.Bricks Digital and RBS Group. RBS Group has been a major player in the market for many years and counting. Primarily focusing on radio and newspaper as the medium, the company recently expanded into digital media with e. Bricks being the vehicle. According to Acaert, the digital media startups in Brazil also received a new opportunity through this company as e.Bricks Digital provided venture capital and private equity opportunities. These hand-picked companies had to already be well established and profitable to qualify. Over 300 million has been invested thus far. Startup companies with exceptional outlooks also have an opportunity with the company, however, the primary focus remains on established entities.

In an article on Globo, Duda Melzer worked hard for the success he enjoys. Being a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and Harvard University; Duda Melzer has been well groomed for success. His concentration(s) as both an undergraduate and graduate student were in business. He’s also continued his education at the post graduate level to keep on top of his game. He’s received many accolades over the years being named “top entrepreneur” is something he’s become accustomed to hearing. Not only does Duda Melzer run more than one successful company, he incorporates his family to be a part of the business as well. His role at RBS Group was a third generation succession, with the top of the chain being his grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho.

Duda’s grandfather not only started RBS Group and RBS TV, he started a charitable organization that has run for well over thirty-five years. In his honor, the group petitions government and the general public to raise awareness for social issues affecting youngsters in Brazil. The group has run many successful campaigns over the years. Not only does Duda succeed in his family and business life, he takes care of others in the community as well, making him a truly noteworthy business leader.


Highland Capital is a small cap equity fund with a knack for picking lucrative stock. Last year the fund returned a 36 percent return in their class A portfolio, as opposed to the S&P 500 which only returned 12 percent. The main producing investment last year was in the energy sector. Despite bottoming oil prices the fund managed to use their credit competency to secure pipeline partnerships in order to contribute to those amazing returns.


Now they are shifting considerable focus to the healthcare sector, which could prove a major indicator for those who desire to reach the competency and success they experience last year. Currently 25 percent of its capital is tied up in healthcare assets. Healthcare which is currently out of favor as returns have seemingly dipped, but this fund seems to see something that others may not currently see. The funds other assets are in real estate (9%), financials (10%), Consumer discretionary (11%), and of course energy MLP (16%). The company sites the fast tracking of opoid epidemic pain relief medicine as a as a key reason to why health care returns look interesting.


Not only is Highland Capital Management producing massive profits but they are also donating in a massive way. This company sponsors an array of charities and organizations, such as, the Dallas Foundation, the Santa Barbara Foundation, and the SMU Cox School of Business. It also goes without saying that the business also creates a number of high paying jobs. The company currently manages about 15 billion in assets and is growing rapidly.




When you look at Eric Pulier, you will certainly never believe that such a young face has accomplished that much. For him, accomplishment is what makes him succeed in business. He always struggles to end his business in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For this reason, is one of the most distinguished graduates of the University of Harvard. When he was in school, he led the world of business and innovation through numerous published journals. His journals were adopted on a massive scale because of their insight and innovation. Eric Pulier graduated with the highest honors to commence his business in Los Angeles.


Eric Pulier is also a published author, columnist, public speaker, brilliant technologist, serial entrepreneur, and a generous philanthropist. In the recent past, he has developed numerous startups that grow to become high-end companies. He I also amazed at all the things he has accomplished in the United States. He is also considered as one of the most interesting technologists in the country. Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey. It was evident that his path was in technology from his early childhood times. Eric Pulier would program computers to do whatever he wanted them to do. For this reason, he was considered as an innovative technical child. His past is also full of technology. When he finished high school, he went on to found the Database Management Company that offered database management services for their clients. This company grew in massive adoption in New Jersey.


When he graduated from high school, he attained the necessary credentials to land him in the Harvard University to study English as his major subject. During his time on campus, technology never left his mind. For this reason, he sat down and published numerous business and technical ideas for the Harvard Business Journals. His articles were widely accepted. This led to the greater adoption of the business journals in the University magazine, for this reason, Eric Pulier was incepted into the Harvard Writing Company. He earned greater publishing skills in this sector to advance in technology and business. His skills were seen after graduation.

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of JustFab Inc. In 2015, Don Ressler and a renowned actress, Kate Hudson, partnered to establish, Fabletics. Ressler and his friend, Adam Goldenberg, are the chief executive officers of JustFab. Don is the CEO of Fabletics. During this period, the company focused on designing women wear. However, with increased demand for men clothing, the corporation started producing different designs that appealed to both sexes. Don and Adam incorporated JustFab in 2010. The corporation operates on the subscription model. Fabletics is an online retail shop.

Through Matrix Partners, a venture capital, Don Ressler and Adam were able to establish their startup, JustFab Inc., as they secured a funding of $33 million from the firm. In addition, Matrix Partners along with Rho Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures and intelligent Beauty, funded the company with $76 million. Through the funding, JustFab was able to expand its operations into Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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In 2016, Don and Adam renamed JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group. Don and Adam posited that the change was informed by their decision to transform the company into a brand-building platform at http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/. The company is headquartered in El Segundo, California. Don Ressler explained that they opted to base their operations in California because the populace of the region is fashion-savvy. To this end, they have been able to attract and retain a huge client base, thus staying ahead of competition.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler worked for Intermix media. At the age of 15, Goldenberg ventured into entrepreneurship by forming his own company, Gamers Alliance. By age 20, the executive was serving as the chief operating officer of Intermix Media. Before joining Intermix Media, Don Ressler had established his own business, FitnessHeaven.com. At Intermix Media, Don Ressler rendered his services as the head of the digital marketing division.

TechStyle Fashion Group is a fashion and lifestyle company that offers engaging and personalized shopping experience to millions of customers worldwide. Through the transformative leadership of Don Ressler and Adam, JustFab has continued to provide shoppers with innovative products and services. To date, the company has over four million VIP members who subscribe to their broad portfolio of apparel and shoe brands.

TechStyle Fashion Group is re-engineering the business of fashion through data, customization and vertical integration with the objective of benefiting the modern shopper. Some of TechStyle Fashion Group’s brands are JustFab, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and FabKids. These companies are based in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

What people do to help others is interesting in many ways. There are some people who help others on a regular basis. They do a wide variety of things to help others. On the other hand, there are people who do not help others, they feel that helping is something that is not their responsibility. As a result, they tend to not help others.


For some people to give, they have to see the actions of givers. In the philanthropy community where given is something that is done with desire and passion, there are many people who shine a light on the idea of giving to help others. An individual who has helped to place a light on the act of giving is Adam Milstein. A popular person in the philanthropy community, Adam Milstein has been helping others for many decades through his many unselfish acts such financial contributions to multiple charities.


Many of his acts of kindness have been at the center of helping thousands of people. Adam Milstein gives because he cares about the life of others. He wants people to be happy and able to do for themselves. He wants people to reach their dreams. Adam Milstein has made numerous financial contributions over the years to many different charities, organizations, and people. The contributions have helped many people to accomplish dreams and meet basic needs.


When people see Adam Milstein give it helps the idea of giving because it encourages others to give. People have come to see Adam Milstein as a person who wants to help others. This is seen in the announcement that listed the 200 most influential philanthropists in the world, which included Adam Milstein.


A business professional who has achieved great success in the business world, Adam Milstein has been able to give large amounts of money to help others because he has large amounts of money to give through his business success.


A recognized figure in the Jewish community, Adam Milstein is helping many people who need help but he is also helping many people to realize that helping others is a good way of living.



Most people do not really care about what goes on their hair. Most of the time, a visit to the salon would suffice. The truth is that in a hair salon, most people, especially non-professionals, do not care a bit about your hair. In fact, they will use different products on it and cause you more problems. One of the end results of such hair management practices is that your hair is left weak and unhealthy.

The good news, however, is that you can transform the ways your hair looks and feels with good hair cleansing practices. It all starts with finding the best hair cleansing product. There are very many hair cleansing products in the market and for someone who wants to start taking care of their hair for the first time, choosing from this wide range can be overwhelming.

One of the products which you can try if you are a first-timer is the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner. This is a product which has been used by many other people since it was launched into the market. The good news is that it has helped these users to restore their hair health. The fact that it contains healthy nutrients from herbal extracts is also good news to those who want to avoid buildup.

A product like Wen by Chaz Dean works well with all hair types and textures. You do not have to look for a different product for shampooing and another for conditioning or treating. The cleansing conditioner combines all these benefits and much more. One user who has fine hair and who was looking for a lasting solution for her hair also found out that the cleansing conditioner made her styling easier and with less breakage.

Buy your Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner today and enjoy healthy hair. TO learn more about Wen, check out their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.


For a long time, Eric Lefkofsky was renowned for entrepreneurial exploits, notably Groupon, an investment worth well over $2 billion. However, life-changing event transformed this legacy. Eric’s significant other, Liz Lefkofsky, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This development inspired Eric to explore a new course, the battle against cancer.

At first, Eric was dumbfounded, as he had insufficient information on the problem his wife was facing. To make matters worse, doctors’ advice were not exactly encouraging, given the intensity of the issue. For this reason, Eric set out to dig up on the condition, a move that saw the inception of Tempus.

Since its conception, Tempus has inaugurated a myriad of cutting-edge treatment solutions for cancer patients. By the use of advanced techniques, such as genomic and molecular data analysis, the institution has developed several revolutionary remedies. Moreover, client data sourced from across the country has played a vital role in assisting oncologists with establishing better, unique and personalized treatment solutions.

For instance, experts may compare clients’ records and create a pattern. In this case, the treatment applied to previous patients will be reused if it was successful and if the files match. While implementing this technique, genetic sequences are also considered.

Though Eric possesses a large fortune, he is not carried away by his vast wealth. Instead, he has dedicated most of his time in healthcare, learning about matters in the field. Ken White, the authority in charge of Tempus, revealed that Eric is sharp and quickly grasps concepts. He added that both he and Eric are on the same wavelength regarding the battle against cancer, albeit coming from different professional backgrounds. More Details Here .

Tempus has made remarkable leaps since it was inaugurated. Several like-minded institutions have joined the course, which is to eradicate the menace that is cancer. Eric acknowledges that while significant progress has been witnessed, the process is still in its early stages.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Lefkofsky is a rich man, having been listed by the Forbes Magazine as a billionaire. His massive fortunes have been accrued from a myriad of ventures, specifically from Groupon and InnerWorkings, among many others.

Besides business, Eric is a committed philanthropist. He established a charity together worth his wife in 2006. He is also a dedicated anti-cancer advocate, funding the renowned cancer research institute, Tempus.

www.forbes.com/profile/eric-lefkofsky for more .


Jason Hope strongly believes in the Internet of Things and is a well-known entrepreneur and writer. He is also a commentator on the newest tech trends.

Hope’s articles include his recently written article on the subject at Tech.co.

The internet of Things is about technology that allows devices such as kitchen appliances, cars, street lamps, and other electronic devices to sync with each other. This makes it possible for devices to connect and share data using the same network in order to increase their efficiency and decrease waste. According to Jason Hope, The Internet of Things has the potential to change the way that businesses operate and is a really big advancement.

Smart technology is convenient and is the way of the future and will make our daily lives safer. Public transportation can have significant improvements because of the Internet of Things and there can be better monitoring of maintenance issues for trains and even better mapping of bus routes.

Jason Hope is not only an entrepreneur and business owner, but is set on contributing to the welfare of others and believes his position allows him to do so. He is very passionate about giving back to the community and helping local organizations. Hope’s goals include seeing Arizona’s communities thrive and grow. He is supportive of humanitarian organizations so that people can enjoy healthier lives. Hope is always looking for organizations and projects to get behind so that he can lend his support, time and resources, as well as his influence.


Don Boyer and Anne are a couple from Yonkers, New York. They decided to get married in a rush due to the uncertainty in the Affordable Care Act brought about by President Trump’s administration. Anne has preexisting medical conditions, such as Vitamin B-12 malabsorption, several allergies, osteoporosis, and she has been seeking healthcare under Affordable Care Act. This act allows private insurers to accept everyone and does not discriminate people with preexisting conditions.

Boyer and Anne opted to be married so that when the Republican government makes changes to the healthcare system, she will be safe, and covered under her husband’s health insurance. This couple hired a Jewish priest and asked their landlord and a radio reporter to be witnesses to their union. According to Anne, it is already difficult to find an employer that provides favorable insurance covers. With changes likely to happen under the Republican Health Care Plan, Anne and Boyer opted to tackle the challenges that they will encounter as a couple.

Dr. Siegall’s educational background and career

Dr. Clay Siegall is the chairperson, president, and senior partner at Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall is a qualified researcher with interests in cancer and their targeted therapies. Dr. Siegall is an alma mater of the University of Maryland and George Washington University. At the start of his career, he worked for the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health for four years. It was in this facility that he developed a passion for cancer research. He later joined Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for six years. Dr. Siegall is a member of the boards of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Washington Roundtable, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Siegall contributions to Seattle Genetics

Dr. Siegall started Seattle Genetics in 1998 and tailored the company to specialize in drug development practices, rigorous research, and scientific innovation. His company pioneers in the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADC). Under his management, Seattle Genetics has secured approval from FDA for its first ADC drug, ADCETRIS®. Seattle Genetics works with companies such as Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. This partnership has facilitated marketing of ADCETRIS® to over 65 countries worldwide. Dr. Siegall has also enabled Seattle Genetics to enter into several strategic licensing for its ADC technology with firms, such as GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Pfizer, and Genentech. These partnerships have contributed millions of dollars’ worth of revenue.

End Citizens United aspires to publicize the group’s agenda in 2016. The group is a new Political Action Committee (PAC) that is dedicated to reform the campaign finance system. It further plans to channel tens of millions of dollars to Democratic candidates who are running in Senate races and Competitive Houses. The inauguration of End Citizens United happened in August 2015. The group has collected over$2 million from small donors. Furthermore, it aims to collect between $25 million and $30 million for the entire campaign.


The Goal of End Citizen United


The primary goal of End Citizens United comprises passing a constitutional amendment that reverses the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United. The decision strengthened super PACs and unleashed dark money in politics. So far, over 325, 000 people have signed the group’s petition, which demands the Congress to pass the law. Moreover, the number is expected to increase. This is after the group collaborated with “Ready for Hillary” movement. Additionally, the group declared that it had supported 11 Democratic candidates.


The Campaign of End Citizen United


Richard Carbo, the communications director, cited that End Citizens United was unique. This is because the group allowed the election of people who could modify the existing laws. Thus, it meant supporting candidates who were for the campaign finance reform; backing up candidates who were against Citizen United; and supporting those candidates who were under attack by the Koch brothers.


Earlier 2017, End Citizens United plans to set up an independent expenditure structure that will financially support the candidates through programs such as poling and television ads. The campaign finance professionals are doubtful of passing the constitutional amendments. This is because of the constitutional amendments must win consent from two-thirds of the House and the Senate.


John Wonderlich from the Sunlight Foundation cited that a constitutional amendment is a challenging to pass. Furthermore, since 1992, America has not passed any constitutional amendment. Rick Hasen who is an expert in campaign finance regulation mentioned that $100 million would not be sufficient to pass the constitutional amendment unless the Supreme Court Justice underwent change. However, Hasen argued that End Citizens United served a purpose of informing the public about the court’s decision.


Republican leadership in Congress is against overturning the Supreme Court decision. Thus, End Citizens United is not supportive of the Republicans. So far, the group has received 136,000 donations as well as grassroots support that average to $14.86.


End Citizens United


End Citizens United is a reputable Political Action Committee (PAC) funded by grassroots donors. It was established in March 2015. The group is committed to avert effects of Citizens United and reform its campaign finance system. The group’s mission is to fight against dark money in politics and reverse the rigged political system by electing candidates who support the campaign finance reform.