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Paul Herdsman holds a number of important titles; he is a business owner, entrepreneur, chief operating officer, husband, and, among others, father. For Herdsman, it is critical that he doesn’t start his work day until his kids have left for school; additionally, he ensures that he is home in time and available to tuck his children into bed at night. Once his children are gone for the day, his work day begins.


Paul Herdsman lives in Florida and is the Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global, a near-shore business solution company located in Jamaica. Since he has to conduct business long distance, he has to be flexible with how his day flows. Having a successful business that is over 700 miles away has helped Herdsman have a firm understanding about what is key to building a successful business.


First, it is critical that a positive work culture is created. If employees feel happy, appreciated, and important they are more likely to stay with the company and retention rates rise. Second, Paul Herdsman says that business owners need to invest in their employees. Learn more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


In order for a business to be successful employers have to invest the time and money to ensure each of their employees is properly trained. Third, employees should be rewarded for quality work. It is quite simple for a person to show up to work and stay “busy.” However, according to Herdsman, it is the employees that conduct quality work that adds to the progress of the company that should be rewarded. Fourth, employers need to have a firm understanding about what each employees job consists of; on the flip side, each employee needs to understand what their co-worker’s roles are. Visit This Page for additional information.


Paul shares this knowledge to help create a level of respect between departments and employees that aids in a company running smoothly. Fifth, in order for a business to be the best, they have to bring on the best, this is best achieved by recruitment. Last, businesses need to solve their client’s problems, after all, that is likely the whole reason they were hired to begin with.



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Jed McCaleb has been working in the blockchain sector for many years and has already been a part of some of the largest projects, to-date. Today, he is working on Stellar, which is a company that is making cross-border remittances and payments much more affordable. It was during 2010 that he discovered Bitcoin through a whitepaper he read, and he immediately became fascinated by it. After learning more, he went out and began to put together the first centralized exchange for Bitcoin trading, which is now known as Mt. Gox. While other exchanges existed, none of them were as efficient and affordable as Mt. Gox. He eventually sold the company to Mark Karpeles before it was hacked in 2014, and began to focus on other blockchain technology possibilities.

According to Jed McCaleb, he soon reflected on the fact that the mining process involved with Bitcoin was a waste, and he thought that there had to be a more efficient way of figuring the issue out. He began to work on Ripple, and while doing this, he realized there were so many ways that blockchain technology could be used. This is when he founded the Stellar Development Foundation, which was the beginning of the Stellar protocol. The idea was to connect any kind of financial institution and payment network together so that money could be sent from one place to another just like email is. The project would be an open sourced one that would increase security and allow innovation.

Jed McCaleb knew that Stellar would have to be different, and he put the federated Byzantine agreement in place, which makes it so that every node on the network can select other nodes that it trusts. This helps to create a network of consensus that is built something like a web. Malicious nodes are ignored, and this means that Stellar does not require a millions of validators in order to be a success. Instead, a few thousand might do it, and he believes that this can revolutionize the industry. Jed McCaleb is now looking to help people who cannot get bank accounts due to their economic situation to be able to have a bank account, and Stellar is his vehicle to get there. Get in touch with Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

Post taken from: https://globalcoinreport.com/stellar-lumens-technology-will-lead-to-new-global-payment-systems-jed-mccaleb/

When the world lost EDM artist Avicii, the music industry was shocked and saddened. While other artists have honored Avicii in some way or another, the dedications by The Chainsmokers and Halsey touched everyone in the audience of the Billboard Music Awards. Earlier this year, it was announced that the artist had taken his own life because of the effects of mental illness. Mental illness is something that touches almost everyone in the world in some way or another, Halsey reminded the audience of the importance of providing support to everyone that they love when they are struggling.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey were presenting a Billboard Music Award to Luis Fonsi when they spoke about how inspiring Avicii was to the music community and the world as well as to them specifically. The loss of Avicii was very difficult for everyone that knew him as well as his fans due to the happiness that he spread to everyone that had the pleasure to be around him.

Later in the evening, The Chainsmokers honored Avicci once again by dedicating their Billboard Music Award to him. According to The Chainsmokers, he inspired them to believe in themselves that they could make it in EDM. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers are a DJ and producer duo that reached the top of the Billboard Charts. Along with their win at the Billboard Music Awards, they also received 5 iHeartRadio Music Awards and 2 American Music Awards.

Their audience consists of a lot of young adults who relate to their lyrics that are based on their experiences in life. While their music on their first album, Memories… Do Not Open touched on some rather serious subject matter for EDM, the songs on their newest albums take it a step or two further. Songs like Everybody Hates Me‘s lyrics hit hard with everyone that has ever felt paranoid and lonely even in the middle of the crowd. Mental illness and worries are a strong theme in the decidedly darker album.


Partnering up

Jed McCaleb and his partner Joyce Kim co-founded Stellar development foundation in the year of 2014. McCaleb and Joyce Kim decided to create Steller after recognizing the world financial infrastructure’s problem; it is broken and depleted of resources. Before Jed McCaleb changed the world with stellar, he created Edonkey 2000, this was a peer-to-peer file sharing Network. Edonkey 2000 implemented multi-source downloading and the first implementation of the Kademlia DHT, this was not done by anyone else. Jed McCaleb is somebody who has a passion for improving Technologies, as well as improving the world. McCaleb States, “I’ve always spent a lot of time thinking about how to improve technologies, and how to use these technologies to improve the world.”


Caleb’s Financial Network is known as stellar; it is a universal Financial Network supported by stellar.org, a nonprofit that contributes to open source software. Make sure to check out his LinkedIn page, to gather more information regarding Jeff McCaleb, (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jed-mccaleb-4052a4/). On his LinkedIn page, he States, “I believe that gaps and outdated infrastructure in the financial system limit the economic potential of the world. As a nonprofit, we couple technology with digital financial literacy. My hope is that Stellar.org will enable full economic participation for all human beings.” With this new digital currency in place, McCaleb intends to unite every money system on the planet. For more updates, checkout Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

The meeting at Rise

In a meet up where Jed McCaleb discusses the future of innovations and his relationship with friends in blockchain Technology, he breaks down exactly what Stellar is; as well as his vision. Here at Rise, he wants everyone in attendance to have a general understanding of what he aims to accomplish. He Discusses the way payments are being conducted in current time, and where all the gaps are. Jed McCabe is a true pioneer of our time.

Check out this YouTube to know the latest on Jed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82U3AZdA0qU

People who experience back pain are actually receiving signals from their body telling them that something is not quite right. For those individuals who experience this type of pain on a regular basis, seeking temporary relief through synthetic medications could actually make the problem worse. One way to find relief from back pain is to use a supplement such as Heal N Soothe which is specifically designed to aid in the relief of back or joint pain. This is because this herbal supplement uses natural plant extracts rather than a combination of chondroitin and glucosamine.


The process through which the body experiences pain in the back or joints is due to inflammation. The technical aspects of this inflammation involve a buildup of a substance called fibrin, which is produced by the body to aid in the fight against injury. Chronic inflammation often sets in when the fibrin continues to build long after the initial injury has been dealt with. The plant extracts found in Heal work to target the inflammation caused by this type of build up to reduce or eliminate the sensation of pain. This is accomplished by breaking down the structures that cause the inflammation so that the soft tissue inside the body can heal properly.


The Heal N Soothe supplement is often referred to as a systemic enzyme, and Heal N Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy. This is because of the properties contained within many of the supplement’s ingredients. The combination of extracts from plants such as Boswellia, turmeric and ginger work to reduce the effects of pain felt from inflammation without causing undesirable side effects. Systemic Enzyme Therapy has been used for more than a century in many countries around the world. The pain-relieving effects of this process are obtained through the unique combination of ingredients as well as through their potency. Get More Information Here.


Heal N Soothe is made by a company known as Living Well Nutraceuticals. The team behind this company understands the importance of using all-natural ingredients. Ingredients that come from nature are less likely to affect the body in a negative manner. This allows them to provide effective pain relief in a safe manner. Made with beneficial ingredients such as vitamin E and L-Glutathione, Heal N Soothe supplements are free of any animal products including shellfish. Read more How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


The various plant extracts used in this supplement have been known to aid in the relief of pain experienced from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.



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Vinod Gupta is an entrepreneur and businessman born in 1946 in India. He took a bank loan for $100 and used it to create a business he sold for $680 million. He was the CEO of InfoUSA, acquired additional companies and filled a niche in information technology. His investment firm is called the Everest Group. This firm provides database technology startups with venture capital, fosters success with information technology and acquires struggling businesses. Vinod Gupta prides himself on providing underserved populations with employment opportunities. His resources are devoted to charities including schools in India. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Chicago Evening Post: Law School At IIT Kharagpur, Established By Vinod Gupta, Rated Number One In Research And Number Four Overall In India


Vinod Gupta went to work for the Commodore Corporation after graduating from the University of Nebraska. The company manufactured mobile homes. His responsibilities as a Marketing Research Analyst including compiling lists of United States mobile home dealers. When Vinod Gupta learned there was no such list in existence, he realized how much time businesses would save with an expansive list. He created a database, invested in direct marketing and targeted companies that would receive benefits from his data. He received many orders for his list and realized how high the demand was for business to business information.


After InfoGroup had been in business for many years they started acquiring other businesses. Vinod Gupta had developed, used and perfected the methods necessary to assist struggling companies. These skills came from operational experience and a global scale of database technology. Vinod Gupta currently spends most of his time in building up the futures of numerous companies. He has learned future goals are incredibly important for the maintenance of successful companies. He has a core team he trusts to handle the daily operations of his company.


Everest Group is steadily acquiring businesses in background checks, digital printing, operational platforms and information technology niches. Vinod Gupta uses market testing when considering new ideas, products and technologies. He believes many entrepreneurs make the mistake of limiting field testing. There must be a need for the idea in the market or it will be obsolete. Vinod Gupta will be using artificial intelligence to make decisions through his database. He believes this will increase his market size. This involves the way his products can be used and their longevity.



Read more about Gupta’s interview with Ideamensch on https://ideamensch.com/vinod-gupta/

Dr. Saad is a well-known and experienced pediatric surgeon who was born in the Philippines. Coming from a family of 8 successful children, who constitute of engineers, surgeons and doctors, saad had a rough time making a decision between venturing into the engineering field, or being a surgeon, a career he choose because he wanted to work in a serene environment, indoors and in air- conditioned room.

Dr. Saad acquired his medical degree from the Cairo University, more than 40 years ago. While he was in his third year, he bought air ticket to Lebanon, where he was supposed to undertake a very special in the United States until he was done with his studies.

After training in the united states, Dr. saad got full certification, which now allowed him to fly back home and apply hiss skills of surgery and pediatric surgery. It has been more than twenty five years now since he started, and he has already performed more than a thousand pediatric surgeries to young infants, children and teenagers.

Out of good will, Dr. Saad has performed free surgeries to less fortunate families with sick children. He once miraculously saved the life of a young teenager who was diagnosed with a deadly disease known as aneurysm. This act made Dr. Saad receive a lot of gratitude and respect from outside and inside of his career. This gave him a title as an over experienced surgeon and it really boosted his career grounds.

Dr. saad is also known for taking part in the establishment of surgical residency programs, which really helped Saudi Arabia students and saved them the energy of having to travel to another county to do exams and train. The students can now receive full certification in their homes.

He has invented various equipment’s in the medical field which have really helped and are being used globally in hospitals. One of them is, catheters trackers, which have replaced x-rays. Catheters are tubes that can drain liquids in the body to create a clear view, when surgeons are undertaking5 an operation. Sometimes this trackers get lost in the body and the surgeons have to trace where they are in the body.  Learn more: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/

This, sometimes, is a hard task since some cannot be traced even by the use of x-rays, and hence, the catheter trackers aid a lot in this procedure.

His second invention is the visual suction endoscopes, which have replaced endoscopes, which have long been used by medics to view inside the body patient body when doing surgery. The visual suction endoscope is an anti-fog with a suction irrigation device. This help to make the view clear for the surgeons when they are performing surgeries one patient.

Dr. Eric M. Forsthoefel is an Emergency Medicine Physician practicing at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare emergency and acute care department. Dr. Forsthoefel was awarded his Medical Degree from the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine with the 2009 class. In 2012 he completed his post graduate training in Emergency Medicine at Louisiana State University Shreveport. Emergency Medicine residencies are three to four years in length and encompass training in all aspects of Emergency Department medical practice. At the completion of the Emergency Medicine Residency a candidate is required to meet all of the training requirements and exams dictated by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Forsthoefel has met all of these requirements and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Forsthoefel has been practicing Emergency Medicine for six years and is licensed to practice medicine in the states of Florida and Louisiana. He has hospital privileges at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare’s Bixler Trauma & Emergency Center. North Florida’s Big Bend Region’s only Level II Trauma Center. Bixler Trauma & Emergency Center has 53 beds and four trauma bays. It treats more than 65,000 patients each year.

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is a 772 bed acute care hospital founded in 1948, serves a 17 county region encompassing North Florida and South Georgia. The emergency department physician group Dr. Forsthoefel practices with is Physician Partners –  Emergency Services located at 1300 Miccosukee Road Tallahassee, FL 32308. Physician Partners is a part of the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Network. The Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare System is a nonprofit system that accepts all non-elective patients without regard to financial status or the ability to pay for services and care. Dr. Forsthoefel accepts major private medical insurance, Medicare, and all insurance plans accepted by the Tallahassee Memorial Physician Partner Network. Dr. Forsthoefel speaks fluent English and Spanish with his patients and the staff.


Arizona entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope supports new research being done by an organization known as SENS Research Foundation. He hopes that by supporting this initiative, he will assist people to live long healthy lives. The research being done hopes to come up with a drug that will slow down or stop the natural process of aging in human beings. Jason Hope has supported the activities of this organization by donating funds that will go directly into research of the anti-aging drug, Jason Hope wants to see technology have an impact on the healthcare industry by creating a drug that will combat and solve all the old age diseases that affect human beings.

Jason Hope started to support the SENS foundation almost a decade ago. The organization was launched in 2009, and by 2010, he had given then a donation of $500,000 which went directly to building a new laboratory and initiating the process of coming up with an anti-aging drug. SENS Foundation is committed to utilizing technology to solve one of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

SENS Foundation is applying biotechnology to solve the aging puzzle. The approach that they are applying will not only stop old age diseases through treatment but rather will stop these disease by solving the root cause of the disease. The problem with treatment methods that are available today treat the disease but does not address the cause of the problem. The cause of the disease is left intact meaning that it can as well initiate the disease again. SENS want to stop this by curing the cause of the old age diseases which is the aging causing substance. The drug they are creating will repair body cells making them remain fully functional for a long time.

SENS Foundation has not only concentrated on research programs but also public awareness on the topic of aging. By changing the public perception on this topic, they will lay a foundation of a revolution in the way people view aging. Many more people will dedicate time, resources and knowledge to solve the aging problem.

SENS Foundation has been collaborating with various universities and organization in research work. They have worked closely with Yale, Harvard, Cambridge and the Arizona State University. SENS Foundation was founded and is headed by Aubrey de Grey, an artificial intelligence expert who studied computer science at the University of Cambridge. He switched his interests to aging problems and earned a Ph.D. in Biology.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

The SENS Foundation is a charitable organization located in California. The organization is led by CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey, the primary innovator behind the research being done with the hopes of finding answers to the age-related diseases that plague our older popular. Dr. Aubrey De Grey recently found an equally charismatic partner in Jason Hope, a renowned futurist, and entrepreneur from Scottsdale, AZ. Jason Hope has spent the majority of his career working in the mobile communications field, but now Hope is working to bring about real change in the field of biotechnology. When Hope begins to invest time and money into a project, people should begin to pay more attention.

The SENS Foundation has been working toward solutions to age-related disease for over a decade now. Dr. Aubrey De Grey is the primary instigator behind the project as he has donated more than $10 million of his own money into his work while becoming the face of the facility. Jason Hope found out about the facility after doing extensive research into biotechnology. Hope was of the same mindset that Dr. De Grey was, with both individuals believing that there was no need to simply accept the problems that come with aging. Hope and De Grey would have a near instant connection that would turn into something more than just business, their connection would turn into a shared-quest to bring solutions to the problems associated with aging.

Facilities like the SENS Foundation are almost always struggling to earn the necessary funding to keep their doors open. When Hope became acquainted with the facility and the work of De Grey, he realized that he could put his money to good use. Hope would end up signing a $500,000 check in order to help the SENS Foundation invigorate their research facility. The SENS Foundation uses biotechnology to look for ways to prevent disease and improve our quality of life. Outside of medicine, biotechnology is being used in agriculture, food production and even simpler aspects of understanding medicine that we already use extensively. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Dr. De Grey announced Jason Hope’s investment at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for an event known as ‘Breakthrough Philanthropy’. The event was hosted by Peter Thiel, of the Thiel Foundation, and Hope was in attendance. Hope was honored for his donation and his speech was considered one of the highlights of the entire night of festivities.

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