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A good beauty routine starts on the inside, according to beauty blogger Wengie Huang, whose “Wengie” You Tube channel has more than 960,000 subscribers.

The Australian-based beauty guru says she starts her days with anti-oxidants and includes lots of healthy food in her daily diet. Noting that her favorite beauty trends are “clear, glowy skin” and natural makeup, Wengie says the best style is the most natural-loooking.

“I think if you can make it so people can’t really tell you’re wearing a lot of makeup, that’s a real skill to have,” she said.

Wengie’s advice on beauty and style reaches a huge audience and countless young women all over the world regard her as a fashion icon. In addition to her You Tube Beauty Channel, which holds the title of Number One Asian Beauty Channel in Australia, her “Wonderful World Of Wengie” website has an enormous international following with over 185,000 visits daily.

Wengie, who describes herself as “a normal girl with an obsession with beauty products and shopping,” offers her readers more than just makeup tips. Recent topics on her YouTube beauty channel and blog include healthy breakfasts, how to choose anti-aging foods, and even comparisons of Asian and western beauty trends.

But style is only part of Wengie’s advice. In addition to her You Tube beauty channel, she also hosts the Life Of Wengie channel, which offers “Life advice from your internet big sister” and includes topics like how to deal with bullies, fighting in relationships, and feeling unappreciated. Wengie wins her subscribers’ hearts with sincerity, connection, and compassion, which she sums up this way: “I believe in you and I’m here to support you when you feel down and motivate when you need a pick me up!”

A third You Tube channel called Wengie Official highlights her favorite music and dance. She describes the Wengie Official channel as “Just here doing what I love :)”, and with close to 2 million views, it’s clear that girls all over the world are loving what Wengie does.