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A home without a collection of the best wines in the UK stands no chance to impress at a dinner table. Known for its love of wine, Europe has provided fertile grounds for UK Vintners to thrive. Having held the first position worldwide in wine consumption until 2014, British wine companies seem to be doing a pretty good justice to their citizens.

However, the future doesn’t look promising for UK Vintners: Unless of course, the UK expands its current export base. Statics have predicted that the US is likely to maintain their lead over the next years. The US overtook France in wine consumption in 2014 for the first time in history. Not sure what happened to the American’s favorite brandy and liquor. This is a topic for another day.

So Who Are The Giants Behind This Industry?

The Vintners’ Company

This company has stood the test of time. With over 650 years in this business! Since they opened their doors in 1363, the company has continuously produced the best in the market. Probably the reason they have aged as the most respected UK Vintners.

Several startup companies look up to them for mentorship. They have also strengthened the wine society in the UK by being in the front row. Other than that, the Vintners’ Company is a great supporter of non-charitable organizations within the UK. They even have their own; The Benevolent!

Farr Vintners Ltd

Started in 1978, this company owes its existence to immigration. Hong Kong immigrants in Britain established this great company and drove its sales fiercely in the UK. They have located their head office in London; the heart of European business.

A great tool they used, and still use today is relatively low pricing of their brands. Having partnered with Bordeaux wines, Farr Vintners Ltd enjoys quick turnovers. In addition, they outsource more international brands from other renowned wine countries.

A&B vintners

Established in 1998, this company took the wine market by surprise. Fancy wine bottles started with A&B UK vintners. But they are not all about fancy bottles. They manufacture and taste the best wines in the UK. Ultimately, their brands speak volumes in the annual sales turnovers.

Capital Vintners

These are a rather young entrant, having opened their doors in 2005. They offer over 6500 different wines. What a huge collection! With a head office located in London, sales have been guaranteed for Capital Vintners. The recent partnership with London International Vintners Exchange will see their sales skyrocket.

Family Owned Outstanding UK Vintners

Four Vintners

Formed in 1954, the company is quite professional. They have wine distribution points across strategic locations in the UK. They offer free delivery for bulk orders. In addition, they have a diverse product base that includes spirits among other products.

Arkell’s Limited

Established in 1843, Arkell’s has stuck to the traditional way of brewing. This is probably an advantage with the old customers, especially for the beers. Delivery is free for clients within reach despite the order value.

Are the overhead costs still manageable? With the inception of better brewing methods to reduce production costs, maybe it’s time the company diversifies.