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Helsinki is now offering its citizens city-wide, free, unrestricted, top-of-the-line, high-speed wireless internet access. Although it is not completely a blanket coverage, there is a Wi-Fi hotspot nearly everywhere in the city. In addition, their free wireless is faster than most paid wireless options and does not require users to enter passwords or any personal information.

Keith Mann has learned that it all began recently while city officials were having Wi-Fi installed in their buildings. While in the process, specifically in preparation for a 2006 meeting of Asian and European heads of state in the city, they decided to go ahead and make it free to the public. The government of Helsinki is able to afford this because the income tax of Finland is so high. However, most people in Finland have less of a need for free wireless than anyone. Finland is known to have Europe’s most generous data plans.
This present article is a general description of what is happening. To see more facts and figures about the matter read this article.