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One thing is certain. The weather always changes. That fact should be added to the death and taxes list. Climate scientists have been trying to figure out how the weather changes for decades, and they always seem to credit vacillating ocean temperatures for changing weather patterns. Most of us don’t think about the temperature of the ocean when we are freezing in nine feet of snow or don’t have enough water to keep our lawns green.

 Those two theories might satisfy a few people, but when scientists take a closer look at the nature of water currents and the temperature in those currents, they begin to formulate theories on how ocean temperatures and wave patterns impact the weather. Ricardo Tosto isn’t so sure what to believe at this point.

Just a few degree change in water temperature in specific areas of the ocean can have an impact on the weather according to climate scientists. One patch of warm water in the Pacific that stretches from Mexico to Alaska is the latest ocean anomaly responsible for the drought in California and the unending snowfall in Boston. The Scientists also say the high-pressure ridge over the Pacific means calmer seas.