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It is often said that two of the key characteristics of a successful person are consistency and persistence. If that is true then Perry Mandera, the founder of Custom Companies, Inc. A transportation company established in 1986 that is operated out of its headquarters in Northlake, IL ( One of the common denominators in Perry Mandera’s entire career and life work has been service to others which he has provided multitudes of over the years in many different capacities.

Mandera began his journey of service the way many young Americans do, he served in the military. Fresh out of a Chicago high school in 1975 he joined the United States Marine Corp. This is where he first began driving a truck and another sign of his consistency whereas he is still operating a transportation company that provides trucking services to many shippers throughout the world until this day.

Following his service in the Marine Corp he immediately went to work in the transportation industry when he rejoined the civilian workforce. Then in 1980 he opened his first business and operated it until 1985 before selling it. Still maintaining consistency, he began his own transportation company in 1986, Custom Companies, Inc. that continues to grow and thrive today.

Perry Mandera’s consistency and persistence does not stop at the entrepreneurial level. His service to others that began back in the Marine Corp as a young man has also continued and like his business, is still growing today. Throughout his life he has served in public office as a Committeeman for 4 years, becoming the youngest person of his time to hold that office seat.

Perry Mandera has always been a service first people first leader. He has received many awards and recognitions in the transportation industry including one of the top awards given to transportation executives by the Illinois Transportation Assoc. Despite all his success in the business world, if you ask Mr Mandera what has been most rewarding to him he will tell you it was the launch and ongoing efforts of Custom Cares Charities. An entire organization that he founded to dedicate its time, efforts and existence to providing needed services and giving back to the community.

Success, public service, community involvement and commitment. The consistency and persistence that Perry Mandera has displayed his entire life.


In today’s competitive business environment, small to medium businesses need the most powerful analytics that they can find. Knowing one’s own customers and market is not any longer an option. It is absolutely imperative.

The problem with legacy SQL databases has been their extreme barriers to entry. Businesses wishing to implement a full-scale SQL database system often had to contend with hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront infrastructure costs as well as the payroll costs of hiring a full-time team of information technology professionals. This often meant that the full suite of relational database capabilities was out of reach for most small to medium business owners.

But NuoDB is revolutionizing the way that SQL databases are implemented. Using cloud computing, NuoDB has been able to implement a system that uses the highly optimized and efficient cloud computing model, enabling bullet proof storage, worldwide access from any device and total scalability, from the smallest operation to a Fortune 500 company.

What’s more, NuoDB’s SQL database system enables businesses to set up the database within a few hours, not requiring any additional expertise whatsoever to utilize the incredibly powerful analytics contained within NuoDB. And businesses no longer have to worry about hiring even a single information technology professional. The system is designed to be used by anyone who has minimal computer skills.

Talos Energy, a Houston-based private oil and gas company, finds its fortunes in the Gulf of Mexico. Recently, the consortium led by Talos found a “world class” oil reserve in the Gulf of Mexico. The reports confirm that the reserve can produce up to 2bn barrels of oil. Talos confirmed that it is a “significant and historic discovery” and can produce the range of 1.4bn to 2bn barrels. According to Pablo Medina, an energy analyst, the field is one of the 20 largest deep-water field discovered in the last two decades. It should be noted that the latest discovery is after two years of the announcement of the Mexican government to open the country’s oil industry to the private players – solely ruled by the state-owned firm Pemex for 80 years.

The works on the oil well that is located 37 miles from the southern coast originally started on May 21. Talos named the well as Zama-1 and confirmed that it can make an excellent prospect for the company. It further revealed that well is in 546 feet of water and already reached the initial vertical depth of 11,000 feet. Talos and their partners are planning to drill the Zama to 14,000 feet to make the most of it. Since Talos holds 35% interest in the well per the consortium, it can add significant income and capacity expansion in the coming years.

“We think that the discovery gives what it required to deliver in terms of energy reforms: new participants, the new capital, and a spirit of ingenuity that ensures local jobs and revenue for the government of Mexico,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Talos, Tim Duncan. Currently, the consortium plans to start a drilling program by next year, and the companies are looking for options to tap the 122,000-acre exploration block most appropriately.

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Cassio Audi in his early life was well renowned and professional musician. He was born and raised in Brazil. In the eighties, he was a drummer for Viper a Brazilian metal band and left the band in 1989. When he was with the band, he wrote one song in the album Soldiers of Sunrise, and he was featured twice on their albums. He contributed heavily for the spreading of the band in Latin America. Many heavy metal fans knew Cassio Audi due to his drumming expertise when he was with Viper.
Cassio Audi joined the band as a teenager and stayed with the Viper for nine years, and when he felt the time to be with the band was over, he left. Cassio is counted as a pillar of the band as he played a crucial role in the development of the band in its early years.
During one of the band performances, a band member caught a cloth on fire with a stick and dropped it on drums as Casio Audi was playing. He continued playing as if nothing had happened and casually hit the burning clothe with his drumstick. It is an event that is well featured on documentary known as 20 years living for the night.
Cassio Audi has featured on several recording of Viper including their first two albums and also in their demos. A Soldier of Sunrise is the last album that Cassio was featured as it was released one year before his departure from the band. of the eighties that profoundly influenced Cassio like the rest of his band mates. He was praised together with his band mates when their debut album was released for their talent and the high degree of skill.
Cassio’s life has continued to prosper after leaving Viper, and he is one the best-known investment in Brazil.

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A plumber can be an asset to any homeowner. There are certain things which you must always consider when you run a home. Having a functioning plumbing system is very crucial. It is one of those things which can help you save on water and energy costs. Here are some of the ways in which a professional plumber such as the Sunny Plumber can be of assistance to you.

Sewer Drain Cleaning

At one point or another, in the life of a homeowner, sewers and drains may decide to stop working. The main reason for this could be lack of proper maintenance, leading to clogging and blocking of the pipes. When this happens, many homeowners would try to fix the issue themselves. This is not advisable because you may end up aggravating the situation. This is where the services of The Sunny Plumber comes in handy.

The professionals will help you clean your drains and pipes and leave them clean, sparkling and hygienic. Cleaning your drainage system on a regular basis will help you keep the dirty water flowing smoothly and avoid the presence of pests and bugs in the pipes.

Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Anyone can experience a plumbing emergency at any point. Without warning, your toilet may refuse to flush or the sink may get clogged and mess up your whole kitchen. When this happens, you need someone who can come and sort the issue fast. This is where the Sunny Plumbers come into the picture. The experts have tools and equipment which can help solve any plumbing issue. They also leave your premises clean with their after-cleaning services.

 Other Perks

When you decide to hire a plumber, make sure that their services can be trusted. At the Sunny Plumbers, customers enjoy 100% satisfaction on all plumbing jobs done at their premises.

Stemming from San Jose, California, CipherCloud is a successful company whose goal is providing complete protection for cloud information. While embracing several cloud services, they additionally offer control, safety and compliance in every way. This provides total peace of mind for users.

Originating back in 2010 by Pravin Kothari, the company began its journey in 2011 by solely focusing with The following year a Gmail encryption was released, providing needed answers. In the fall of 2012, was also successfully encrypted by CipherCloud. Very shortly Connect AnyApp was initiated, a process that lets users indicate certain needed fields on various Web pages allow encryption, while operations would be well-maintained, as well as data formats.

In 2014 CipherCloud came into the nice amount of $50M, due to Series B funding to be sure the cloud security company is adequate and well preserved. This act was directed by Transamerica Ventures, backed by Delta Partners, as well as T-Ventures and the German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom helping out to ensure CipherCloud’s market share and net profit. The $50M may have also been initiated since much stress still exists when it comes to the cloud and security, so obviously a business whose goal is to ensure security will be enticing.

As if CipherCloud does not have enough on their agenda, they also offer Box, and Office with out of box protection making sure they have complete data protection backed with grueling encryption, plus services regarding prevention of data loss which tends to be a frequent worry regarding cloud. As highly sensitive data is transferred, individuals want to be sure that their data is safe and in the event it would become lost, they want to know how it will be recovered.

It is not surprising that CipherCloud has been bestowed with many accolades and recognition. Company founder Pravin Kothari was named CEO of the year in 2014 by Info Security Global Excellence. SC Magazine awarded CipherCloud with the Best Emerging Technology in Information Security in addition to Information Security Product in 2013. With all of these honors, plus the Series B funding amount, Cipher Cloud is now focused on hiring additional employees and intend to enlarge their marketing and sales markets.

Among the collections of artwork in Adam Sender’s investments, the property is ranking right up there with desirable items.

For several years, Adam sender and his wife Lenore lived in their penthouse apartment on the 36th floor of a building in the SoHo Area of New York City. The 3600 sq. ft. apartment with three terraces was comfortable, but not large enough to exhibit many of their pieces of artwork. They recently moved to Miami, Florida to reside in one of their properties with a warmer winter climate.

Among the other property owned by the Senders is their Sag Harbour home in the Hamptons where they house their 14 automobiles, several of which are collectables. Among the collection of automobiles is a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible in mint condition. A beauty of a car any automobile collector would be delighted to own. The other automobiles include four Land Rovers, two Porsches, and two Benzes.

The last property in the Sender home collection is a home in Bel Air, California where the Senders stay when out increasing their interest in the movie business.

Sender’s art collection is beginning to reduced in size. Four hundred pieces of artwork are scheduled to be sold by Sotheby’s at auctions over the next eighteen months. Sotheby’s says the 400 pieces coming up for auction are works by 139 artists and will bring in millions of dollars in profits.

When asking Adam about his choices of art to purchase, he simply stated “I was trying to buy the very best work,” and obviously he did just that. His art collection is admired by so many other collectors in the world.

Some of the artwork to be sold at auction will be beautiful pieces of his Cindy Sherman’s collection of art, and others include John Baldessari’s “Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue,” purchased by Sender in 2001. Prince’s “Untitled (Cowboy),” which Sender also acquired in 2001. Both paintings are valued at between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Sender’s investment and love for collectible artwork hasn’t dwindled, he is broadening his interests and feels a collection of art the size he now has should be viewed and enjoyed, and not stored out of sight.

If the Senders are able to complete their plans to create a “pop-up exhibition” house in Miami using one of their vacant properties they will be able to entertain friends and share the enjoyment of their collections with close friends while enjoying the “pop-up exhibition” any time they choose without having to store such beautiful art.

Possibly they will also consider exhibiting their 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible and other collectible cars in the garages connected to the exhibit house in Miami?

The art world awaits the next move of Adam Sender in his future plans for exhibition or auction.

The fiberglass on your cast has hardly dried when you’re bombarded with applications plus paperwork from physicians, law enforcement, as well as insurance firms. You’re tangled and overwhelmed with every question concerning your accident. No one, nevertheless, seems capable to give the facts most vital to you. If at all you’ve been injured through an accident, a ‘personal injury attorney’ can assist you through every process.

Below are seven reasons to appoint a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer.

1. Experience Evaluating Claims
Personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable with lawsuits like yours plus can inform you at the onset whether it’s worthwhile to push for lawful action. In case you are implausible to win the case, you may avert the time as well as cost of organizing for litigation.

2. No Charges If You Don’t Recuperate
Majority of personal injury attorneys offer services for an exigency fee, which implies that if at all you don’t win the case, you won’t pay lawyers’ fee. You’re, nonetheless, responsible for particular expenses not openly linked to a lawyer’s services, like the fees physicians charge for assessing your records or even being interviewed.

3. Red Tape
Intricate legal procedures, perplexing medical terminologies, plus much paperwork are a usual thing in personal injury lawsuits. A knowledgeable lawyer is able to solve the muddle of paperwork required to decide your assertion to enable you move on with life. After you meet an attorney, they will request you to give documents linking to your damage.

4. Investigative Team
Normally, lawyers cooperate with a crew of detectives who have knowledge in particular areas and are going to skillfully scrutinize the technical elements of your lawsuit. You can assist the investigative team through giving imperative information concerning your injury.

5. Objectivity
Fury, agony, frustration, and fear can affect your capacity to perceive the information clearly. A lawyer is able to become more objective concerning your lawsuit compared to you and won’t make a hasty resolution. For instance, you might be lured to take a quick settlement, although your lawyer might counsel you that it’s in your greatest interests to pause for a better offer.

6. Alternative Dispute Resolution
Long and complex hearings are not continuously essential to decide a case. A knowledgeable lawyer will identify whether your lawsuit can be best resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), thus saving your time, cash, plus emotional energy. Common instances of ADR are arbitration plus mediation.

7. Experience Working With Other Attorneys
A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can relate most excellently and swiftly with defendant’s attorney. This is predominantly imperative throughout the fact-finding phase of the hearing after parties are needed to exchange information and documents.

A good example of an experienced personal injury attorney is Dan Newlin, a Florida-based lawyer with a renowned law office and a crew of highly skilled lawyers.

Every now and again there comes a company on the international market that is worth watching.With some companies it is what they sell or products they promote. With other companies it is the business opportunity they create for other people. For some companies, it is all of these things. An excellent example of this is Qnet. If you are not aware of Qnet and what they do you are in for a real treat. If you have heard anything about Qnet and you aren’t sure what to think, read on and gather up this important life changing information. Qnet is an international business model that can change people’s financial future and lifestyle as a whole. When we say change it, we mean change it for the better and here is why, Qnet already offers life changing products and business opportunities that are changing peoples lives. They are a proven company with a proven track record.

As a direct selling company, Qnet helps people who want to own their own business make a successful start of it. As a leader in the multi-level marketing industry, Qnet is positioned to pay some amazing money to business owners. The international direct selling industry has got a bad rap in the past, however, this is not because of something any company, including Qnet was doing. A banning act and several other factors have made the industry suffer a massive blow. However, companies like Qnet who have strong foundations have adjusted and moved forward in a positive direction. MLM is a self-employment opportunity that is a valid option for everyone. It is a great way to earn a respectable income by building a business. It is for this reason Qnet supports direct selling regulations in places like India. Qnet and it’s business partners understand that direct selling is not a pyramid scheme and that direct selling, like all legitimate business, needs regulation.

Qnet will continue working hard to develop industry standards that will help people live the dream of owning their own business. As an international direct selling company, Qnet wants what is best for the industry and what is best for the distributors and their customers. Qnet is an international business model that is helping everyday people reach their goals and earn the incomes they want to earn buy providing products to people who want and need them. Qnet is a company worth watching because they are doing some pretty amazing things. They will continue to become leaders in the direct selling industry because they know that every valuable company and industry goes through growing pains and out of those pains comes some strong people and even stronger companies. If you have not been watching Qnet, you need to start and take action to get involved.

Last year, Attorney Dan Newlin won one of the top awards in the state when he won $100 million for a teenage girl who was hit in the head by a stray bullet. She has been in a coma since July 2013 when the incident occurred. The bullet was fired by an alleged gang member as the teen was riding in the family’s mini-van.

Danielle Sampson, then 15 years old, suffered severe brain damage and today is only able to blink her eyes as a response. The teen cannot talk to her mother or go to the movies with her friends; she will never participate in life again.

Aggressive Lawyer, Dan Newlin is Passionate

Dan Newlin, in his Orlando law firm, took on this case as he felt incredible compassion for the Sampson family. The compensation is one of the highest awarded in Orange County, FL and his legal team devoted their skills, experience and talents to fight back for this family.

Mr. Newlin spent many hours in the hospital with Danielle, so he fully understood the impact of this tremendously, needless accident. He felt the need to bring justice for the Sampsons while making a statement to other gang members that there are consequences for their actions, and they would find resistance.

Mr. Newlin understood that no monetary amount would ever be enough for the pain and suffering that Daniele has incurred, but with his expertise and diligence, he won an award that made a statement in the legal statues. The award would care for her medical attention into the future, the emotional distress for Alma Fletcher, her mother, and some of Danielle’s pain and suffering.

A Prestigious Super Lawyer

In recognition of similar cases, and the thousands of other personal injury cases that Dan Newlin has won for his clients, his uniquely aggressive style won him a place in the elite group of Super Lawyers. Only five percent of the lawyers practicing in the U.S. receive this prestigious award, and Dan Newlin received the honor in 2014.

After a 10 year career as a sheriff and detective in both Chicago and Orlando, he attended the Florida State Collge of Law and in 2000, opened a law office in Orlando. Attorney Newlin was now able to bring his experience as a police officer into his law firm to help the community at a different level as a lawyer.

Newlin Law Firms

Mr. Newlin currently has 75 people on staff in both his Orlando office and his recently opened office outside of Chicago. Mr. Newlin is using every ounce of his education, experience and natural compassion to make a difference in people’s lives.