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As editor of the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter and investing service for Banyan Hill Publications, Matt Badiali’s job is to recommend hard asset investments to readers. He has spent the last several decades researching companies that drill for oil, dig for gold and mine other important metals. But rarely has he discovered an opportunity so great as that now offered by the “magic metal” zinc. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Most people don’t know much about zinc, except it’s combined with Vitamin C in cold supplements because it helps strengthen weakened immune systems. It’s an essential mineral in human nutrition. It’s not only crucial for optimal immune system functioning, it’s critical for healthy sexual function. Many men take zinc supplements to protect the health of their prostates. It’s also used for weight loss, for depression and to prevent cancers that should be destroyed by the immune system. It’s worth billions of dollars to large pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson.

A lot of zinc is used to galvanize iron and steel so those metals don’t rust out. Zinc nails that don’t rust are widely used in the construction industry. It’s used in many machines, from aircraft to automobiles. It’s useful for many applications, and that’s wide Matt Badiali calls zinc the “magic metal.”

Zinc was in a bear market from 2011 to 2016. Since its price has gone up, but Matt Badiali says the bull market in zinc has just begun. Its last bull market lasted four years and raised the price by 533%. So far, it’s not near that yet. However, it could go up higher because the supply of zinc is dwindling. When the price of a commodity remains down for five years, that always creates a problem for producers. Zinc mining companies had to close many mines because when it’s at a low price, they can’t mine the zinc for a profit. Follow Matt on

The worldwide production of zinc went down 1 million tons in 2016 alone just because of closed mines. Some of the large zinc mines closed in the past few years include: Brunswick mine in Canada, Black Star and Century mines located in Australia and Ireland’s Lisheen. Zinc mines can no longer meet the world’s demand, which continues to grow 2.8% a year on average.

That’s why Matt Badiali found a prominent zinc mining company to recommend to the readers of Real Wealth Strategist. He is an expert in investing in real wealth or hard assets.