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NGP VAN is a recognized software company and is private. It offers web hosting services, online fundraising and voter databases. It is mostly used by the Democratic party in the USA and by other nonprofit organizations. It was previously named Voter Activation Network company until 2011. It is based in Washington DC and was started in 2001 for political and social campaigns by building canvases.


NGP VAN has tools which help in carrying out the campaigns by covering a large area within a short period. These tools are used for organizing and fundraising. It is with the software that three Presidential campaigns in the US were successful starting with Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton in 2012 and the latest one of Bernie Sanders in 2016. Apart from the campaign the platform does social networking for different organizations, local government nonprofit organizations and any other organizations seeking their services.


The company make campaigns easier for candidates by finding out the voter’s opinions, needs and the changes they would like to see. This is done by making specific advertisements targeting specific groups. All these are done using a phone application known as Minivan app which gives a platform for direct voter data entry. This app has made campaigns direct and easy. The company recently integrated traditional methods with the digital methods which are known as street team canvassing this way the campaigners collect data during rallies.

They have also developed another tool known as distributed canvassing; this tool will help in turf cutting which has been a tedious and time taking process in the past. Unlike in the past where one needed seven steps this tool requires only two steps and the canvas is on. It was an idea which started as knock ten which would identify ten closest voters in a set universe, and there should be enough voters for each universe a state would need more voters than a specific territory. One only needs to build a specific universe and a list which is distributed by the app based on the canvases’ location. The app is in a preliminary stage and ones it is trusted, and users sufficiently trained campaigns would be taken a notch higher.

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Modern Crisis
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