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For anyone who loves to text, there is a bit of a limited experience offered with the traditional texting application built into mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android devices. This is namely the problem with international texting, group texting and other tasks that are just not heavily supported. While someone can make an international text from an iPhone, they are going to be hit with a large text fee from their carrier. In order to prevent this and to take advantage of mobile technology throughout the world, my friend Paul Mathieson shares some solid text applications new to the mobile world that can drastically improve how people interact with one another (


This application has been around for a while now and it has the largest mobile user following. It now comes with a yearly subscription of around $1, which is about what it would cost to send or receive a handful of text messages internationally. Now, it is not able to make video calls or provide special emoticons or provide strong encryption, but it has the most users and is extremely helpful in this regard.


This application does not have location adding to the contacts but is great for textures who like to include visual stickers and icons with their international texting habits.