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I recently moved to a new city, and I was very happy about it. My new job was paying for everything, including all the things that I needed in my new home. I even had a cell phone that was strictly for business, and I could receive and make phone calls as long as I was doing it for work. As far as a cell phone was concerned, I only needed one that I could use to call family members once in a while, but I didn’t have much family either. I was really trying to save up to buy a house, and every penny counted.

Although my new job was paying well, I just don’t believe in paying a lot of money for cell phone or Internet services. If I’m at work, I’ll use the Internet. As long as I don’t access any forbidden websites, then I’m allowed to use the Internet as I please. As far as my cell phone is concerned, I have access to it, but I needed a cell phone that I could call family and friends with. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I started searching for a low-cost cell phone provider.

I didn’t have to look far because FreedomPop has cell phone service that’s free of charge. I was excited about getting the FreedomPop service because it would save me at least $50 a month that I’d be paying to any other service provider. As long as I could stay within the 200 minutes I was given on a service plan, then I wouldn’t have to pay any money for the service. I already had a phone that would work with FreedomPop, so I didn’t even need to buy another phone. I also get 500 text messages free with FreedomPop as well as 500 MB of data.

Data wasn’t a problem because my company was paying for me to have Internet at home, just in case I needed to access files from the office. I was able to use the Wi-Fi on my Internet at home to give me additional data on my FreedomPop phone, so I was doing well when it came to staying in my 500 MB limit. I did have a dilemma that I didn’t think about until I went out to a store one day. Although I knew how to save on data usage at work and at home, what was I to do when I went shopping?

My idea was to sign up for FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi application, which I should’ve thought of in the first place. The application can be downloaded to my cell phone, and for only five dollars a month I’m able to access any FreedomPop hotspot that’s in my area. I’ll have unlimited use of the FreedomPop hotspots, and that means that I can ensure that I won’t go over my 500 MB data limit on my cell phone. FreedomPop has several ways to make it possible to spend very little money to receive great services. With FreedomPop I was able to get cell phone service that isn’t costing me anything extra, and the $50 a month I’m saving on these services is going to help me save towards a new house.

Too many people that I know have a misconception about the Skout network on Most people don’t believe that I found a girlfriend on the Skout network because they always thought it was a network for socializing only. I don’t understand why people don’t think that socializing can lead to dating, but everyone has their own opinion. I was able to find a girlfriend through the Skout network, and I found her completely by accident. I wasn’t even searching for a lady, but I was using the “shake to chat” feature one day, and this beautiful woman came onto my screen.

After the lady and I talked for a while, I added her to my favorite’s list, and I went back to look for her the next day. I wasn’t able to see her on the network again until the end of the week, but I let her know how much I really liked her. We talked day after day on the Skout network, and it got to the point where I was getting in trouble at work for using Skout too much. I would hide in my cubicle in the corner of the office, just so I could talk on the Skout network.

I’m not one who likes to do a lot of texting with my fingers, so I’ll use the talk button on my phone, and people could hear me across the office talking out my text messages. Needless to say, I was warned to stop using my phone in the office, and I had to do what I told. No one could stop me from taking breaks and using Skout, and I would even spend my entire lunch hour on Skout. I guess I’m pretty good because I was able to eat my broccoli while texting the girl on the Skout network.

When I got home, nothing much changed. I went right on Skout the moment I walked through the door, and sometimes, I wouldn’t even put my things down before I went on the computer. I was becoming a bit obsessed with the Skout network, but it really was the girl that I was after. After I talked to her for a while, we both decided that it was time to meet in person. Meeting this girl was amazing, but the drive was amazing as well because it took me an hour to get to her.

I had no problem with driving to meet her because she was such a great girl. We have now made it official, and we are dating full-time, and we still spent a lot of time talking on the Skout network. If I’m having a bad day I’ll go on Skout and complained to her about it, and she’ll send me some kind of greeting to cheer me up. Skout is a great place to date, and I’ve told my friends that they need to be more open-minded about dating online. I’m thankful that Skout helped me to stop being single and start dating again.

Image recognition software has the potential to truly revolutionize the way people shop. For one, a lot of the time invested in searching for the perfect product could end up being cut down dramatically. This would be a great leap forward for consumerism and the market. The buyer would no longer be taking part in the long, boring process of searching through scores of online catalogs for something that matches what he or she is looking for.

Instead, image recognition technology would perform the helpful search to find and image that matches what is being sought. Several matches of similar products is likely to turn up in the search. Consumers do not have to make their pick quickly either. No rush exists. Besides, they will have a lot of extra time on their hands thanks to the minutes shaved off the search.

Of course, the ability to use the image recognition program to work it has to be extremely well-designed and cutting edge. Slyce remains one of the top producers of image recognition technology. Through the use of such a high-end program from one of the top companies – a company that is rivaling bigger names in the image recognition world – consumers are going to be able to take their approach to buying to the next level.

The next level is not just a quicker and more convenient process either. The potential does exist to save a lot of money on purchases as well. This might not be evident when first looking at the primary virtues of the recognition program. The speed in which it locates a variety of products is usually the first noticeable trait. Again, that is a great trait for the program to have. Do not, however, dismiss an image recognition program’s ability to unearth a wide range of different prices on similar merchandise. Saving money is always a major concern of many shoppers. Image recognition technology now provides another means of finding great deals and low-cost selections.

In the world of dating websites, Skout is a refreshing change because despite the USP of Skout, the website and app focuses more on cultivating real and close friendships first. Founded in 2007 as a social network for mobile users, Skout has come a long way. A couple of years ago, statistics showed that the app helped to make over 500 connections during its lifetime which is an achievement. The best thing about Skout is not just the main website but also its special features like the night-life app, group messaging, Shake to Chat, and so much more.

In order to shine on Skout, here are some essential tips for users –

Understand That Pictures Only Reveal So Much – A lot of Skouters make the mistake of rejecting someone simply based on their picture. Someone sees a brunette and moves on because they like blondes better. This attitude is seldom seen in real life and must never be carried on to dating websites like Skout either. People would be surprised at how many great relationships they can cultivate if they just ignore pictures.

Details Are Irrelevant, It Depends On Who The Person Is Inherently – Skouters should scan all their past relationships and understand one fact – even if the other person is absolutely similar, problems still crop up. Of course, everyone has a type and are attracted to certain qualities. Those are the things that Skouters should look for when they check out someone else’s profile. Instead of getting stuck over irrelevant details like the other person’s favorite TV show, actor or restaurant, it is important to see if they live in the same city, share common hobbies, have similar passions and belong to the same profession.

A Profile Can Reveal Many Things on Close Inspection – The Skout blog always advises people to be as real as possible. The best way to be real on the website is by spending some time on cultivating and honing a profile that is as close to the Skouter’s personality as possible. This would ensure a balanced and genuine interaction with others, instead of pretension. Is a bad profile an absolute deal breaker? In most cases, yes. An off-putting profile that shows the person to be snide, bitter or boastful can be a downer in most cases, leading to fewer connections.

Personality Claims Should Be Taken With a Pinch of Salt – In most cases, what the person says about their personality is an idea that they want to portray to others. There is nothing wrong in that but sometime, these claims can turn out to be untrue. For instance, if a person says that they have a “great sense of humor” on their profile, it need not necessarily be true because humor is subjective.

Skouters can also check out the travel feature of the app where new people can meet each other and cultivate meaningful relationships when they travel to other countries. This feature is just another instance that proves it is worth every penny to get the premium membership plan on Skout.

When it comes to mobile devices, many people would rather leave the talking and data plans for the smartphones. After all, tablets are good for WI-FI. However, Freedom Pop is aware of this mentality and is looking to provide a solution for this issue. They are now offering free talk and data plans for tablets. This plan for good for the tablets that have been supplied by the carrier or tablets that the individual already owns. This is helpful when it comes to apps that ask for a phone number. This includes services like Uber car services. FreedomPop’s service also can help one in the case the battery of the phone dies out. Phone plans that are close to its limit is also good for this scenario.

FreedomPop’s plan for tablet does make it a lot better for people. Individuals that carry a Samsung Galaxy Tablet or any other type of tablet will find this to be a convenient data plan. However, there is a catch. For one thing, the data plan is relatively low at 500MB ceiling for data. At the same time, there is the limit of the type of tablet that FreedomPop is offering to customers for usage of the plan. They are only currently selling the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and the original iPad mini. In order for one to use his own tablet, it has to work well on Sprint due to it being the network that FreedomPop gets its LTE from. However, T-Mobile offers even less data than what FreedomPop offers for free.

FreedomPop is working very hard to bring about a highly affordable service to customers so that they will always have a way to use their phone. Customers now have the option to use a service for their phone or tablet that does not require them to pay a large premium for usage.

How To Begin Editing A Wikipedia Page

GetYourWiki says that anybody can edit a Wikipedia page. You do not even need to register and create an account on Wikipedia to edit and make a Wikipedia business page. However there are some exceptions to the latter case. For protected pages, you need to submit an edit request first. An editor in charge of the protected article article will contact you and let you approve if the edit request has been approved or denied.

To begin editing an article you must first find the article that you wish to edit. Once you have found the article, find the edit tab on the page and click on it. The edit tab is usually found on the top of the page, but it can also be found at the bottom of the article page in some cases. Click on it to begin editing. For protected articles there will be a view source tab instead of an edit tab. Click on the view source tab to request an edit from the editor in charge of that article.

The Two Wikipedia Editing Formats

Once you are ready to begin editing your article of choice, you must choose between two editing formats. The two editing formats available on wikipedia are wikitext and the visual editor. Wikitext focuses primarily on the text and HTML code. If you are familiar with HTML code and have edited content online before then you can dive straight into the wikitext editing mode. In Wikitext mode you can add hyperlinks, columns, citations and special characters using HTML code. If you are not familiar with HTML code that Wikipedia uses, you can easily find the symbols for adding things such as hyperlinks, bold text, citations and more on Wikipedia. The visual editor is available only to registered users. It allows you to edit an article while seeing how it will actually be displayed. It will also display photos, tables, links and special characters that will not be visible in the wikitext mode.

Completing Your Edit

After you have selected an edit format, it is time to make your actual edit. It can be a minor edit that fixes a grammatical error or a misspelling of a name. Or it can be a major edit that changes the content of the page significantly. It is very important that if you plan on making a major edit that you have sources to cite. Otherwise, your edit may be rejected or deleted because it lacks factual sources. Once you have completed your edit and added sources if you made a major change, you must write an edit summary. This is required. The edit summary briefly summarizes what changes you have made to the article. Once you have completed your edit summary you can view your changes and then submit your changes.

A Few Tips For Editing A Wikipedia Article

When making edits keep in mind that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Remember to maintain a third person point of view, that is unbiased and that your information is based on fact. If you are adding or changing significant content in an article you must have sources and cite them. Otherwise your edits will not be accepted and deleted. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make minor edits in spelling, grammar and that have wrong dates. These edits will only make Wikipedia more accurate and reliable, no matter how trivial the edit may seem.

In an age where business trends and ideas change as fast as the coming seasons, Marc Sparks, an American businessman and venture capitalist, provides a constant stream of advice for the burgeoning entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur himself, Sparks manages Timer Creek Capital, a private equity firm that helps burgeoning companies become successful, established businesses.

As President of Timer Creek Capital, Marc Sparks has used his business acumen as well as insight to help dozens of entrepreneurs and companies realize success in the marketplace. He is heavily involved in the telecommunication sector and has worked with companies, such as Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom. From providing customer service expertise to graphic arts and web development Bloomberg states that Sparks ensures passionate entrepreneurs receive the necessary support to thrive and grow into a successful business. His attention to detail and over 30 years of experience promises a professional and effective service.

A multidimensional businessman, Mark Sparks has not solely focused on entrepreneur support. He has worked in an array of fields, such as real estate, venture investing and business solutions. These multifaceted experiences provide Mark Sparks with a diverse, dynamic business acumen.

Residing in Dallas, Sparks is very involved with multiple philanthropic efforts in the area. He volunteers his time with projects, such building houses for Habitat for Humanity and lends support to his community by supporting local homeless shelters and magnate high schools. Volunteering since the late eighties, Sparks finds helping humanitarian causes extremely rewarding and enjoys giving back to his community.

Along with his business and philanthropic pursuits, Sparks is currently writing a book entitled, They Can’t Eat You which is purchasable on Amazon. Focusing on his own personal success story, Sparks charts his journey from a mediocre student to a prosperous businessman. He hopes that the work will inspire people to enter into business and realize that attaining success is not impossible.

Marc Sparks represents not only a passionate businessman, but also a passionate citizen, who actively works to aid emerging businesses and entrepreneurs and help the disadvantaged individuals residing in his community.

Interested in contacting Marc Sparks? Try these social media links below.

The level of materials science is so important to the degree of advancement of a given age of humanity that we frequently split these ages up using the materials common to the time. The Bronze Age and the Iron Age are just a couple examples. The 20th century might be referred to as the steel age by future historians. We appear to be entering a “super materials” age now.

Humanity has smart devices and ever more sophisticated machines, but the materials used in a society are what make all the rest of this possible. Alexei Beltyukov says we simply could not make smartphones if our materials science was still stuck at only being able to mold iron. Wonder materials that are capable of withstanding great temperatures and pressures are going to be gradually finding their way out of labs and into industry and society through the rest of this decade and the next.

It is 100 times stronger than steel by weight, which is an incredible leap forward.  Those of us who are alive over the next 20 or so years will see changes and advancements greater than those in any previous period of human history, and all of this will be made possible by the materials we are able to fashion things out of.

Technology continues to charge forward and create new opportunities for us. Most technologies have focused on creating new things for us to do on our smartphones. One of the latest and greatest when it comes to the smartphone technologies, picture searching is where it is at.

Slyce is the technology that has created the ability to take a picture of something and get an instant visual search result. The way it work is pretty simple and makes it possible for consumers to get the information that they require in a timely manner.

The short and simple of this technology is this. You take a picture of an item that catches your interest. That image is then run through search engines to try to determine more information about the company. This can be helpful because there is some chance that there is more information that you need to know about the product. This could help consumers to make more informed choices even while they are currently out at the stores looking at the things that they may want to purchase.

Consumers often make an instant purchase when they see an item and find more information about it. The mobile retailers are indeed loving the development of this technology. For them, it is a cash cow to have customers able to find their products while they are out and about in the world.

Many of the biggest retailers online have already integrated this technology right into their existing apps. This means that those who have done so are able to connect the pictures of items taken by consumers into search results that pop up on that consumer’s phone. If the consumer wants to make a purchase, he or she simply goes to the app that is already installed on their phone.

Mobile commerce is growing a lot faster than what most think. It stood at 15% of all purchases made in 2013. In 2014 that number had already reached 18%. There is more room to grow in a lot of ways, but it has already shown that it has a lot of momentum. Most expect that mobile commerce will continue to eat up a large portion of the dollars being spent. This is great news for the companies that do a lot of business online. They want to see people spending more money on their platforms, and those are the results they are currently getting.

Everyone benefits from this new technology. It is something that has revolutionized the way that customers gather information and the way in which they are able to make choices as well. Many are surprised by how much they may have been missing out by not having information about their purchases at their fingertips. Now that can change with the use of Slyce.

The search for love is not an easy one. It can be hindered by many factors, not the least of which is finding a compatible someone in reasonable proximity to you. Now, thanks to the magic of digital technology and social media, that hunt has been made easier for many people with Skout.

Skout is the brainchild of Swedish entrepreneurs Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. In 2007, the two created a social network site for mobile devices that they thought would provide a service similar to Facebook. Instead, they discovered subscribers were using it as a type of dating service. Wiklund and Lindstrom, who also serve as the company’s C.E.O. and chief technology officer respectively, were quick to see the potential in such an app. Today, Skout emphasizes the service’s generalized user location feature, and claims that it has attracted more than 500,000,000 users. Skout is available in 180 countries, and can support 14 languages. It was one of 2013’s top dating apps, and consistently appears on Top Twenty lists for dating apps.

Skout ( operates on iOS and Android systems. Its software utilizes GPS to help users within a general radius track each other. This GPS tracking feature is only available to adult subscribers, and teenaged and adult subscribers are segregated. Subscribers of all ages can use Skout to create profiles and post recent activities for others to view, as with other social network sites. Subscribers can also use Skout’s app to exchange instant messages and virtual gifts. A feature unique to this app is “Shake To Chat”, which is activated by two users shaking their cellphones at the same time.

As a result, Wiklund and Lindstrom have branched out into other digital venues. As the dating app field has become far more competitive, the two began looking for new, different and entertaining ways to convince romance seekers to connect with each other via social networking. Fuse is an app that allows users to create their own social network, using their cell phone’s address book. The app is available worldwide. And in 2014, the duo purchased Nixster which allows users to purchase tickets and see nightlife opportunities in major American cities such as New York and Los Angeles.