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Orthopedic surgery involves repairing damage to the muscles and bones. Everyone from elite athletes to stay-at-home parents have benefitted from the work of orthopedic surgeons. Orthopedic surgery can be used to address a variety of conditions. Two of the most common types of orthopedic surgery procedures are ACL reconstruction and spine surgery.

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is the knee’s major stabilizing ligament. It can rupture while playing sports or by a person simply twisting or taking a misstep. Orthopedic surgeons perform procedures to reconstruct this ligament countless times each year. They use the person’s own or donor tissue, bone tunnels, screws or other devices, to reconstruct the ligament and hold it in place until new tissue grows and the ligament heals.

Back pain is a common complaint today. It is now commonplace for people to get spine surgery to eliminate back pain and increase their activity level, physical fitness and productivity. One common type of spinal surgery is spinal fusion. In this procedure the orthopedic surgeon join spinal bones together. This restricts the bones’ movement, limits the amount the nerves stretches and eliminates back pain.

Dr. Greg Finch is an internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in the treatment of spinal conditions. He has vast experience in operative, minimally invasive and non-operative procedures. Dr. Greg Finch is a graduate of the Royal Australisian College of Surgeons with a FRACS in Orthpaedic Surgery and holds bachelor’s degrees in surgery and medicine from the University of Auckland.

Dr. Greg Finch also spent 2 years in Germany, the U.S. and the UK working with the top spine surgeons. He holds a membership in the Spine Society of Australia and the North American Spine Society and is an Australian Orthopaedic Association fellow. Dr. Greg Finch currently practices at public and private hospitals throughout Australia.