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Last month, we broke a story about a fundraiser being led by Jon Urbana to help one of his nearest and dearest charities. Today, we’re here to tell you about another one of Urbana’s projects: a lacrosse camp.

There is nothing like a lacrosse camp to bring a bit of joy to one’s life. Especially when that camp is located in a beautiful place like Vail, where one can just get away and have some fun for a bit. Lacrosse is a great sport, and when it is what interests one, then they should go for it at a lacrosse camp that will teach them a lot. We were first referred to his site by a former coworker, but our decision to invest in Jon Urbana and his camp is one we haven’t questioned for a second.

The Next Level Lacrosse Camp is located in Colorado and was started up by a man who played lacrosse professionally. Jon Urbana, the man who runs it (more background info on Facebook), cares deeply about the sport and the young people who are interested in it, and the camp’s beautiful location adds to its intrigue. Also intriguing is his open door policy on Twitter, where he tweets from @jonurbana1 about a bunch of stuff, including Q&A about lacrosse from his campers.

It’s the kind of place where a parent can feel good about sending their child to, and it is the kind of place where the young person will get much help. A longer presentation on Slideshare, in addition to these pics of the camp, may help you understand why it’s become so popular,

Jon Urbana is the man who runs the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and he is a man who not only cares about it teaching young people about the sport, but who also cares about using GoFundMe to do charity work.

Urbana used to be a collegiate lacrosse All-American for Villanova, but now he is more than happy to dedicate his life to other, important things. He has charities and causes that he is working for like the Animal & Rescue Adoption Society, and he’s a man who makes sure to do good things with his life each day, including a hobby in piloting that recently led to this story: FAA recognizes Jon Urbana – Aviation Business Gazette.

There is much to love about Jon, and one of the things that is greatest about him in regard to his charity work is how much he cares for the earth. Whether he’s raising money or making videos dedicated to the cause, the press has begun to take note – even Bloomberg now.

Urbana wants to be doing his part in taking care of the environment, and he has inspired many others to do the same. He’s hoping to make the most of his life through all that he is doing.