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Next time you need to upgrade your Sprint phone, you can have a company representative come to your home instead of making the trip out to the mall to get a new device. The company launched a new “Direct 2 You” program Monday that sends a company rep to your house where he or she can set up the new device of your choosing for you at your kitchen table.

The reason behind the program in simple: Sprint thinks that customers are a little hesitant to order phones online because they’re afraid of setting up the hardware on their own once it arrives. Folks at Anastasia Date have found that, through the Direct 2 You program, the company hopes to quell that issues, making it so you can order the phone you want on the web, but still get the same experience you might expect if you’d come into the store to make the purchase instead.

Sending a rep to your door obviously take a bit more effort than having that same rep assist you at the store. That said, Sprint is currently in the number four spot when it comes to carriers in the US.