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Increasing number of households today do not have a telephone hard line, their desktop computers are being replaced by laptops, tablets and mobile devices. The fast pace work of today’s professionals have made the mobile phone or tablets an extension of themselves. This dependency on electronic devices has forced growth in the apps market designed to make life a bit more convenient.

The decline and replacement of the “customer comes first” motto of past times with automated services and long wait times have fueled the aversion to 1-800 numbers posted on advertisements. Brick and mortar businesses that request customers to call between 9 to 5pm to make an appointment are some irritating inconveniences being replaced by smart consumer friendly apps that anticipate what its customers want, the types of questions or problems that may arise, and pre-solves those with a well thought out FAQs easily available on its page.

Amid all the new apps targeting such a fluid market comes Handy. A site where customers can easily book home cleaning and handyman services. Anything from painting, landscaping, to plumbing and roofing. The genius behind the app: simplicity. All service providers are background checked for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The customer specifies a date, time, service required, and an email and a second page appears with the total cost of the service based on the hours of the job booked.

What is appealing about this service is the 100% money-back guarantee if the customer is not fully satisfied, and the full reimbursements for damages caused during the service. These options take away the unknowns and trepidation’s customers feel when hiring someone from the yellow pages or website advertisements. Most internet savvy customers tend to rely heavily on customer reviews but it has become increasingly difficult to trust the validity of such reviews online. It is a comfort to the consumer to have someone else do the legwork.

There is more than 5,000 independent professionals available at hire rates of $15 to $22 per hour. Freelancers are in control of how and when they work. Flexibility is appealing to both the service provider and the consumer and the company is not doing bad either. From its start in 2012, the website is currently in 35 cities across the USA ( The platform is a hit with over $1 million bookings a week and a growing rate of 60% per quarter in 2014.