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QNET is a direct selling company owned by the QI Group. QNET was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. QNET sells a number of different products including those in the personal care, home care, and nutrition industries.

QNET’s marketing strategy is centered around multi-level marketing. A group of independent representatives promote their products to consumers and then receive compensation based on their referrals and sales volume.

The company started with the vision for using marketing to promote better wellness and healthy living. QNET has a tough testing process that all new products must adhere to before being selected to the brand. Products are measured by their standards and ideals. This approach is very different compared to other businesses.

QNET is dedicated to promoting a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. This view is practiced throughout all parts of QNET’s business strategies and products. QNET does not allow any non-vegetarian ingredients in any of their products. QNET also promotes testing that does not harm animals. QNET is proud to to say that no animals are used during their testing methods. QNET tries to spread awareness about the dangers of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes by reducing the amount of sugar and chemicals in their products.

QNET follows the philosophy to help people better themselves while helping others. QNET takes giving back to the community very seriously. QNET is dedicated to their involvement in philanthropy. The company helps serve local communities and societies with a number of different community centered programs. QNET wants to be known for promoting good social responsibility.