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Rocketship Education has 3,800 students enrolled in its K-5 courses across 18 cities in the United States. It was founded by Preston Smith, an educator who started his career out in San Jose, and John Danner, sharing the credit for making such an innovative educational system equally.

The two formed an effective pair as they spread Rocketship across the United States’ neighborhoods known for generationally low incomes. Since Rocketship Education it free and located in these areas, people enroll for top-tier lessons that aren’t given anywhere else for free other than the most advanced, “best” educational networks in the entire country.

Parents should be involved in hiring decisions, believe it or not. While parents aren’t the high-level executives that make decisions, their input very much factors into their assessments and selections of potential new help. Educators make the most difference of any position at Rocketship Education because they’re required to spend endless hours making personalized education plans for entire classrooms of students. Mr. Smith has performed as one of the best administrators in the country because of personalized education over the past few years, especially since he took the helm in 2013 as the president and chief executive officer.

Many schools across the United States are spread in all fifty states. There are more grade schools in our country than most could imagine. With millions of locations around the United States of America, the fact that Rocketship Education has eighteen facilities is not shared by other competitors, making it one of the most valuable educational institution networks in today’s world of commerce.

Preston Smith has been with the company for more than ten years, and let an article out a few months ago that told others about what things Mr. Smith had learned over the previous decade.

Parents are optimal resources for most schools. They typically don’t mind helping, either, leaving Rocketship’s teachers learning on them for responses to feedback requests every week to help teachers improve their lessons in the future. Rocketship Education is truly one of the best schools in today’s world, without a doubt.