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Christanna Bevin provides outstanding Project Management Services with an extraordinary amount of professionalism. She is an elite business woman within her industry.


As a highly-respected Project Services Manager in Sydney, Australia; Christanna over-delivers in all aspects of her field. She has an extensive and impressive background with project controls, procurement, contractual agreements and administrative management. Her skills demonstrate the type of knowledge which under-score the effectiveness required for the roles within project management and the importance of her dedication to bring successful results to projects.


Christanna is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) where she has received her profound level of understanding of project management services and for what is expected within the industry.


PMI is the primary organization for determining project management professionalism. It is much respected and establishes the standards for the project management industry. Christanna is also a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management.


Project Management Services is a very complex and time-consuming undertaking. It requires a person that understands how to commit themselves to the tasks necessary within all phases of the current project. From the initiating stage through the execution there needs to be a constant flow of communication and follow-up to bring the projects to a successful close. Christanna shows her commitment to project management services by giving what can only be described as purely-personal dedication. She is extremely results driven. Throughout her career, she has exceeded the expectations of clients by continuing to perform above and beyond her role. She is energetic, flexible and takes her role personal.

Christanna Bevin is passionate about delivering the type of work ethic needed to perform her duties as a Project Services Manager. She has outstanding abilities with problem-solving and effective-communication; the type of skills which are paramount when integrating resources in all phases of project management. Her skills as an effective communicator are an enormous asset to the stakeholders she represents.


With project management services experience for over a decade, Christanna knows the industry extremely-well and it’s very evident within the extraordinary work she delivers for her clients.