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Securus Technologies was established to provide inmate telecommunication services to prisons in the country, but today the company has diversified their products and services. The company also provided inmate education, healthcare, and media services after being in the industry for quite a while making them one of the top experts in the industry. In the last five years alone, the company has already invested $670 million in new technology, patents for their unique products, and partnerships with other companies.


According to the CEO and the Chairman of the Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, the company conducts a thorough market research before developing any product. Since the company is in direct contact with the inmates, prison officers and the families of the inmates, it gets first-hand inputs from them allowing them to create an effective product that is quickly adopted by their clients. Even though one can find a lot of information in front of them, it is essential to identify them to create services that will be useful for the prison officials, the law enforcement agencies, and the inmates.


My brother was in prison for a few months for a petty crime, and I was his only caregiver. I used the services of Securus Technologies and was impressed from the first day itself. Compared to other companies, they offered low calling rates that allowed me to be in constant touch with my brother. Another great thing about their services was their video visitation services. While at first, I thought that it would not be as real as meeting my brother in prison, but my opinion quickly changed when I tried it for the first time. I did not miss my work to see him and enjoyed quality time with him with feeling rushed, and it was possible only because of Securus Technologies.

It is highly recommended for you to utilize Securus Technologies to communicate with an inmate. It is a form of communication that is allowing inmate and visitors to communicate with one another via means of video chatting in which the visitor is not required to leave their home if that’s what they prefer. It is a great form of communication that is allowing people to keep in touch with one another without the hassles of appointment scheduling through the correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies is not only benefiting inmates and their visitors, but also entire communities, as law enforcement officials and the courts are capable of utilizing any of the conversations that are conducted within the communications lines of Securus Technologies for investigative purposes should it be necessary. Although many people are not aware of it, a lot of crimes are occurring in correctional facilities today. Due to such an unfortunate reality, the crimes are often spreading out into communities. By incorporating the Securus Technologies communications system into the communicative systems of a correctional facility, crimes can potentially be stopped. Inmates and visitors are always encouraged to avoid speaking about matters of crime over the communications lines of Securus Technologies. Aside from law enforcement officials and the courts, the only people who will have access to the conversations are the inmates and visitors themselves. Customer service representatives are available to guide each and every user along the way. It is an easy to use program, one that has its own website that is easy to navigate within. If you would like to utilize it for your needs of communications, please feel free to go to the website to see how you can begin. An inmate may be needing some solace today, why not reach out to them? You may be the one to make their day!


Prison communications leader, Securus Technologies, has scored a coveted final spot in the Stevie Awards of 2017. These prestigious awards are given to a tiny number of select companies that have demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile and deliver exemplary customer service and outstanding products. For Securus, this marks a waypoint on a long journey from beleaguered scapegoat of the prison industry to technological leader and driver of markets. This Phoenix-like rise from the ashes is anticipated to carry Securus ever skyward in 2017.



Video visitation uses high-tech, proprietary software and infrastructure


Securus has received many misguided questions regarding its video visitation systems, its most popular product. Especially among inmates, there is a misconception that, despite industry-shattering low costs, the service should be offered for free because it is no more than another version of Skype. Such views could not be further from reality.


Securus’ video visitation systems are built on a completely proprietary framework from the hardware level all the way to the user interface. What’s more, Securus owns the entire infrastructure on which the system operates, including the internet backbone and the data center. This allows maximum control and complete security. In a prison environment that is more dangerous than ever, Securus maintains total control over all communications and actively monitors for illicit activities.


But it doesn’t stop there. Securus deploys a suite of biometric-based artificial intelligence solutions designed to detect any unauthorized parties who may be attempting to communicate on any of its systems. This means that, once identified, gang leaders, members or even problematic civilians can be permanently banned from ever communicating with any inmates at the institution where the system is installed. This has dramatically reduced illegal communications and the opportunity for incarcerated gang members to perpetrate ongoing criminal activity while behind bars.