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I would like to draw everyone’s attention to an interesting find from the Daily Herald. I was investigating dog foods for my niece. She just got her first puppy, and I helped her pick the dog out, so I wanted to help her find the best pet food. We didn’t know what to pick when we went to the pet store, and the sales people there didn’t help out much, so I decided to scour the web for some input.

Interesting Article On Premium Dog Foods

My niece and I were just looking over the article together. It talks about what ingredients are used in the high quality dog foods. I’m glad we chose to go with Beneful for her puppy. We bought the Beneful Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food, and it is made with real chicken. The article talks about how these premium companies are doing everything they can to keep up with consumer demands. Purina makes the Beneful food. Purina also launched a website to help customers fulfill their dog’s dietary needs. Customers can actually select exactly what they want to see go into their dog’s food.

Buying The Best Foods For The Best Dog!

My recommendation is to buy Beneful on Amazon. This is based on my research and what I have heard from some other pet owners. We all like the way it looks like there are real pieces of chicken, beef or other ingredients in it. Do you know how they get it to look that way? They actually add those real ingredients to the recipe, of course! Can you believe it? How lucky are we to live in a world where our dogs get to eat like kings? I’ll have what my dog is having please! I’m only playing, of course, but the Chopped Blends do look delicious enough to believe they are people foods. You can go here to check out the original article for yourself. It is well worth reading because it gives an in-depth interview with more than one of the manufacturers of well known premium dog food companies.