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End Citizens United aspires to publicize the group’s agenda in 2016. The group is a new Political Action Committee (PAC) that is dedicated to reform the campaign finance system. It further plans to channel tens of millions of dollars to Democratic candidates who are running in Senate races and Competitive Houses. The inauguration of End Citizens United happened in August 2015. The group has collected over$2 million from small donors. Furthermore, it aims to collect between $25 million and $30 million for the entire campaign.


The Goal of End Citizen United


The primary goal of End Citizens United comprises passing a constitutional amendment that reverses the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United. The decision strengthened super PACs and unleashed dark money in politics. So far, over 325, 000 people have signed the group’s petition, which demands the Congress to pass the law. Moreover, the number is expected to increase. This is after the group collaborated with “Ready for Hillary” movement. Additionally, the group declared that it had supported 11 Democratic candidates.


The Campaign of End Citizen United


Richard Carbo, the communications director, cited that End Citizens United was unique. This is because the group allowed the election of people who could modify the existing laws. Thus, it meant supporting candidates who were for the campaign finance reform; backing up candidates who were against Citizen United; and supporting those candidates who were under attack by the Koch brothers.


Earlier 2017, End Citizens United plans to set up an independent expenditure structure that will financially support the candidates through programs such as poling and television ads. The campaign finance professionals are doubtful of passing the constitutional amendments. This is because of the constitutional amendments must win consent from two-thirds of the House and the Senate.


John Wonderlich from the Sunlight Foundation cited that a constitutional amendment is a challenging to pass. Furthermore, since 1992, America has not passed any constitutional amendment. Rick Hasen who is an expert in campaign finance regulation mentioned that $100 million would not be sufficient to pass the constitutional amendment unless the Supreme Court Justice underwent change. However, Hasen argued that End Citizens United served a purpose of informing the public about the court’s decision.


Republican leadership in Congress is against overturning the Supreme Court decision. Thus, End Citizens United is not supportive of the Republicans. So far, the group has received 136,000 donations as well as grassroots support that average to $14.86.


End Citizens United


End Citizens United is a reputable Political Action Committee (PAC) funded by grassroots donors. It was established in March 2015. The group is committed to avert effects of Citizens United and reform its campaign finance system. The group’s mission is to fight against dark money in politics and reverse the rigged political system by electing candidates who support the campaign finance reform.


In 2004, George Soros pulled out all stops in an effort to prevent the re-election of George Bush. Soros’ inability to oust George Bush left him profoundly discouraged, and after the 2004 election season he withdrew into political semi-retirement. After that, Soros concentrated his funding on international foundations he established to defend human rights around the world.

In the 2008 election cycle, George Soros backed Obama against Hillary Clinton and was said by insiders to deeply regret that decision. Again, the billionaire cut back on his contributions and went into a political hiatus. Attention America, George Soros is big time back!

The design of George Soros’ donations in 2016 closely mimics that of 2004, with Soros targeting certain heartfelt issues for the majority of funding. In 2004, Soros’ enthusiastic opposition to the Iraqi war and to George W. Bush left him open to right wing attacks calling him a communist and a self-hating Jew. During the 2016 election cycle on Snopes, Soros threw his whole-hearted support behind Clinton against Donald Trump. In fact, he spent more than $25 million supporting liberal issues and candidates.

The 85-year old New Yorker grew up during the war years in In spite of the surprise election of Trump, Soros has vowed to remain a powerful proactive political force well into the future. Soros’ faith in Clinton and dread of Donald Trump have left Soros more politically connected than he has been in years. The exceptional high political stakes of the 2016 presidential election have energized Soros as never before.

During the 2016 election, Soros intensified the cash flow to help Clinton beat Trump. As a bellwether funder, once Soros commits to a cause other wealthy funders rise to the occasion. This allowed Clinton to build a massive war chest. The issues on Soros holds dear including immigration reform, reform of the criminal justice system and support of religious tolerance are the same issues on which he is opposed by the Republicans. Despite the election of Trump, liberals are preparing all-out battle as the opposition force into the future and Soros has pledged to remain a devoted part of the liberal organization.

Most of all, the Soros disciples studied what went wrong in the 2016 election pointed out that Clinton won the popular vote by almost three million. They determined that the main issue involved getting more Democrats to the polls in key precincts on

At mid-year, the largest donations from Soros were to Priorities USA Action, a super PAC backing Clinton. Another $5 million were dedicated a nonprofit opposing Republican efforts to restrict voting.

In addition, George Soros has completely rededicated himself to fighting for issues he holds dear.

George Soros has of late been very vocal on controversial issues that touch on human rights and the economic situation of the world. He has shown great concern over the Ukrainian crisis and the effects of this crisis on Europe. George Soros points out an accusing finger to Russia for the woes facing Ukraine. For some time now, Russia has been working against the straight motives of the European Union. He says that this country under the governance of President Vladimir Putin has been committing lots of international crimes by infringing on the sovereignty of different world nations. George Soros says that Angela Merkel on, the German Chancellor and the Chair lady of the European Union should act fast to find a lasting solution that will contain Russia’s activities. George Soros adds that Angela Merkel should also put plans in place that will resolve the Ukraine crisis as fast as possible.

Russia recently named George Soros and his two human rights activist groups operating in the country enemies of the state. It went ahead to ban George Soros and the two human rights groups supported by George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation from operating in the country. Ever since George Soros topped the business world, has been fighting for governments across the world – majorly Russia – to respect human rights and follow principles of democracy. George Soros has sourced billions to fund human rights and democracy movements in hostile countries across the world. George Soros has also stood firm on international platforms and condemned bad leadership and governments without any fear. George Soros said that having experienced the agony and suffering in Hungary during the aftermath of the second world war, he understands the importance of democratic governance that is considerate of human rights.

At a Sri Lankan economic forum on, George Soros critically analyzed the Chinese economic transition. As a speaker at the forum, George Soros spend most of his time on stage talking of the similarities between the 2008 and the Chinese economic transition crises. He says that both crises are disrupting markets on a global scale. Furthermore, George Soros States that the current changes being undertaken on the economic strategy of China are economically deadly as the 2008 crisis in its effects. The new consumption and services based economic model preferred by China has so far lead to the devaluation of the country’s yuan. Third world countries are in the midst of badly rising interest rates as a result of this devaluation. In Asia, the yuan devaluation has created numerous market anomalies in the stock and equity industry that have led to a $2.5 trillion loss. This is beside the leading to a business halt in most stock markets in this region within the first week of the year.


Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?

One of the directors of the Open Source Foundations stops the rumor that is being pushed by mainstream and conspiracy theorists that Soros is behind the movement. As the Black lives matter begins, it interrupts the speeches of Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders over the past month. Right wing blogs, social media voices, and many general interest sites are all pointing to the conspiracy that surrounds the funding of the Black lives matter. They all say to George Soros and an amount that is stated at $33 million dollars in funding.

An American philosopher by the name Thomas Lifson writes this week that this foundation Black lives Mater was founded by the great George Soros and is a movement that will pose significant problems to the Democrats. These rumors are going mainstream in social media as well as making way into the FoxNews powerhouse hosted by O’Rilley in July.

The big question O’Rilley asks is that who is funding this movement. He seems to know the one bankrolling this campaign and says that it is our great pal George Soros who is giving vast sums of money to the affiliates of thus movement. A particular amount of money as well as funding the entertainers Beyonce and Jay-Z.

The movement #BlacklivesMatter is an organization that was initiated by three George Soros workers at open source foundation that are into a rolling up activists. These three ladies have been funded by Soros to support the movement with a specific amount of money $33 million dollars. O’Rilley wonders how Soros can fund an organization of agitators with that enormous sum of money.

But a director at the foundations of Soros was at the forefront to deny those claims. He says that the three ladies working at Soros foundations were not involved as the activists that rallied hugely on Twitter in response to the death of a young and unarmed black boy and the release of his killer. The three ladies only came up to bring attention to the death of the young American. This information can be found at The Daily Beast.

George Soros fled to England in 1947 from Hungary. He studied at a local economics school in Egland and graduated in 1952. He obtained credit and found a job at a local London investment bank. He migrated to the US in 1956 and held an analyst and investment manager positions at New York Firms. In 1973, Soros went on his own and founded the well-respected Soros Hedge Fund. This information can be found in Investopedia.