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Technology continues to charge forward and create new opportunities for us. Most technologies have focused on creating new things for us to do on our smartphones. One of the latest and greatest when it comes to the smartphone technologies, picture searching is where it is at.

Slyce is the technology that has created the ability to take a picture of something and get an instant visual search result. The way it work is pretty simple and makes it possible for consumers to get the information that they require in a timely manner.

The short and simple of this technology is this. You take a picture of an item that catches your interest. That image is then run through search engines to try to determine more information about the company. This can be helpful because there is some chance that there is more information that you need to know about the product. This could help consumers to make more informed choices even while they are currently out at the stores looking at the things that they may want to purchase.

Consumers often make an instant purchase when they see an item and find more information about it. The mobile retailers are indeed loving the development of this technology. For them, it is a cash cow to have customers able to find their products while they are out and about in the world.

Many of the biggest retailers online have already integrated this technology right into their existing apps. This means that those who have done so are able to connect the pictures of items taken by consumers into search results that pop up on that consumer’s phone. If the consumer wants to make a purchase, he or she simply goes to the app that is already installed on their phone.

Mobile commerce is growing a lot faster than what most think. It stood at 15% of all purchases made in 2013. In 2014 that number had already reached 18%. There is more room to grow in a lot of ways, but it has already shown that it has a lot of momentum. Most expect that mobile commerce will continue to eat up a large portion of the dollars being spent. This is great news for the companies that do a lot of business online. They want to see people spending more money on their platforms, and those are the results they are currently getting.

Everyone benefits from this new technology. It is something that has revolutionized the way that customers gather information and the way in which they are able to make choices as well. Many are surprised by how much they may have been missing out by not having information about their purchases at their fingertips. Now that can change with the use of Slyce.

If you knew there was a chance your cell phone caused cancerous brain tumors, would you stop using it? The on-going debate about the risk of radiation exposure from excessive cell phone use leaves many of us confused.

Are cell phones hazardous to our health? It depends on who you believe. The folks who run the PurinaStore selling Beneful dog food are concerned.

Recently, a new “Right to Know” ordinance was passed in Berkeley, California that limits cell phone merchandising, without an accompanying warning about exposure to radiation.

Other states have unsuccessfully tried to pass “Right to Know” legislation, but conflicting evidence makes it difficult to uphold.

According to a 2010 study, researchers at Interphone found regular cell phone users were not at risk for brain tumors, however, excessive cell phone users were at risk for glioma tumors, and that data was ruled inconclusive in the end.

Then, in 2011, mobile phone use was labeled a carcinogenic hazard by the World Health Organization (WHO), yet this information is usually doubted and ignored.

The FCC also has guidelines that limit the amount of RF energy emitted from wireless devices. They also summarize distances at which electronic devices should be held away, to protect from excessive exposure to radiofrequency energy.


Next time you need to upgrade your Sprint phone, you can have a company representative come to your home instead of making the trip out to the mall to get a new device. The company launched a new “Direct 2 You” program Monday that sends a company rep to your house where he or she can set up the new device of your choosing for you at your kitchen table.

The reason behind the program in simple: Sprint thinks that customers are a little hesitant to order phones online because they’re afraid of setting up the hardware on their own once it arrives. Folks at Anastasia Date have found that, through the Direct 2 You program, the company hopes to quell that issues, making it so you can order the phone you want on the web, but still get the same experience you might expect if you’d come into the store to make the purchase instead.

Sending a rep to your door obviously take a bit more effort than having that same rep assist you at the store. That said, Sprint is currently in the number four spot when it comes to carriers in the US.