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A disturbing trend has been noted by Jewish advocacy groups concerning rising anti-semetism at Universities worldwide. Several instances of discrimination, hostility, and persecution have been reported by people of Jewish decent attending institutions of higher learning. In a US study from information gathered in years 2015 through 2017, Jewish students from four prominent American Universities reported dissident opinions towards Israel and open tolerance for anti-semetic views. At the prestigious ivy league college, Stanford, there has been an open discussion against Israel, with established movements like Boycott, Divest, and Sanction, or BDS, demonizing Israel and it’s supporters for their perceived oppression of Palestine. Many have argued that the BDS movement has increased racism against Jewish students. At Drexel University, a young man found a swastika and the word ‘Jew’ placed near his Israeli flag using duct tape and reported it to campus police. In fall of 2015, a Illinois student awoke to a black swastika spray painted outside her dorm window. Jewish advocate, Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein had this to say about the incident, “Its very sad when you realize hatred still exists”.

Reports of Jewish harassment, vandalism, and assault have poured in from all parts of the world. In 2017, the Community Security Trust organization, reviewed over 700 cases of anti-semetic incidents in the UK. For the 1st six months of 2017, the CST reported the highest number of anti-semetic cases since they began keeping record in 1984. The incidents range from violent assault to harassment via modern conventions like social media.

Some students have not found the openness of social media to be a tool against their oppression. After finding an offensive anti-semetic sticker, Izzy Lenga, a UK academic on the cusp of graduating, posted the image on social media. It was at this time, that Izzy learned how the unfiltered and uncensored style of the internet allows anti-semetism to fester with no regard for it’s victims. Within 24 hours of her posting, Izzy received over 2000 messages of hate and dissent, including messages from anti-Israel groups like National Action.

Adam Milstein, author, philanthropist, is an Israeli born entrepreneur who shares both his business and activism with his wife, Gila Milstein. Adam Milstein has a foundation dedicated to support of Israel, called the Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein foundation. Adam Milstein is also chairman of the board for the Israeli American Council.

In recent years, many different viewpoints have come to the forefront regarding opposing viewpoints on various issues. This has been especially common with anti-Semitic groups, who have held numerous demonstrations against Israel and those of Jewish heritage. To combat these radical ideas, philanthropist and author Adam Milstein has chosen to use his talents as a writer to regularly contribute interesting and thought-provoking articles to the Jewish News Syndicate. By doing so, Adam is able to get his message of tolerance and compassion across to a vast audience, all the while being able to also focus on his philanthropic and business interests.

Knowing that it takes far more than written words to get positive results, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila chose to create an organization that would not only spread a positive message to Jewish families, but also offer numerous means of financial and other assistance. The result of their efforts has been the Milstein Family Foundation, which over the years has helped Jewish families in the United States, Israel, and other nations with financial difficulties as well as other issues. Helping regularly with relief efforts and other endeavors, Adam and Gila’s foundation focuses heavily on education. In this regard, the foundation sends families large amounts of books each month, all of which are written in Hebrew and explain many little-known aspects of Jewish heritage. By embarking on this cause, Adam and Gila’s foundation helps families learn about their heritage, while also learning Hebrew.

Having established himself as a leading businessman within the Jewish community, Adam Milstein feels it is very important for him to be a positive role model for those who share his beliefs and values. One way he has chosen to do so is by using his real estate development business to help local communities obtain properties for Jewish schools, worship centers, community centers, and other organizations that can help build confidence and self-esteem. Based on these and other actions, it’s clear Adam Milstein will use his forum at JNS as well as his business and philanthropic ventures to keep the traditions of the Jewish faith alive.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists

James Dondero is the co-founder and the main reason behind Highland Capital Management’s success. A businessman and entrepreneur, James Dondero has an excellent understanding of financials and all that goes into making a company have a good financial backing. Based in Texas, the company is dedicated to offering their customers the best service when it comes to their monetary needs. James Dondero has an incredibly extensive list of clientele, ranging from business owners to individual homemakers. He takes special care to ensure that all his client’s needs are adequately met, in accordance to that they want and need.


James Dondero has an incredibly brilliant mind when it comes to financials, and tries his best to ensure that all the financial workings of the company are in the right place. He is known to be someone who can properly formulate a plan of action that can help in almost any and every financial situation, no matter what the issue at hand is, that the company is dealing with. His incredible experience of working with numerous clients is what has got James Dondero to the position he is in today, and which continues to contribute to Highland Capital Management’s success.


James Dondero has been working in the field of over thirty years. Throughout these years, James Dondero has won numerous awards for his incredible work for the company and in the field of finance. He is known as someone who can help any business grow and expand in the right direction. James Dondero was even known for his contribution to the previous companies that he has worked at. James Dondero worked with Protective Life, during which he took the company and transformed it into one which was worth over two billion dollars.


James Dondero also believes in using his fortune to help the community around him and make them a better place to live in. James Dondero is known to be an extremely significant charitable donor who regularly works with charities and donates to them. James has always viewed education to be one of the biggest contributors to a better society and therefore regularly provides scholarships to students who do well in their academics.