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Protecting the forests of the world is an admirable effort, and one that Ara Chackerian has dedicated his life to through forestry work. The forests of the world provide so much to society and culture, and Chackerian is enthusiastic about helping people discover how the forest and the unique ecosystems within them fit into their lives. Through different programs and types of outreach, people can learn how to both protect, conserve, and incorporate the wilderness of the forest and all that it provides into their daily lives in order to ensure the health of forests all over the world.




Based on patch, a huge portion of the work that Ara Chackerian does is dedicated to managing the forests and the ways in which humans have an impact on them and the resources that can be found within them. Surveying and protecting wildlife, trees, and flora is essential to the health of a forest. Trees are curated through the efforts of qualified individuals, and public outreach is used to ensure that these efforts don’t end but continue to be used and taught for generations.


In his professional life Ara is not only an enthusiastic philanthropist and environmental advocate, but an entrepreneur and healthcare professional. In his role in business, Chackerian has served as board member to various companies and business related endeavors, and served in seeing philanthropic projects through to completion. As an angel investor, he has helped bring about change in the healthcare field through funding projects and types of research that was needed, but underserved. Even though he is able to make huge strides in the healthcare sector, Chackerian is most dedicated to creating a legacy that not only helps students and families today, but changes communities for the generations yet to come by lifting youth up through work in the non-profit sector. You can visit for more details.




It can sometimes be hard for people in the United States to get the rights that they are entitled to. This is because of all of the political unrest in the country and George Soros knows a lot about it. He has always tried to guarantee that he can help people get the options that they need. He also knows that things will get better when he is able to donate more money. All of these things have changed the way that politics work and it has helped him to try different things for the people who he works with. Now that he is back on the scene, George Soros knows that he can continue to help people with the issues that they are having. He is going to become popular again, use his past help and give people the support that they need to improve their lives. Learn more about his profile at

The first part of George Soros’s plan is to guarantee that he can become as popular as possible. He is going to always make himself look good with the things that he is doing and that is something that has allowed him the chance to do as much as what he has already done. By helping people out, he is putting himself in a position where he is able to help people and show them what they can do too if they take his help. He tries his best to show people all of the options that they have for successful situations.

Since George Soros has been helping people for years, he is going to use his past help to make that possible according to The Washington Times. It is something that he knows a lot about and something that he tries to make better in his own political opportunities. He even helped out with things like Ferguson so that people could protest in a way that made sense to them. He tried his best to give an example to everyone of what they could get out of the protest process and that they would be able to improve their chances of a positive life if they continued doing all of these things. Read more at The New York Times about George.

To support people, George Soros is offering money to them. He did this during the Clinton campaign to help her cause and to make things easier on her. He has tried for years to guarantee that he can give help to people so that they are able to enjoy all of the things in their lives because of his money. He is worth billions of dollars and has a lot to give away. People can take advantage of the money that he has and they can use it to make growth for themselves no matter what.

There are a number of technology staffing firms that work with companies looking to hire professionals in the tech industry. However, one of the top firms is Diversant. For over two decades, Diversant has provided expert guidance for companies looking to hire top talent in the technology industry. With its core values of diversity, discipline and teamwork, the firm looks to make sure that all of the needs of its clients are always met. Diversant provides assistance to companies in a variety of different industries that are looking for tech professionals. With the help form Diversant, a number of client companies have been able to get the personnel they need in order to run their technology departments more efficiently.

Like all other organizations, Diversant has its own leadership that provides its overall direction. The individual who currently heads Diversant is John Goullet. He is among the top executives in the technology industry. With his years of experience, he has been able to amass a considerable amount of knowledge of what companies need in terms of technology personnel. Goullet is also very aware of what companies need in terms of the latest software too. As a result, John routinely evaluates the clients and their needs for technology staffing. He then urges his staff to look for the best technology workers around. John also encourages his staff to use the core values of discipline and teamwork in order to reach the goals of both Diversant and the client companies it serves.

Before John became the principal of Diversant, he ran his own staffing firm in the technology industry. The firm was a success and he would eventually merge it with Diversant. Goullet started his own staffing firm after noticing a demand for technology professionals with specialized skills. By the middle of the 1990’s, Goullet saw an opportunity to meet a growing demand. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Goullet worked for a number of computing companies for many years. He worked as a consultant in which he would help the computing companies by advising them on what hardware and software to use on a regular basis.


Dick Devos, philanthropist, president of Amway, and former owner of the Orlando Magic, is known for his involvement in community and education causes throughout Western Michigan. His foundation supports religious schools, arts festivals, community groups and churches as well. Devos is also an amateur pilot with an interest in aviation. As such, he supports the Western Michigan Aviation Academy.

The Western Michigan Aviation Academy works with High School Students to teach them about flying, engineering and other aspects of flight. The students can work towards their college degree while attenting the school. The Western Michigan Aviation Academy entered into an articulation agreement with Northwestern Michigan College in 2014.

Students who go through the Western Michigan Aviation Academy and then register with Northwestern Michigan College receive eight credits towards their degree. After earning an associate’s degree from NMC, they can transfer their credits to earn a bachelor’s degree in business with a focus on aviation.
WMAA does more than just focus on aviation. Any student who is interested in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields can enroll. Dick DeVos Academy provides them with an enrichment opportunity.

The academy started in 2012, and its first graduates left the academy in 2014. It can hold approximately 412 students at any given time, and the articulation agreement helps students coming out of high school decrease the amount of time they need to spend in college.

Dick DeVos continues his community involvement throughout Western Michigan and serves on the boards of many local governments. Dick once ran for governor of Michigan, although is campaign bid was not successful. He continues to serve as president of Amway, a home-marketing company that offers supplements and health products to people around the world.