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Bruce Levenson is a law graduate of American University and Washington University. He is 66 years old American business mogul. He is married to Karen Boyarsky Levenson, and they have three children. Levenson has an extensive business career in sports and it industries. Born Washington dc, Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland from where he later attended college at the American University. It is while attending the school of law in the university that he started his journalism career at Washington star.

In 1977 together with his friend co-founded the united communications group in Gaithersburg Maryland. The company initially operated in Levenson apartment and first published newsletters. The first newsletter was the oil express and mainly focused on the petroleum industry. Later the company acquired other newsletters and invested in databases that provided oil information. UCG group is a private firm specializing in data, news and healthcare analysis. It also offers service in mortgage banking telecommunications and technology. The firm is the parent company of Gas Buddy. Its mobile phone application that helps drivers quickly locates local low gas prices. Mr. Levenson serves as the board member of tech target. The company grew and developed under UCG. Until 2012, Mr. Levenson served as the company serving as the director from 1999. In his progressive career development, Mr. Levenson served as the adviser for BIA. BIA is a privately owned equity firm. He also served in the newsletter and electronic publishers association as a board of director member. Mr. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz got induced in software and information industry hall of fame in 1997.

In 2004, Levenson and Peskowitz bought Atlanta Hawks from tuner broadcasting. They are the majority shareholders in the company initially known as Atlanta Spirits LLC. Atlanta Hawk is a professional basketball team national basketball league. Originally, Atlanta Thrashers were included in the purchase. The group sold the Thrashers to the national hockey league in 2011. Mr. Levenson is the group managing partner. He also serves as the member of NBA board of governors representing the Hawks team.

Philanthropically, Levenson is a very active participant. In Several organizations like community foundation of Washington D.C and hoop dreams Foundation, he is an active member. He is a former president of I have a dream foundation of Washington chapter. The organization is at the forefront in helping; low-income children pursue their education career, the holocaust museum of us was founded by Levenson. Her mother in law inspired him to form the museum after surviving a holocaust disaster. The museum teaches inner city students Holocaust lessons. Besides it also trains them in being the museum’s tour guides. There are several Jewish causes Levenson supports. The Israel Birthright and Jewish Federations are such examples. Others include the Jewish youth philanthropy institute and BBYO which is a youth movement for Jewish American young men. Mr. Levenson and his wife spearheaded the 2010 philanthropy and nonprofit center. The center is at the University of Maryland. It helps provide seed funds for universities that teach students in running nonprofit organizations.