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Many people search for a dog food that they can afford, yet is good for their dogs. This can be a very arduous task, for there are countless different brands on the market and conflicting things are said about every brand out there. From the cheapest and most readily available dog food to the most obscure and expensive brands, there are always negative things said about dog food companies or the ingredients that they use. However, it is truly not a difficult task to find food that dogs like and is good for them. Purina is a brand that has been around for an exceptionally long time- and they would not still be in business if their products were inferior.

Purina’s Beneful dog food is available in most grocery stores and at prices that anyone can afford. There is a recipe for every age and size of dog, ranging from puppy to senior. Beneful is available in both dry and canned varieties, which ensures that there is something that even the pickiest dog will enjoy. As dogs are prone to food allergies, Beneful offers a wide variety of meat as the protein source in their recipes; they offer chicken, turkey, lamb or beef; and they include vegetables such as carrots and spinach in both their canned and dry foods. It is extremely important for there to be vegetables and fruits in the food that a dog eat; as, contrary to popular belief, dogs are not obligate carnivores.

These treats use real meat and oftentimes include cheese in their recipes- and every dog owner knows that dogs like cheese. Having treats and food from the same brand ensures that a dog will not turn their head up when they are offered something new and they will not end up with an upset stomach when they are offered something to try, because they are already accustomed to Beneful.

Because there are many people who cannot afford excessively pricey dog food and treats, Beneful makes sure to keep their prices at a range that any dog owner can afford, even if they are on a very small, fixed income. They do use the best ingredients available and adhere to strict guidelines on food preparation; Beneful strives to keep their prices low, even when the economy is unstable.