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Ecigs are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Many smokers consider switching over from regular cigarettes to ecigs, but this switch can be confusing with all of the different products out there. Anyone who is paying even the slightest amount of attention has probably seen people using a multitude of different ecig devices. The question is of course, which ecigs are the best.

Smokers switch to ecigs for a variety of reasons, but there are a few that consistently appear. One of the main reasons is that ecigs use fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes and many users are attracted to this fact. Ecigs are less messy as they don’t create ashes and they don’t leave the user and their clothes smelling like cigarette smoke. On top of these great reasons, a huge motivating factor that leads many to switch over the ecigs is the fact that the cost is greatly reduced. People soon realize that using an ecig will usually cut their smoking costs in half and often times more.

Recently, the ecig industry has been revolutionized with the advent of box mods. These mods are ecig vaporizers that have a much greater battery capacity and therefore last for the user much longer between chargings than standard vapor pens. The reference to a box is simply due to the fact that box mods tend to be larger than pen style ecigs and they have a box shape to them. Box mods are much more customizable than standard vapor pens as well which is another aspect that is making them increasingly popular in today’s ecig market. When a person chooses to go with a box mod for their ecig needs, they get the benefit of being able to customize the vaporizors tank as well as having superior temperature control. For these reasons, along with superior battery life, more and more discerning ecig users are switching to box mods. Box mods also provide an outstanding flavor that users of ecigs have come to love.

If a person is looking to switch over from cigarettes to ecigs or they are just looking to upgrade from a pen style vaporizer and enjoy the benefits of a box mod, O2Pur has what the consumer needs. O2Pur is a leader in the ecig industry and a leader in the box mod revolution. O2Pur offers some of the finest box mods available on the market today as well as offering them bundled in convenient starter kits which are perfect for those who are new to ecigs and want to get everything they need to get started in one go. From the 220W TC to the 40W and 02Pur’s outstanding line of top quality e-liquids, the company has everything a person who is new to the ecig vaping game will ever need.