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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or “Duda” as he prefers to be called is an entrepreneur in Brazilian media. As CEO, he runs both e.Bricks Digital and RBS Group. RBS Group has been a major player in the market for many years and counting. Primarily focusing on radio and newspaper as the medium, the company recently expanded into digital media with e. Bricks being the vehicle. According to Acaert, the digital media startups in Brazil also received a new opportunity through this company as e.Bricks Digital provided venture capital and private equity opportunities. These hand-picked companies had to already be well established and profitable to qualify. Over 300 million has been invested thus far. Startup companies with exceptional outlooks also have an opportunity with the company, however, the primary focus remains on established entities.

In an article on Globo, Duda Melzer worked hard for the success he enjoys. Being a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and Harvard University; Duda Melzer has been well groomed for success. His concentration(s) as both an undergraduate and graduate student were in business. He’s also continued his education at the post graduate level to keep on top of his game. He’s received many accolades over the years being named “top entrepreneur” is something he’s become accustomed to hearing. Not only does Duda Melzer run more than one successful company, he incorporates his family to be a part of the business as well. His role at RBS Group was a third generation succession, with the top of the chain being his grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho.

Duda’s grandfather not only started RBS Group and RBS TV, he started a charitable organization that has run for well over thirty-five years. In his honor, the group petitions government and the general public to raise awareness for social issues affecting youngsters in Brazil. The group has run many successful campaigns over the years. Not only does Duda succeed in his family and business life, he takes care of others in the community as well, making him a truly noteworthy business leader.