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Eli Gershkovitch is one of the most successful businesspersons in Canada. He is not just an ordinary entrepreneur, but he doubles up as a lawyer and a pilot. Eli is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Steamworks, a brewing company. His desire to control his life was steering wheel he needed in order to build his own empire. Currently, the company is among the best brewing companies in the country, it controls a huge market proportion in this industry. Eli is a casual folk whose love for freedom makes him approachable.

His passion for craft beer began back in the year 1987 when Eli went for a European tour shortly after graduating from the University of Toronto. Having graduated from the law school, he helped numerous clients with licensing issues, particularly in the brewery industry, something that gave him vast knowledge of licensing procedures in this industry. Blazing a path that most individuals considered absurd did not deter Eli from doing what he believed in, he continued to implement his idea, which has paid off greatly. Determination as well as desire to control his life is what drove Eli to build a large empire in the brewing industry. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

The brewing industry in Canada is characterized by high levels of competition as almost every year a microbrewery is found. This means that for one to be successful in this industry, they must offer something unique. Eli is doing this, and his innovativeness continues to be the source of an edge in this competitive industry.  He competes on three major basis: quantity, price and quality. Read this article at

To Eli Gershkovitch, the company is not just a mere beer business; it is his spring of freedom. When he started the company, Eli Gershkovitch wanted to be free and be in control of his destiny; this is why he did not need shareholders, he uses his profit to expand his business.