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Bismark is a recognized leader promptly informed about his roles when dealing in business. He is not that kind of businessman that will let other people perform all the duties while watching or supervising them, but normally tackle the work himself. Bismark knows what is supposed to be done to get business up and operational. He is the director of QI Limited, a company he co-founded. We can learn quite a lot from Bismark’s way of running business.
Bismark stand by the philosophy that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary thing”. Together with other directors, they have managed to expand QI Group, a multi-level marketing company with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. The company has ventured into organic foods, which clearly defines the importance of health and welfare of people as the top priority.
As a person who embraces healthy living, Joseph Bismark is responsible for the company’s plans to venture into this field. QI Ltd acquired another company Down to Earth located in Hawaii in the year 2007 with the aim of improving the health of Hawaiians by accessing organic and wholesome food. We have seen Bismark linking his spirituality and marketing, something many people have not managed to do.
As we are aware, Bismark is not a stranger to success and he has done it over and over again. His spiritual manifest has enabled him to climb the corporate ladder swiftly to the top. With several years of experience and successful business, has managed to push the company to new heights using his profitable ideas and wisdom.
Bismark has continued to spread the message of how business is affected by spirituality through his books, speeches and social media profiles like facebook and twiter. We can understand that success is not entirely based on materials and as such people are turning towards his direction to get more positive light. It is obvious we can be successful without using other people to get higher, and the business industry will be calm and not induced by anxiety. As we apply Bismark’s tactics, we’ll be able to grow as our businesses grow.


The information on this article was found on WordPress blog Citizen Shame.