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Whitney Wolfe is only 26 years old, but she has already created one of the largest dating apps in America. After deciding to leave Tinder over sexual harassment, she decided she wanted to create her own dating app. Bumble, the name of that dating app, is changing minds everywhere with its unique approach to online dating and giving a softer approach to the entire process. There are already millions of Bumble users and 150 million matches so far.

Bumbling All The Way To Success

Bumble’s approach is unique from what you would expect from Tinder because it is centered around women making the first approach. Wolfe believed this was a better idea because it encourages women to be assertive and pick who they want. This rule only applies to opposite sex dating however. Same sex matches allow either person to go first. Asking men to play a passive role seems risky, but there are few complaints so far. Only 0.1% of all users of Bumble have complained about sexual harassment. That’s far lower than what many people experience in online dating.

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Is Bumble A Success?

Bumble was released in December 2014. More than two years later it has seen explosive growth. Tinder’s design has left many disappointed with the number of spambots and abusive users on the website. Clearly, there was a market for what Whitney Wolfe is selling and she seems to have found people who are interested in this product. Bumble is making online dating a more comfortable and relaxing place. If it continues to offer an alternative to other dating sites we may see it take over as the most significant dating app around.

The Future For Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is one of the most interesting CEOs today. Her name is already on a successful dating app and she is trying to expand into completely new areas. Her first business ever involved selling bamboo tote bags in areas affected by the BP oil spill. Seeing her growth from that point is simply an amazing sight.