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Freedom Checks have become the most recent talked-about investment method that the energy sector companies are banking on. They are payments that are made by Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) to their investor through a new tax structure that ensures MLPs make no or less tax payments, thus, passing 90% of their total income to their investors.

Benefits of Freedom Checks

First introduced as MLPs, the idea was invented in 1981 in which companies in the energy sector were not expected to pay any tax. This enabled them to pay more money to the investors who gained up to 4% or even 10% of their investment. The checks have enabled Matt Badiali, the founder, to make enormous earnings as well as his followers. He once sold his gold mining stocks at a rate of $.06 and later sold them at a rate of $2.64 which made him make up to 4,400% profit.

Companies that issue Freedom Checks

Currently, about 568 companies issue Freedom Checks which are in quarterly or monthly payments. The checks are more of stock dividends although they represent the “return of capital” instead of income. Since they are from the green energy sector, they are tax-free. If an investor wants to sell his/her checks, the only financial component that would be taxed is the capital gain rate which is usually lower than the rate of income tax.

The champion behind the investment plan

Freedom checks were introduced by Matt Badiali who is not only a financial expert but also a renowned geologist. He graduated from the University of Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in Geological and Earth Sciences. He also went for a master’s program at Florida Atlantic University to study Earth Sciences. In 2005, he also got his Ph.D. certificate from the Carolina University.

Matt Badiali recently released a video where he discussed about the Checks. He noted in the video that the new investment idea came about after he realized that even the common man has the interest to achieve independence and financial sustainability. Furthermore, he realized that the energy sector has a lot of investment opportunities that people could easily utilize. For sure these Checks have already proven to be worthwhile to some investors.

Ara Chackerian just built seven outpatient facilities for the use of TMS. The facilities are 3,000 sq. ft. each and house examination and treatment rooms. They are located throughout San Francisco and Sacramento. Ara Chackerian and long-time partner Brad Hummel also serve as board members along with head practitioner Dr. Richard Bermudas. Although the treatment was greenlit by the FDA back in 2008, TMS Solutions is the first company to offer it as an outpatient service.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a process where electric current is run through a small part of the brain. The current is created using pulsating electromagnetic waves, and is administered to the brain through the use of a coil. The treatment has been proven effective in the relief of neuropathic pain, as well as an effective treatment for major depressive disorder. Dr. Bermudas’ hope is that the treatment will also prove effective for a slew of mental illness. Now, thanks to the contribution of Ara Chackerian that goal is possible.


Chackerian is a successful businessman and angel investor. For the past two decades he has funded numerous medical start-up companies in hopes that their work will push the boundaries of modern medicine. An entrepreneur and avid philanthropist, Chackerian is dedicated to improving the quality of life. His main focus is on technology, and invests in companies that attempt to bridge the gap between technology and medicine. He was introduced to Bermudas while searching for outpatient extensions in the realm of radiology. He fell in love with Bermudas’ passion and founded TMS Solutions. Check out their Vimeo page.


Using outpatient service Chackerian was able to cut the insurance red tape that has been binding TMS for years. Now the service of TMS solutions is available through many healthcare plans for outpatient treatment. Individuals with neuropathic pain can find relief, and those suffering from treatment resistant depression can try a viable solution that works. Dr. Bermudas also gets to refine the process, and hopefully extend its use for various mental illnesses. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Arizona entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope supports new research being done by an organization known as SENS Research Foundation. He hopes that by supporting this initiative, he will assist people to live long healthy lives. The research being done hopes to come up with a drug that will slow down or stop the natural process of aging in human beings. Jason Hope has supported the activities of this organization by donating funds that will go directly into research of the anti-aging drug, Jason Hope wants to see technology have an impact on the healthcare industry by creating a drug that will combat and solve all the old age diseases that affect human beings.

Jason Hope started to support the SENS foundation almost a decade ago. The organization was launched in 2009, and by 2010, he had given then a donation of $500,000 which went directly to building a new laboratory and initiating the process of coming up with an anti-aging drug. SENS Foundation is committed to utilizing technology to solve one of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

SENS Foundation is applying biotechnology to solve the aging puzzle. The approach that they are applying will not only stop old age diseases through treatment but rather will stop these disease by solving the root cause of the disease. The problem with treatment methods that are available today treat the disease but does not address the cause of the problem. The cause of the disease is left intact meaning that it can as well initiate the disease again. SENS want to stop this by curing the cause of the old age diseases which is the aging causing substance. The drug they are creating will repair body cells making them remain fully functional for a long time.

SENS Foundation has not only concentrated on research programs but also public awareness on the topic of aging. By changing the public perception on this topic, they will lay a foundation of a revolution in the way people view aging. Many more people will dedicate time, resources and knowledge to solve the aging problem.

SENS Foundation has been collaborating with various universities and organization in research work. They have worked closely with Yale, Harvard, Cambridge and the Arizona State University. SENS Foundation was founded and is headed by Aubrey de Grey, an artificial intelligence expert who studied computer science at the University of Cambridge. He switched his interests to aging problems and earned a Ph.D. in Biology.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media:

The SENS Foundation is a charitable organization located in California. The organization is led by CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey, the primary innovator behind the research being done with the hopes of finding answers to the age-related diseases that plague our older popular. Dr. Aubrey De Grey recently found an equally charismatic partner in Jason Hope, a renowned futurist, and entrepreneur from Scottsdale, AZ. Jason Hope has spent the majority of his career working in the mobile communications field, but now Hope is working to bring about real change in the field of biotechnology. When Hope begins to invest time and money into a project, people should begin to pay more attention.

The SENS Foundation has been working toward solutions to age-related disease for over a decade now. Dr. Aubrey De Grey is the primary instigator behind the project as he has donated more than $10 million of his own money into his work while becoming the face of the facility. Jason Hope found out about the facility after doing extensive research into biotechnology. Hope was of the same mindset that Dr. De Grey was, with both individuals believing that there was no need to simply accept the problems that come with aging. Hope and De Grey would have a near instant connection that would turn into something more than just business, their connection would turn into a shared-quest to bring solutions to the problems associated with aging.

Facilities like the SENS Foundation are almost always struggling to earn the necessary funding to keep their doors open. When Hope became acquainted with the facility and the work of De Grey, he realized that he could put his money to good use. Hope would end up signing a $500,000 check in order to help the SENS Foundation invigorate their research facility. The SENS Foundation uses biotechnology to look for ways to prevent disease and improve our quality of life. Outside of medicine, biotechnology is being used in agriculture, food production and even simpler aspects of understanding medicine that we already use extensively. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Dr. De Grey announced Jason Hope’s investment at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for an event known as ‘Breakthrough Philanthropy’. The event was hosted by Peter Thiel, of the Thiel Foundation, and Hope was in attendance. Hope was honored for his donation and his speech was considered one of the highlights of the entire night of festivities.

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Kevin Seawright is a leader in the field of administrative and financial operations, and he is well known for his strategic visions, ideas, and the ability to attain goals and formulate new opportunities.

He has been using his skills for the past 13 years in order to develop the communities lying on the East Coast. Presently, he is serving as the vice president and the chief financial officer of the Newark Economic Development Corporation.

His career with the Newark Economic Development Corporation developed some of his strategies in dealing with financial divisions, revenue planning processes, revenue enhancements, and human capitol division.

His approach is combined with the use of technology in order to reach his goal in the shortest period of time. His strategic development also resulted in the growth of the company’s annual returns to 25%, the high retention rate of employees, and the addition of more deals from contractors and sub-contractors in the region.

For over 13 years, Kevin Seawright has been handling executive endeavors, and it includes being a leader in the field of capital operational management, finance, and human resources. He started at the bottom and slowly climbed his way to the top.

He is also responsible for more than $400 million worth of bonds and another $600 million for funds that were used for construction projects throughout his career. Kevin Seawright has been using his own principles in order for him to be successful in the path that he chosen, and these principles that he has been following have shaped him into a better person. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

First, he wanted to promote reliability and efficiency in the departments where he served. Then, he has to be a team player and help his colleagues build their own set of skills. He also needs to have a fair share of knowledge in IT and other tools in order for him to develop a strategic, long term planning.

He also stated that there should be a mature and honest approach when dealing with different kinds of situation, and the challenges that will be faced along the way must be seen as an opportunity.

There should also be a knowledge regarding the funding in the local level and the state level. He also have to develop a set of aggressive team that will work productively, and a lasting relationship with the associations and organizations inside the city.

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