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The Texas investment firm known as Highland Capital Management is one of the leading top financial service firms. It provides a number of products and services that help many investors grow and manage their capital. For over two decades, the firm has been in position to help many individuals and companies increase their investment returns on a more consistent basis. During the course of the firm’s history, it has expanded its line of products and services as well as to different geographic locations. This expansion has helped the firm establish itself as a leading financial services company. Today, Highland Capital Management is one of the very top financial services firms that help investors manage their capital through debt and credit backed securities. Visit to know more.

When the firm began in 1990, it had a more simple business model. The firm specialized in providing life insurance to a number of its clients. For the first two years of the company’s existence, the firm emerged as a reputable life insurance company. However, the leadership of the firm believed that it would benefit them to expand on their products and services. As a result, the firm began transforming itself into a more comprehensive financial services company. It would begin providing financial management to both individuals and companies that were seeking more guidance in terms of investing their capital. Over the course of the 90’s decade, Highland Capital would gradually expand its services in order to better accommodate its growing client base. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Highland Capital Management provides a number of products and services to many different types of clients. One of the main clients it serves are corporations that are looking to manage large sums of capital. In order to help these corporate clients, the firm provides asset management services as well as hedge funds and private equity securities. Along with assisting corporations, the firm offers the same thing to government entities. Highland Capital also offers assistance to individuals and pension fund investors. With its expertise, the firm helps these individuals invest in various securities and manage their overall wealth. Therefore, Highland Capital Management is among the more versatile financial services companies in terms of helping multiple kinds of investors.


The great Warren Buffet has just made a billion dollar bet to charity that he can outperform some hedge fund managers by S&P 500 investments. With his bottom-up strategy and countless hours of research into companies, it looks like he’s on his way to win the bet. Warren has been preaching to save and invest for the longest time now, and is one of the innovative leaders in investments. He went on to kindly share some advice from his years of experience.

Do your due diligences with the mutual fund of investment you want to work with. A majority of them atre just aiming to get as much of your money as possible. Make sure you go with a company that has great long term performance but doesn’t over charge in fees and taxes to learn more: click here.

Don’t put too much thought into whether or not to get a passive or active index investments. The long game in the long run is to make as much as you can either way. You need to see that even slow passive returns aren’t exempt to the market downfall. Out of the trillions invest in the passive route, only around 12,000 investors were aware that their passive funds of investment have a one hundred percent chance of losing them money.

The last tip Warren gave was that nobody ever knows what mutual funds will prosper in the future. Even the people who invest in S&P 500 and make a great return, if they went with someone like AMCAP or Capital Group, they would have made more. Timothy Armour then iterates that people need to go with firms that have years of experience and has something that sets them apart. There are mutual funds out there that will invest their own money alongside yours for better profit.

Tim Armour was named chairman of Capital Group on July 28, 2015. He started with a bachelor’s in economics from Middlebury College, he made his way to Capital Group through their associates program. He moved his way from an equity investment analyst to global telecommunications helping service US companies, accumulating over 34 years of investment experience.