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George Soros is the founder of Open Society Foundation, an organization which fights for human rights and good leadership all over the world. George Soros himself is a human rights activist who speaks out on controversial issues without fear. He says that his success in business and financial matters obliged him to speak out on issues that no one else would freely speak about.
George Soros was born in Hungary at a time when the Nazis had taken over their government. At this time, the second world war was being fought in the world, and the people of Hungary were suffering from the Nazi oppression. After the war, he grew up in a pro-Nazi government till he was 17 when he escaped to England. His time under the Nazi rule made him experience how being lead by an oppressive government felt. When he started his philanthropic work, he was determined to help the people suffering under the oppressive and dictatorial regimes access democracy and food governance. Even before he started Open Society, he had helped South Africans under apartheid by giving them scholarships. During the Cold War, he helped the anti-communism movements in Germany communicate between the east and the waste Germany. His efforts strengthened the activist in Germany and led to the fall of the Berlin wall.

Forbes billionaire George Soros has also been fighting against Russia’s communism influence and their crude methods of leadership and governments. His Open Society Foundation has been very active in Russia and was fighting against Russia’s attack on other countries. The activist groups were also against Russia’s disturbing behavior of siding with rebel and funding them bring the war to various countries around the world. For a long tome, Russia has been secretly supporting terrorist organizations and groups with weapons and money. The activism of this two Open Society groups leads tho the banning of the groups operations by the Russian government calling them a threat to the nation and its constitution.
But despite this, George Soros has never quit pointing out Russia’s evil ways of governance. George Soros says that the Russian president Vladimir Putin is the cause of all Russia’s problems. He even advises the Russian people the if they want to evade an ill fate they should do way with President Putin.

George Soros also warns the European Union about the intentions of Putin as the address the Syrian plight. Currently, the in Syria there is an ongoing war between the government of President Bashar Al Assad and the Islamic State fighters who want to overthrow him. As it is always the case in any war, the Syrian citizens are the one suffering. These citizens are running away from Syria into other European nations. President Putin is taking advantage of this situation to bring down the European Union. He is bombing the remaining Syrians so that they may flee their country and storm into other European nations. George Soros warns America And Europe to very wary of Putin’s plans.