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Glen Wakeman has been known around the world for his ineffable ability to not only lead but mentor those in the ways of business. The current Cheif Executive Officer, or CEO, of the Launchpad Holdings LLC he has decades of experience assisting those with ideas on how to develop the foundations of their businesses.

Revered for his entrepreneurial spirit Glen Wakeman has provided guided for numerous startup companies. His current corporation Launchpad holding LLC was founded in 2015. Wakeman graduated with a Masters in Business Administration as well as a Bachelors of Science in Economics. Wakeman started his career at General Electric Capital and became the founder of Nova Four.

Glen Wakeman is perhaps best known for his ideas exposed in his controversial 5 steps performance methodology. It has a track record of being proven at this point and is no longer in contention within the industry. These ideas focus on risk management, human capital, leadership and executive control in the business. Very few investors and businessmen have the reputation that Wakeman has built for himself over the years.

The Launchpad Holdings Company became a reality when Glen realized he loved finding a match between ideas and money, Believing that many good ideas are developed in startups who lack the liquid capital to execute them as well as lack of structure to build the ideas upon. With his wealth of experience in this arena, he recognized an opportunity when he saw it.

(Glenwakeman) believes that the perfect day begins with a review of the previous day’s achievements and that is found in the numbers. Followed up by taking conference calls with business partners. This is all to help develop trust as it is in Mr. Wakeman’s opinion that productivity lies in the absence of backtracking something only found in an area of trust.

Glen thinks that if he were to start his career over the thing he would change that would benefit him the most is keeping better track of his friends and everyone he met. As an entrepreneur, it is often more about the connections you have made when it comes down to whether or not your idea will get the funding it needs or not. Your connections are what define your success in the world of business.