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GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform established by Brad Damphouse and Andrew Ballester in 2010. Additionally, GoFundMe is a San Diego, California company that aims at helping users to raise money for various activities. The main areas that the website helps to raise funds in include celebrations and for those seeking to settle their medical bills. GoFundMe began as “CreateAFund” website in 2008,but Damphouse and Ballester had to change the name to the more appealing one. However, GoFundMe changed ownership to Accel Partners in 2015 at a deal estimated to be $600 million, which did not affect its operations.

Through the GoFundMe platform, website users are able to create a page where they can provide information about their projects and people are also able to leave comments over the same. The company makes profits by taking 8% of the funds raised by an initiative posted on the website to help in sustaining its operations.

Jon Urbana saw an opportunity to raise funds for Earth Force through the GoFundMe platform and created a site in October 2015. Urbana, a graduate of Villanova University and resident of Denver is an environmentalist who concerts his efforts into environmental conservation. He was one of Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s founders in 2011, whose main is to help train youths on their need to protect their environments. Urbana doubles as the co-founder and coach at the Camp, meaning that he makes direct impact on the youths that attend the camp.

Under the Earth Force Inc. initiative, Urbana prepares the youth towards them being able to address environmental challenges for the benefit of the communities they live in. GoFundMe will help Urbana to create awareness about his project through the various internet tools such as Twitter (@jonurbana1) and Facebook.

Other than being the co-founder of the Lacrosse Camp, Urbana is also the head of Business Development at Ellipse, an upstart medical devices. From this, this environmentalist seems to have the ability to manage the funds effectively because of his engagements in business. It is evident from Urbana’s Instagram pics that he chose the GoFundMe platform to help raise funds for the Earth Force initiative because he believes in the success that the website can attract.