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Lifeline Screening encourages people to do more than an annual checkup. The company offers screening services for the whole body and illnesses including carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, atrial fibrillation, and osteoporosis. With over 80 ultrasound teams that cater for people in the US and the UK, Lifeline Screening hopes to reduce the prevalence of manageable conditions at an early stage.

The screening procedure including ultrasounds, blood screenings and electrocardiograms are noninvasive, simple and painless. The Life Line pre-screening preparation is convenient, quick, personalized, and straightforward.

You are required to wear appropriate clothing that is loose fitting and comfortable. If you are going for carotid artery disease screening, avoid wearing turtle necks. For the atrial fibrillation screening, avoid lotion, watches, and pantyhose. If you choose to wear a shirt wear one that is short sleeved.

Some types of screenings such as Abdominal aortic aneurysm, diabetes type 2, complete lipid panel, and cholesterol will require you to first for 4 to 8 hours prior. The last meal before the fast should be light. However, if you have diabetes limit your portions depending on meal plan. In case you are under medication take them as routine.

The process lasts for over an hour. The exact period is dependent on the disease, your body type, the number of tests and vascular anatomy. Life Line arranges the screenings in line with your schedule.

Using advanced technologies supported by a highly trained team Lifeline Screening makes the experience unmatched. The screening is comprehensive, affordable and accurate. Your privacy is a priority at Lifeline Screening. If you depend on a wheelchair, you will be assisted by the team. Plus, you are allowed to come with an assistant. If you cannot stand completely, they are tests you can sign up for including cholesterol, glucose, c-reactive protein, osteoporosis, carotid artery ultrasounds and peripheral arterial disease.

Lifeline Screening is currently involved in the research in the causes of vascular diseases. They endeavor to provide quality preventive health care. The tests offered are similar and at times better than those offered in accredited hospitals.

Lifeline Screening info:

USHEALTH Advisors is the hugely popular subsidiary of the mother company called USHEALTH Group Inc. USHEALTH Advisors is a large team of agents that work with the clients of the enterprise and do counseling for them. The agents of USHEALTH Advisors can be located in about every state of the United States of America.


The USHEALTH Advisors location is in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company has been experiencing streamlined success much due to the former leader of Mr. Troy McQuagge who used to be at the position of president and CEO of the USHEALTH Advisors. He was promoted to the same post of the mother company. Ushealth Advisors insurance is one of the most preferred such services. The company provides a large number of products in the forms of pre-made health coverage plans as well as a few other options.


The agents of Ushealth Advisors can be found from the comforts of your device. By logging on the site of the business, a client will find a PPO service that will help them see where an agent of Ushealth Advisors can be consulted. The PPO service works by entering the customer’s corresponding zip code. The system forwards them to a list of agents that are available in the particular state. The agents from Ushealth Advisors are there to counsel and coach the clients over the course of the health insurance process. They are highly trained professionals who have been trained to work according to the standards of the company of Ushealth group Inc.


Both the mother company and the Ushealth Advisors have been achieving a lot of success over the past few years. Some highly respected institutions have recognized the president and chief executive officer of the parent company. CEO Troy McQuagge was the place holder of two gold awards in 2016. He was awarded from the CEO World Awards as well as by the One Plant Awards. He won Most Innovative CEO of the Year as well the gold for the competition of Best CEO of the Year for the 2016 edition of both competitions. That brought even further recognition to Ushealth Group.


The CDC routinely runs an analysis of the statistics they receive in relation to disease control and preventative care. These studies have shown that many people end up dying from illnesses that could have been managed through early detection. Their studies have also shown how effective the methods used for preventative health care are in helping people receive the type of treatment they need to lead fuller lives. Taking a proactive approach to health is something that is starting to make sense to more people across the nation. The body requires a certain degree of maintenance just as a car would. If the warning signs on a car were left unheeded something more serious would eventually develop. The key to preventive care is to heed the warning signs and have the body checked for illness for more info: click here.

A Comprehensive Screening Facility

Life Line Screening is a facility dedicated to helping people maintain a state of good health. This facility offers the type of tests needed to determine at-risk conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. They also offer an electronic newsletter about available resources for health and wellness. Life Line Screening offers an educational program designed to encourage wellness in the workplace. This is often accomplished by engaging employees in active discussions about the benefits of early screening for chronic diseases.

The method of testing used by Life Line depends on the condition the person is concerned about. Testing requiring a blood sample is completed through a basic finger prick method. Blood panels could be used to determine a person’s risk for heart disease by providing the medical professionals with readings for cholesterol levels and lipid panels. A blood sample could also provide doctors with information about person’s sugar levels in regards to diabetes. These tests could provide early detection of hereditary conditions some individuals could be more prone to experiencing.

The other methods of testing used by Life Line Screening are ultrasound and electrocardiograph. Ultrasound testing could be used to locate blockages in the arteries for conditions such as carotid artery disease. An electrocardiograph could also be used to detect certain signs of heart disease.