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Yeonmi Park has a truly remarkable story that few of us can really comprehend, as she grew in the shut off and tyrannical country of North Korea. Yeonmi Park describes on the Daily Mail UK interview a story of not having anything to eat, consuming frozen potatoes and grass hoppers to survive, and having no conception of what the word freedom meant. She tells about how she never had a dram about getting out of the country and being free, but that the only thing she wanted in life was to have a bowl of rice. Sparked by Yeonmi’s father’s arrest and resulting sentence to a prison camp for a span of eleven years, she had decided that she was going to escape the country with her mother, which she successfully did. Her and her mother ended up getting help to the river that separates North Korea and china, and after having paid off guards to look the other way, crossed the frigid and frozen river into China. Once in China, she came to find out that their crossing was part of a human trafficking operation that would force them to be sold to a buyer, or else face going back to North Korea.

After agreeing to be sold, Park lived with a man for two years, who eventually agreed to reunite her with her mother if she agreed to become his mistress, as well as bring her father into the country from North Korea. After keeping his word and bringing her parents back into her life, her father ended up dying, and she attempted to flee to Mongolia, with the end destination being South Korea. After being caught by police, after crossing the Gobi Desert, she was told that they were going to end up going back to China, and then likely back to North Korea. After begging and pleading, she ended up going to an internment camp in Mongolia and then flying to her final destination of South Korea, where she remains free to this day. Her story is absolutely amazing and she has released a book on Amazon that details her experiences that led to her ultimate freedom.