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Cost-per-action marketing (CPA) is a way to earn money online through affiliate links. If someone clicks an affiliate link, and completes an action like filling out a form or buying something, then you will receive revenue from that transaction. CPA is growing in popularity and is often times preferred over traditional web advertising like banner ads. There is a value chain network, and the goal is to get as high up on that chain as possible to recognize maximum earnings. CPA offers trend higher on that chain than most any other form of internet advertising and marketing. This translates to greater income.

Ivan Ong tried several different ways to make money on the internet, and was completely unsuccessful until he found out about CPA marketing. He had so much success, he started to teach others how to do the same thing. His students, largely from Singapore and Malaysia, are learning his methods. Mr. Ong also has students from around the world, learning the merits of his successful ad campaign strategies. He also makes himself available on social media to answer questions, or to blog about new trends in the industry. His website,, has a lot of information for those considering CPA marketing.

Ivan Ong started Affiliatepedia Pte Ltd. The purpose of this was to establish himself as a coach in CPA marketing. Mr. Ong has had so much success, his story started to spread, and he was receiving many requests for personal consultations. As a result of these requests, Ivan decided to start CPA Profits Academy. This academy is designed to help students of CPA marketing learn all of his techniques, and become successful CPA marketers. In the end, Mr. Ong motivates his students with his personal story of success, and he also teaches them how to achieve success for themselves. Motivated by his own desire to avoid the corporate rat race, he is showing others how to do just that.