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Netpicks, founded in 1996 has offered guidance on Forex Trading, or FX trading for over twenty years, offering traders useful charts and a live signal service—essential for a market that is open 24 hours a day, as FX trades occur internationally, from New York to Tokyo. FX traders deal in currency pairs, and profit is dependent on what currencies will be valued over others. On an average day, the value of FX trades can top $5 trillion, see (

With so much volume, and with most traders preferring spot trading, NetPicks advocates that traders first determine what risks accompany a given currency pair, then to buy pairs based on the probability that the base currency will be stronger compared to the quote currency or sell them when its most likely that the quote currency will be weaker. Then, when placing a buy or sell order, traders can view the market price, and the potential profit/loss in real time, and traders can then adjust their buy or sell orders accordingly.

Traders should not jump right into trading; NetPicks advises that traders educate themselves on the fluctuations of the market and what factors influence currency pair prices. Traders should also invest without letting emotions take over their decision-making, which traders can avoid by only using money that is expendable—no playing with money that will make or break a livelihood. NetPicks suggests traders begin with small trades and build up. Forex trading is so valued because of its high liquidity, but traders should enter the market with a good base of knowledge before making large trades.

As such, traders should be familiar with the basic terminology. The price interest point (PIP) describes the gain or loss in a given transaction. The bid price is the amount for which a trader wants to sell their currency pair, while the ask price is the value at which traders want to buy currency, and both need to be monitored closely, as they constantly fluctuate. Finally, the spread is the difference between the bid prices and ask price, measured in PIPs. With this base knowledge, a dedication to learning and the help of NetPicks, traders can navigate the bustling world of Forex trading as posted on