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NexBank is a popular financial institution in Dallas, Texas that serves three core businesses. These businesses include Institutional Services, Commercial Banking and Mortgage Banking. John Holt, the President of NexBank speaks at Texas Bankers Association. During this conference, he talks capital and benefits to help with a strong financial position. NexBank serves institutions nationwide to help increase their cash flow and expand their short-term assets.

The President of this fine Texas Financial Institution speaks how NexBank is making Texas strong with a financial institute that not only offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services but also introduces this financial corporation to middle-market companies, and real estate investors. It’s a High-Yield Money Market for Public Funds with a minimum balance of $5 million. Helping Texas gain high assets with high rewards benefiting many.

Nexbank sponsors 12 public schools in low to moderate income neighborhoods in Texas, and it does not cost the schools a dime. NexBank brings literacy course and web-based programs into classrooms to stimulate today’s digital generation. Offering internship opportunities and sponsors teaching senior level students basic banking, budgeting and help students with financial career opportunities.

Is this financial institution of Texas meant to help the middle-class? Sponsoring the future generation of today’s digital generation and teaching the next generation how to gain assets by having a strong financial position. They are given the knowledge and expertise to help with student insights into the financial services of the future.