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Roseann Bennett is the Assessment and Treatment center co-founder, a charitable agency of mental health in New Jersey, Hackettstown. Roseann Bennett has devoted part of her time in aiding individuals in need. Roseann has an Ed.S. and MA in family and marriage therapy from the University of Seton Hall. Roseann Bennett is a family and marriage licensed therapist. She possesses post certification masters from the Institute of REACH in the treatment of cognitive behavior.


Additionally, she is a certified Adolescent and child Trauma Professional and certified Trauma Clinical Professional. The Assessment and Treatment Center is an undertaking that Roseann is enthusiastic about. It took her a long time of perseverance and hard work to make sure it became successful. Roseann Bennett and Todd Bennett, her partner, are focused on assisting individuals and families get the psychological wellness they require, regardless of financial or insurance means. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A.


As a dedicated caregiver and entrepreneur, Roseann is working very hard in changing the way therapy of mental health is seen and also making sure that it is readily available for everyone. New technological advances ensure that it is easy to engage with a specialist through text skype and email adequately. Even though Roseann recognizes the benefits of telemedicine, she cautions everyone about making it an entire supplanting for a live connection with the specialist. Roseann Bennett is one of the accomplished family and marriage advisor with more than ten years of experience doing work with people of all kinds of backgrounds, assisting them through numerous difficulties in life. Read This Article for additional information.


Roseann Bennett is responsible for ensuring that she comes up with projects pertinent which are relevant to different people served, adequate system maintenance and agency budget preparation for a legal funds accounting. She supervises and directs all workers in the agency. Bennett also ensures that there is a chance for the training of students, supervision of MFT, interns of LAC operating toward licensure and creation of the development staff programs. Roseann’s real energy lies in associating with individuals and aiding people to understand there is a possibility of change. Bennet’s job with Treatment and Assessment Center is quite fulfilling. However, the work is extraordinarily demanding her energy and time.



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