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Cryptocurrencies are, put simply, a type of digital currency. Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are new to the world. Even though many people have invested large sums of money into various cryptocurrencies, it’s true that most people don’t know much about them.

Seeing as Bitcoin, the father of all cryptocurrencies, has only been around for 9 years, it makes sense that not many people know about it, or any cryptocurrency, for that matter.

New Things Require People To Look Into Them

As things grow in popularity, they gradually have more people become interested in them. Thanks to the dramatic rise in price of all cryptocurrencies over the past few months, significantly more interest has been injected into various cryptos according to

This is good for the world at large, because society is understanding more about cryptocurrencies now than ever before. One of the leading characters in finding out more about cryptocurrencies is Ian King, a writer and researcher that specializes in the world of cryptos.

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Here’s Where Ian King Came From

Although Mr. Ian King shuffled his interests around multiple times before settling on the world of finance, his first taste in the industry that would later become his choice was at Salomon Brothers, a financial giant that specialized in trading mortgage bonds. Believe it or not, Mr. King was only a desk clerk while he worked for the Salomon Brothers.

After spending time at the Salomon Brothers, Mr. Ian King then moved on to the worldwide financial conglomerate Citigroup, where he was put to work in trading derivatives. Shortly after finding work at Citigroup, Ian King was hired at Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York state, as the head trader of options trading. Mr. King would go on to spend more than a decade at the likes of Peahi Capital.

Just last year, Ian King found employment at Banyan Hill Publishing, a regular publication that puts out news related to finance and markets stocks are traded on.

Today, he writes articles for Banyan Hill Publishing over various topics, and also contributes on a weekly basis to Sovereign Investor Daily, a section of many others at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Mr. Ian King does a lot of writing on topics directly linked to cryptocurrencies, and is even working on a course to help people start trading cryptos. He is constantly expanding his horizons with Banyan Hill.

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The modeling world is a competitive environment and having the best representation will provide many benefit to a career. The Brown Modeling Agency located in Texas can provide quality representation for new or existing models in the industry. Justin Brown will provide the best service and representation as you begin your modeling journey. The merger of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South in 2015 was renamed The Brown Agency.


A Marketwired article stated that, “Merging with Heyman Talent-South and becoming a full-service agency is an integral part of our growth strategy and commitment to serving our talent and clients,” said Justin Brown, CEO and president of The Brown Agency. “Both agencies find pride in selecting the best, prepping them on a larger market level and delivering the most professional, elegant and dependable talent. We are now able to do this on a larger scale.”

Working with a more diversified agency will provide more opportunities for modeling and overall creative talent. Exposure and experience will help jumpstart your career and represent you as you gain new experiences. Huge talent agencies rarely want to work with new talent because it requires more man hours, but Brown Modeling Agency will support and represent you as you grow and develop your personal resume. The personal connection that The Brown Mode Agency makes with their clients is priceless in the industry. Don’t be just a number at another agency, when you can be art of a family of success.


Under the guidance of Justin Brown, the Brown Modeling Agency will grow and cultivate your talent to its full potential. Brown grew up in California and began his modeling career when he was 18. Justin moved around with many talent agencies learning all that he could and that experience is priceless to clients of The Brown Modeling Agency.  The clients that have learned and benefitted from Brown’s knowledge and experience are high in numbers and if you are considering on changing representation or beginning in the business, then The Brown Modeling and Talent agency is the way to go. You can follow their Instagram page to see more.


The airline industry is a much maligned area of business, but the use of technology could soon change the entire experience for airline passengers in the eyes of Arizona based technology expert Jason Hope. From the moment an airline passenger sets foot on the grounds of an airport the use of technology has been growing and will soon make a major change in the way every worker and passenger experiences the airline industry.

Jason Hope believes the airline industry will soon become a technology leader in the world as the use of wireless and Bluetooth technology becomes the norm for keeping aircraft in the air and maintaining the highest levels of comfort possible for all passengers. in terms of safety, Virgin Airlines ha already been identified by Jason Hope as a leader in the use of wireless technology that will identify issues with any aircraft that can be attended to as soon as a plane touches down at its destination to reduce the number of delays.

Jason Hope has become a leading entrepreneur for many different business areas as he has been looking to bring the latest technologies to the public and industries throughout his career; the use of mobile app’s and gaming software has been moving across different industrial areas that allow startups to become more important than ever before.

One of the most interesting aspects of the career of Jason Hope is his role as a futurist, which allows him the opportunity to work with major business leaders in a bid to identify which technologies and trends will prove successful in the coming years.

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Jason Hope strongly believes in the Internet of Things and is a well-known entrepreneur and writer. He is also a commentator on the newest tech trends.

Hope’s articles include his recently written article on the subject at

The internet of Things is about technology that allows devices such as kitchen appliances, cars, street lamps, and other electronic devices to sync with each other. This makes it possible for devices to connect and share data using the same network in order to increase their efficiency and decrease waste. According to Jason Hope, The Internet of Things has the potential to change the way that businesses operate and is a really big advancement.

Smart technology is convenient and is the way of the future and will make our daily lives safer. Public transportation can have significant improvements because of the Internet of Things and there can be better monitoring of maintenance issues for trains and even better mapping of bus routes.

Jason Hope is not only an entrepreneur and business owner, but is set on contributing to the welfare of others and believes his position allows him to do so. He is very passionate about giving back to the community and helping local organizations. Hope’s goals include seeing Arizona’s communities thrive and grow. He is supportive of humanitarian organizations so that people can enjoy healthier lives. Hope is always looking for organizations and projects to get behind so that he can lend his support, time and resources, as well as his influence.

Wikipedia really did change the way people engage in research in the internet. Get Your Wiki, a successful Wikipedia writing, editing, and monitoring service, has done its part to make sure content on the online encyclopedia is well-crafted. Wikipedia, itself, has taken steps to make sure the online community meets all standards of excellence.

One step Wikipedia is taking focuses on improving content related to the subject of indigenous peoples. The venerable Smithsonian Magazine recently published an article that delves into the story behind Wikipedia’s decision to increase text related to Native Americans and other indigenous persons.

The article points out there were omissions of famous indigenous peoples in the virtual pages of Wikipedia. Such an oversight is not purposeful. Wikipedia relies solely on volunteers to contribute content. Anyone can contribute new entries or update a Wikipedia page as long as the rules of the site are met. If no one is writing on a particular topic, then the topic won’t appear. A lack of submissions of indigenous peoples has become glaring so Wikipedia is doing something about it.

Wikipedia has supported an edit-a-thon that coincided with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This particular edit-a-thon follows in the footsteps of other ones that focused on feminist subjects. With such a direct appeal to experts who know these subjects, an increase in diverse content is sure to follow.

Wikipedia content is famous for its ability to provide reference material for people conducting research. The content can be employed for strategic means as well. A decent presence on Wikipedia can be weaved into all manner of marketing and public relations campaigns. Simply linking to a detailed Wikipedia page from a commercial website gives visitors a confidence boost towards the subject of the content.

The aforementioned Get Your Wiki service could absolutely help those wondering what is needed to create the best Wikipedia page. What is needed is the right help. Get Your Wiki can produce and even translate Wikipedia content on behalf of a customer.

And customers do want to feel confident that the material composed and published on the Wikipedia page will yield the desired result. On the most basic level, the content has to enhance the reputation of the subject. Professional-level writing helps with this outcome.

Wikipedia remains a fantastic source of assistance to those who read its pages. The subjects presented on the pages have much to gain as well.

The global financial crisis of 2007-08 marks the worst economic disaster of the 21st century. It left many global economies on their knees, and its effects are still being experienced almost a decade later. An investment banker in George Soros saw it coming and warned authorities, but it was a case of too little too late.

In 2011, George Soros forecast another economic disaster in Europe as a result of a soaring debt crisis in Greece. A few years later, the Greek economy collapsed and dragged the entire European Union with it. Numerous attempts have been made by the regional bloc to dig Greece out of trouble with minimal results. A closer look at these two cases reveals the tendency to over-borrow money from local and international markets.

Internal and external borrowing on allows countries to meet their growth and development motives comfortably. However, over reliance on debt leads to an imbalance that eventually topples even the largest economies. In 2007 for instance, the real estate sector in the US had a boom that prompted developers to take billions of dollars from investment banks. These debts went out of control and left minimal deposits in cash reserves.

The Chinese economy seems to exhibit similar traits much to the concern of George Soros and other economic oversight authorities. The Chinese economy started on a low in 2016 but has steadily improved over the months largely because of capital injection in the real estate sector. The credit markets sponsor these injections. Statistics indicate the Chinese debt almost doubles the global average of 1.4 trillion Yuan. Judging from these symptoms, Soros predicts the Chinese economy to be running on borrowed time.
Read more: George Soros: The Chinese Economy is Running on Borrowed Time

Elsewhere, George Soros utilizes his financial resources to bring about social and economic change to communities around the world. His philanthropy is made possible by the presence of a network of Open Society Foundations around the world. George Soros is the founding thinker of these foundations and also leads them as the organizing chairperson. Soros feels that his successes in the financial markets over the years’ act as a platform for his philanthropy and moral stand on tough issues.

These foundations operate in the majority of the countries around the world and root out social ills such as illiteracy, corruption, bad governance and human rights violations. Through these networks, Soros, and his partners have reached marginalized group, refugees in war-torn areas provided legal and educational support to needy families.

George Soros feels the world would be a better place if all nations and communities embraced their diversity and sought non-violence and creative means of conflict resolution. He also feels that human beings should be responsible for life and each other.
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Igor Cornelsen on imgfave is a retired banker, private investor, and financial advisor, originally from Brazil. During his career, he held top positions at Brazil’s major financial institutions, eventually retiring to Florida and the Bahamas. Due to his extensive experience, Igor Cornelsen often comments on Brazilian markets and the economy as a whole.

Igor Cornelsen recently observed that despite the economic slowdown that Brazil is currently facing, in part due to the Rousseff administration’s policies, Brazil’s banks are posting profits. According to Cornelsen, this is the result of solid lending practices, with loans going to creditworthy borrowers only. Although the banking sector is not immune to the problems that plague the wider economy, so far it continues to do well.

Igor Cornelsen, however, is not quite as bullish on the future of the Brazilian economy as a whole. In his view, the country’s monetary policy is in need of a complete overhaul. He sees the administration’s focus on keeping interest rates sky-high and an overvalued Real as two of the major problems, as well as expensive projects will little social or economic benefits. As a result, economic growth has been dismal.

The plethora of corruption scandals that has rocked the country and the lack of public and investor confidence in the government have also added to the problem, according to Igor Cornelsen. The Petrobras scandal, involving the bankruptcy of the country’s state-run oil company, has brought the legitimacy of the administration into question and has even led to calls for impeachment proceedings to begin.

Cornelsen believes the appointment of Chicago Ph.D. Joaquin Levy as Finance Minister provides a glimmer of hope. In his view, the only hope for the country is to return to the pre-2008 policies that led to the country’s economic transformation. In the present state of affairs, the financial climate is simply not welcoming to investors, severely limiting growth.

September’s top building permits have been awarded to investment giants named SL Green Reality, Somerset Partners, Chetrit Group, and Forest City Ratner. The permit applications were received and awarded by Marquee projects. The Somerset group together with the Chetrit group have set a new a record with brand building which seat on more than a million square feet area. The Queens have been left out in this month rankings, however, they have been well represented by four of their largest projects ever done in Brooklyn, 1 in state Island, and three stationed in Bronx.

The SL Green Reality presented their plans to build the Vanderbilt office tower. However, it is not until two years from the time of proposal was their plan approved. The building was designed the Kohn Pedersen Fox and occupies an area of over a million square foot. The tower stands over 6o stories and height is over 1400 feet. The tower’s first to third floor are expected to hold retail space and NYC apartments for rent, while the rest of the floors shall contain offices only.

On the other hand, the Chetrit group has set plans to build, along the Somerset partners, two multi-billion rental buildings in Mott Haven. In addition, another building is set at Lincoln 101 avenue covering slightly less than 800000 square feet. About quarter of the area shall be channeled to retail while the rest shall be devoted to residential units.

Chetrit and Somerset are expected to build a joint mansion at Mott Haven. The building will occupy half a million square feet area. According to reports released via The Real Deal, the joint building shall accommodate retail stores in the first to third floors just as the Lincoln 101 avenue. It will also have a community facility occupying a 3000 –square foot and the rest of space shall contain residential units. The Greenland Forest partners applied for a permit for its 21 acre pacific project in prospects heights. They build a 26-story building, occupying 400000 square feet. The structure was designed by SLCA architects and will host community space, office space, car garage, and residential apartments.

TOWN residential was founded in 2011 by Joseph Sitt and Andrew Heiberger. They specialize in sale, leasing, marketing of residential and also property development. The firm consists of a team of highly qualified professionals with unsurpassed industry skills and knowledge. Currently, TOWN residential is the leading real estate firm in New York.

With partially grey hair, crystal white sunken eyes and a slightly pointed nose stands a man in his early fifties but works so hard like an upcoming teenage millionaire. His curriculum vitae is to die for having been in the industry for over 30 years. He has affiliations in more than twenty companies. He is a guru because he has combined finance with the healthcare sector.He was one of the first veterans of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) policy; he has helped improve the healthcare industry through credit offering solutions for both individuals and companies.
He is quite a busy man serving on many boards, founding many companies and currently heading others up to now. He is known to be dedicated and offer high-quality services. He served as chief investment officer of Protective Life’s GIC from 1989 to 1993 where, with his expertise and leadership, rose the firm to over $2 billion in assets. He also worked with American Express where he managed their fixed income funds for 0ver $1 billion. In 2000, he served as Director of Leap Wireless International and in 2002 as director for TerreStar Corporation. Together with Mr. Mark Okada, he co- founded Highlands Capital Management in 1993, where he has been director ever since. It is an investment firm with interests in healthcare, technology, finance, oil, gas and structured products. The company also happens to be the leader in collateralized loan obligations management given that the policy’s pioneer is the head of the company. Headquartered in Dallas, the company’s management team led by Mr. James Dondero and Mr. Okada, has nine analysts and specialists with a total 120 year experience who together boasts of employees who know how to adequately advice its customers in the financial markets, medical technology, life science tools, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Its products also include mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs and private equity funds. As said earlier, Mr. James has over 30 years’ experience in credit markets and handles the company’s operational and strategic plans. He as worked on the board of directors for MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is also chairperson and director of Nexbank SSB, Nexpoint capital, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare. Quite a resume he has. With his company, HCM, he has won various awards including a 5-star global allocation award from morning star in 2014. He also won the Lipper award for floating rate opportunities.
Mr. Dondero is without doubt rich and has one of the most expensive homes in Dallas, Texas where he currently lives, valued at over $9 million. He has quite a rich education background having been a graduate of the University of Virginia and graduated with the highest honors (Beta Alpha, Beta Gamma Sigma) in accounting and finance majors. He completed financial training at the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, is a certified public accountant, a certified management accountant and has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst name due to his outstanding work.
Mr. Dondero is highly motivated by charity work, and his philanthropy is seen in supporting different initiatives in education, public policy, and veteran affairs.