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Arizona entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope supports new research being done by an organization known as SENS Research Foundation. He hopes that by supporting this initiative, he will assist people to live long healthy lives. The research being done hopes to come up with a drug that will slow down or stop the natural process of aging in human beings. Jason Hope has supported the activities of this organization by donating funds that will go directly into research of the anti-aging drug, Jason Hope wants to see technology have an impact on the healthcare industry by creating a drug that will combat and solve all the old age diseases that affect human beings.

Jason Hope started to support the SENS foundation almost a decade ago. The organization was launched in 2009, and by 2010, he had given then a donation of $500,000 which went directly to building a new laboratory and initiating the process of coming up with an anti-aging drug. SENS Foundation is committed to utilizing technology to solve one of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

SENS Foundation is applying biotechnology to solve the aging puzzle. The approach that they are applying will not only stop old age diseases through treatment but rather will stop these disease by solving the root cause of the disease. The problem with treatment methods that are available today treat the disease but does not address the cause of the problem. The cause of the disease is left intact meaning that it can as well initiate the disease again. SENS want to stop this by curing the cause of the old age diseases which is the aging causing substance. The drug they are creating will repair body cells making them remain fully functional for a long time.

SENS Foundation has not only concentrated on research programs but also public awareness on the topic of aging. By changing the public perception on this topic, they will lay a foundation of a revolution in the way people view aging. Many more people will dedicate time, resources and knowledge to solve the aging problem.

SENS Foundation has been collaborating with various universities and organization in research work. They have worked closely with Yale, Harvard, Cambridge and the Arizona State University. SENS Foundation was founded and is headed by Aubrey de Grey, an artificial intelligence expert who studied computer science at the University of Cambridge. He switched his interests to aging problems and earned a Ph.D. in Biology.

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A disturbing trend has been noted by Jewish advocacy groups concerning rising anti-semetism at Universities worldwide. Several instances of discrimination, hostility, and persecution have been reported by people of Jewish decent attending institutions of higher learning. In a US study from information gathered in years 2015 through 2017, Jewish students from four prominent American Universities reported dissident opinions towards Israel and open tolerance for anti-semetic views. At the prestigious ivy league college, Stanford, there has been an open discussion against Israel, with established movements like Boycott, Divest, and Sanction, or BDS, demonizing Israel and it’s supporters for their perceived oppression of Palestine. Many have argued that the BDS movement has increased racism against Jewish students. At Drexel University, a young man found a swastika and the word ‘Jew’ placed near his Israeli flag using duct tape and reported it to campus police. In fall of 2015, a Illinois student awoke to a black swastika spray painted outside her dorm window. Jewish advocate, Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein had this to say about the incident, “Its very sad when you realize hatred still exists”.

Reports of Jewish harassment, vandalism, and assault have poured in from all parts of the world. In 2017, the Community Security Trust organization, reviewed over 700 cases of anti-semetic incidents in the UK. For the 1st six months of 2017, the CST reported the highest number of anti-semetic cases since they began keeping record in 1984. The incidents range from violent assault to harassment via modern conventions like social media.

Some students have not found the openness of social media to be a tool against their oppression. After finding an offensive anti-semetic sticker, Izzy Lenga, a UK academic on the cusp of graduating, posted the image on social media. It was at this time, that Izzy learned how the unfiltered and uncensored style of the internet allows anti-semetism to fester with no regard for it’s victims. Within 24 hours of her posting, Izzy received over 2000 messages of hate and dissent, including messages from anti-Israel groups like National Action.

Adam Milstein, author, philanthropist, is an Israeli born entrepreneur who shares both his business and activism with his wife, Gila Milstein. Adam Milstein has a foundation dedicated to support of Israel, called the Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein foundation. Adam Milstein is also chairman of the board for the Israeli American Council.

The OSI Group is known as being one of the premier global food providers around the world. The company partners with not only retail food brands, but also food service leaders to provide service to customers everywhere in the world. OSI works to offer the customer with food solutions that are customized for their personal preferences, as well as working hard to make sure that food safety and quality does not suffer when making it more personalized for consumers.

OSI is able to offer such personalized food to the table options, by working with integrity, striving continuously to improve, and by exploring innovative solutions. One such way that the OSI group has better improved their options of what they could provide to their customers was by acquiring a food processing facility, as well as a storage warehouse that recently belonged to Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods which is an Arkansas based business owned the 200,000 square foot plant that was already close to an existing OSI food plant. The company felt that by acquiring the former Tyson Food plant that they were placing themselves in a better position to support their future growth in the food service and retail business. OSI Group LLC works constantly to meet the need of their customers and this purchase broadened the OSI realm of plants and thus expanded their possibilities in the food industry, as well as their net worth.

OSI continues to serve customers around the world and from facilities located in a multitude of countries including the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. As the company continues to grow, they will most likely continue make acquisitions just like the Tyson Food plant. By adding such facilities onto the company, the OSI Group is sure to continue to be the leader of a food network that is working to demonstrate impressive food resources, as well as phenomenal product development.

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Sahm Adrangi is a 33-year-old executive who owns and operates his own New York City investment firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management. In February 2018 he issued a very negative report about Eastman Kodak Company and their new plan to enter the area of cryptocurrencies. His report highlighted some of his thoughts and findings and invited investors to listen in on a conference call he would be conducting about Eastman Kodak. He also explained that he had taken a short position on Eastman Kodak Company’s stock in the hedge fund that he operates.

In early February Eastman Kodak Company had announced two developments that tied in with each other. The first was KODAKOne, their new image licensing platform. The second was KODAKCoin which is their new cryptocurrency. The plan is that people will buy images on KODAKOne using KODAKCoin and the owners of the images would receive payment in the form of KODAKCoin. Among the many problems Sahm Adrangi has with this is that no one in their right mind wants to get paid with some cryptocurrency whose value isn’t backed by anything and the value of which fluctuate wildly.

Another thing that Sahm Adrangi said in his report was that Eastman Kodak Company has had poor fundamentals for years and their entering the cryptocurrency industry will do nothing at all about that. He also said their capital structure is buried in debt and, again, entering the cryptocurrency industry wouldn’t change that fact either. When Eastman Kodak had made their announcement their stock shot up close to 200%. Sahm Adrangi said this was entirely unjustified and it was all built on hype and speculation. He expected their stock to soon tank once investors understood what was happening.

Prior to opening Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi had been an analyst in the financial industry. He had worked for three firms which were Deutsche Bank, Longacre Fund Management, and Chanin Capital Partners. He has experience in a few different specialties such as restructuring, distressed debt credit, equity funds, and leverage financing among others. His hedge fund manages about $300 million in assets and it was founded in 2009.

In recent years, many different viewpoints have come to the forefront regarding opposing viewpoints on various issues. This has been especially common with anti-Semitic groups, who have held numerous demonstrations against Israel and those of Jewish heritage. To combat these radical ideas, philanthropist and author Adam Milstein has chosen to use his talents as a writer to regularly contribute interesting and thought-provoking articles to the Jewish News Syndicate. By doing so, Adam is able to get his message of tolerance and compassion across to a vast audience, all the while being able to also focus on his philanthropic and business interests.

Knowing that it takes far more than written words to get positive results, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila chose to create an organization that would not only spread a positive message to Jewish families, but also offer numerous means of financial and other assistance. The result of their efforts has been the Milstein Family Foundation, which over the years has helped Jewish families in the United States, Israel, and other nations with financial difficulties as well as other issues. Helping regularly with relief efforts and other endeavors, Adam and Gila’s foundation focuses heavily on education. In this regard, the foundation sends families large amounts of books each month, all of which are written in Hebrew and explain many little-known aspects of Jewish heritage. By embarking on this cause, Adam and Gila’s foundation helps families learn about their heritage, while also learning Hebrew.

Having established himself as a leading businessman within the Jewish community, Adam Milstein feels it is very important for him to be a positive role model for those who share his beliefs and values. One way he has chosen to do so is by using his real estate development business to help local communities obtain properties for Jewish schools, worship centers, community centers, and other organizations that can help build confidence and self-esteem. Based on these and other actions, it’s clear Adam Milstein will use his forum at JNS as well as his business and philanthropic ventures to keep the traditions of the Jewish faith alive.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists

Rejuvenation biotechnologies is a new area of medicine that seeks to provide people with eternal life. The goal isn’t just finding a way for people to live much longer, though. It’s also about people living healthier lives free of diseases. As people age they are prone to age-related diseases which companies in this field of medicine are seeking to halt from happening. One company in this industry is the SENS Foundation.

A number of years ago Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope learned about the SENS Foundation and their mission. He was inspired by what they wanted to accomplish. He ended up making a half-million contribution to this nonprofit so that they could build a new lab they needed to further their research. This was in 2010 and he subsequently gave over $1 million since that time. He says he is gratified to be able to help financially support anti-aging research and follows developments at the SENS Foundation closely.

Jason Hope was one of the early entrepreneurs in the mobile technology industry. He now invests in startups in the broader tech industry. He says he has a portfolio of companies he has invested in including search engine optimization firms, interactive software, digital media solutions, and business information systems. He says the future will rely on technology even more than it does today and the industry can only grow from here.

After he graduated from ASU with a degree in finance and then an MBA, he says that he knew he was going to need to do something business related. He established his first company in January 2004 when the mobile technology industry was in its infancy. Jason Hope has said that he was profitable early on although he had setbacks, just like any entrepreneur. He says having a healthy sense of doubt about your business’ success is good because it makes you try harder and anticipate issues. Its all about how you handle failure and successfully meet challenges that determines whether your company will fail or thrive.

Over the past year Jason Hope has extended the breadth of his writing. He has been writing about technology for a number of years but this was mostly on blogs. He is now reaching a larger audience so that people know what’s coming down the pike in the field of technology. He says he has scaled back some of his other work so that he has more time to write and perform research.

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Known as one of the largest private companies in America and ranked number 58 on the Forbes list, the OSI group celebrates over 100 years of superior food service and retail food branding. OSI is truly one of the most trusted global food suppliers, with more than 65 facilities and 20,000 employees in 17 countries and growing, focused on making high-quality custom food products. The duties and capabilities of OSI include custom food product development and global food supply chain management from sourcing through processing and distribution. It is passion and dedication that makes OSI stand out from the rest as the OSI wants to make sure that food relationships are solidified and represented by the best possible standards at all times.

The OSI legacy was first founded and established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky as a family-owned meat market and butcher shop in the Chicago area as Otto & Sons, USA. Throughout the years OSI has established itself as a very dependable food supplier known for solidifying important business relationships. In fact, in 1955, OSI was selected as McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef. And then in 1973, West Chicago, Illinois, USA plant opens as Otto & Sons’ first dedicated facility for McDonald’s. By representing such a growing franchised food conglomerate such as McDonald’s, this helped the world become fully aware of the strength and growth process that pushes the mission of The OSI group.

With their multi-billion dollarstatus steadily on the rise, the OSI group strives to convey important messages through their company’s values and goals. Since they are still known for being such a strong world leader in quality food service and retail branding, it was no surprise when the OSI group purchased a former Tyson Food Plant in Chicago for $7.4 million in order to expand their ever-growing empire to include specific food products. At the end of the day, the OSI group pushes the food envelope by making sure the customer gets what they want and that is, high quality, great tasting food with premium service that keeps the customer coming back every time wanting more.

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Neuropsychiatric and Diagnosis platform is a powerful assessment and diagnostic tool that will improve the current interventions aimed at enhancing mental health care. Using smartphone devices, the Platform that was founded by Mindstrong Health Company will monitor patterns of interaction to objective measures of brain’s activities.


What makes the platform unique


The primary purpose of Neuropsychiatric and Diagnostic Platform is to provide continuous computerized biological markers of affection and comprehension. These biological markers include concentration, recall and executive function, and processing speed.


Using Google and a smartphone to measure the exact level of understanding by transfiguration of someone’s patterns of scrolling is impressive. This practical approach to evaluation sets the basis for coming up with improved interventions to better mental health treatment. Mental illnesses have over the years become health problems in all parts of the world. The use of smartphones provides a promising solution to this global health concern.


This platform is supported by Foresite capital together with ARCH Venture Partners, reveals Some other partners that have joined hands in support of the platform include Optum ventures and Berggruen Holdings.


How medical professionals will benefit from the platform


The platform that was unveiled by Mindstrong Health Company will allow the medical team to comprehend the main challenges encountered in the care of patients with mental health illnesses. This is according to Jim Tananbaum, the boss of Foresite Capital. This creative platform will largely improve the interventions on which care is provided.


Who is Mr. Jim Tananbaum?


Jim Tananbaum, the brains behind Foresite Capital and with over $1 billion under his management, has experience in developing companies that specialize in health care and investment. During his days at Harvard Medical School, Jim developed GelTex pharmaceuticals with a minimum capital of $80million. He introduced two drugs that generate revenue of about $1billion. GelTex was later sold for $1.6 billion.


According to Business Wire, as an investor, Jim was among the partners that established a practice for the investment of health care services at Sierra Ventures. He developed this practice during the early years of his career. He is also among the proprietors that established Prospect Venture. With his leadership skills, the graduate of Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School was in charge of the strategic direction of both Amira Pharmaceuticals and Jazz Pharmaceuticals among others. Learn more about Foresite Capital on

What people do to help others is interesting in many ways. There are some people who help others on a regular basis. They do a wide variety of things to help others. On the other hand, there are people who do not help others, they feel that helping is something that is not their responsibility. As a result, they tend to not help others.


For some people to give, they have to see the actions of givers. In the philanthropy community where given is something that is done with desire and passion, there are many people who shine a light on the idea of giving to help others. An individual who has helped to place a light on the act of giving is Adam Milstein. A popular person in the philanthropy community, Adam Milstein has been helping others for many decades through his many unselfish acts such financial contributions to multiple charities.


Many of his acts of kindness have been at the center of helping thousands of people. Adam Milstein gives because he cares about the life of others. He wants people to be happy and able to do for themselves. He wants people to reach their dreams. Adam Milstein has made numerous financial contributions over the years to many different charities, organizations, and people. The contributions have helped many people to accomplish dreams and meet basic needs.


When people see Adam Milstein give it helps the idea of giving because it encourages others to give. People have come to see Adam Milstein as a person who wants to help others. This is seen in the announcement that listed the 200 most influential philanthropists in the world, which included Adam Milstein.


A business professional who has achieved great success in the business world, Adam Milstein has been able to give large amounts of money to help others because he has large amounts of money to give through his business success.


A recognized figure in the Jewish community, Adam Milstein is helping many people who need help but he is also helping many people to realize that helping others is a good way of living.