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In recent years, many different viewpoints have come to the forefront regarding opposing viewpoints on various issues. This has been especially common with anti-Semitic groups, who have held numerous demonstrations against Israel and those of Jewish heritage. To combat these radical ideas, philanthropist and author Adam Milstein has chosen to use his talents as a writer to regularly contribute interesting and thought-provoking articles to the Jewish News Syndicate. By doing so, Adam is able to get his message of tolerance and compassion across to a vast audience, all the while being able to also focus on his philanthropic and business interests.

Knowing that it takes far more than written words to get positive results, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila chose to create an organization that would not only spread a positive message to Jewish families, but also offer numerous means of financial and other assistance. The result of their efforts has been the Milstein Family Foundation, which over the years has helped Jewish families in the United States, Israel, and other nations with financial difficulties as well as other issues. Helping regularly with relief efforts and other endeavors, Adam and Gila’s foundation focuses heavily on education. In this regard, the foundation sends families large amounts of books each month, all of which are written in Hebrew and explain many little-known aspects of Jewish heritage. By embarking on this cause, Adam and Gila’s foundation helps families learn about their heritage, while also learning Hebrew.

Having established himself as a leading businessman within the Jewish community, Adam Milstein feels it is very important for him to be a positive role model for those who share his beliefs and values. One way he has chosen to do so is by using his real estate development business to help local communities obtain properties for Jewish schools, worship centers, community centers, and other organizations that can help build confidence and self-esteem. Based on these and other actions, it’s clear Adam Milstein will use his forum at JNS as well as his business and philanthropic ventures to keep the traditions of the Jewish faith alive.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists

When you want to be sure that you are able to obtain a degree in technology, Wessex Institute of Technology provides an excellent starting point. This is a school that provides higher-level degrees and is located in southern England. Some of the areas of specialty include transfer mechanisms, research and other facets of technology.

This is a prestigious institution that has created Nobel Prize winners and other medal winners over several years. They also participate in some renowned conferences which are integral in technological advancements over the years. Some of the conferences they dissipate in deal with things like big data, risk analysis, heritage and future, waste management, environmental technology and complex systems.

This institution publishes a number of technological journals and peer-reviewed papers on a regular basis. They have also been on the cusp of design and research for a number of different advancements over the course of several years. Check out the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia for more information.

Step into the life of one real-world, working family. Dad drops off the kids at school and Mom realizes that she forgot to send Jr. with anything to drink. Jr. has to stay after school today and is going to gym, so he needs his usual juice box for lunch plus a bottle of water. One quick text-like message to Teacher. About five minutes later, zap, Mom and Dad both get a picture of Jr. holding up his lunchbox, juice box, bottle of water, and a wide grin. Dad and Mom instantly are relieved and the teacher gets instant feedback. A heartfelt thank you, encouragement and appreciation for everything Teacher does on a daily basis.

It is this style of instant, affirming, and necessary communication that Class Dojo brings to the modern classroom. In the moment of what is essentially a text message; parents, teachers, and students are engaging, virtually.

Students receive daily, and sometimes hourly, feedback. “Way to go” on that spelling test Jr. studied for with Mom. “Great presentation” with a snapshot of Jr. confidently poised before his peers. It is this sort of contact that keeps parents, students, and teachers abreast of the daily work, improvement, and areas of need for young scholars. Students can easily reflect on their own progress and achievements with the constant communication.

Teacher’s keep abreast of the changing needs of students with the communication and help of parents. This type of open forum is essential for happy parents and hands-on teachers.

The app is easy to upload and simple to use. It works a lot like text messaging works. The app can also be used online through a private website provided to parents at the beginning of each school year. Each parent has their own passcode that links them directly to their student’s information. No other parent is able to see the details for another student.

Fast forward to the end of Mom and Dad’s workday and Jr.’s school day. Mom and Dad high five each other for remembering to put Jr.s lunchbox and water bottle near the front door. They also give Jr. a high five for his radical public speech at school.

That is what Class Dojo offers. It is an opportunity to bring the family together – both at school and at home for students.