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Hollywood has been trying to warn us for years that eventually technology is going to become self-aware and probably turn on its former masters (us) in order to create a utopian world for them (the machines). The next major step in this process is coming to fruition with the inclusion of drones with ‘memristors,’ or brains, in the loosest sense of the word. Essentially, these unmanned, flying computers would have a computer program on-board capable of ‘remembering’ where things are, spatially, in reference to itself. This ability could start with something as simple as registering that there is another drone in the air nearby. As the technology progresses over time the drone could be able to tell not only that there is a person within range, but also who that person is based on facial recognition software. Techy-savvy folks like Sam Tabar have learned that the applications for this new technology could range from military to Amazon delivery drones to precision agriculture.

Amazon is still far from being able to use their drones to deliver your purchases, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced Thursday that Amazon has been granted a certificate that allows the company to fly their aircraft without crew – with limitations.

According to the FAA, Amazon will receive an experimental certificate so they can do “research, development and training of flying objects”.

Amazon will also have to provide to the FAA flight data.

As the folks at Imaging Advantage understand it, among the information required by the government are the number of flights flown, hours pilots flew the drones, any unexpected failures, and moments that pilots did not follow the instructions of the control towers.

Amazon announced that it was investigating the possibility of using drones to deliver purchases in December 2013, but has met with resistance from the FAA .  However, the FAA presented its regulations in February.