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Fabletics at the top of the game


Kate did an amazing job when she came out with her own fit clothing line. She is at the top of her game and her company is only growing. Her brand started out online, but Fabletics now has several different in stores and they plan on opening even more. This company launched in 2013 and has already grown over 200%. This company also has a revenue over $250 million, and over a million members. Much of Fabletics success comes from their outstanding reviews and crowds.


Fabletics has had a rapid growth in their reviews, which is a huge reason why their company keeps on growing. Reviews on a product has a major influence on whether a customer buys a product or not. Recent studies have shown that 84% of people trust customer reviews just as much as they would trust a personal friends. Customer service is now a significant resource in the decision of buying a product. Reviews also improve search ratings which is also great for a company. And this is one of the reasons why Fabletics has been so successful. They have taken great measures in building up good reviews. And good reviews have proven to draw in loyal customers!


Kate Hudson has always had a love for fitness, which is why she created this brand. She wanted Fabletics to inspire others to live a more healthy lifestyle. This company has about everything you need for a great workout or sports. They have leggings, bras, shirts, tank tops, shorts, accessories, and so much more. Customers also love this brand because it is not only for fitness. This clothing line was also made for style and comfort. You can wear these clothes for workouts, or just for a day out. The clothing is also made with great quality, but with a fraction of the prices of Fabletics competitors. So you get top quality with the fraction of the price of most stores!


On Fabletics website you also take a quiz which is a brilliant way to find exactly what you are looking for. The Lifestyle quiz asks you some questions, which allows them to find exactly what you are looking for. You also become a member of Fabletics in doing so, and with becoming a member, you receive great rewards. Kate Hudson’s brand of fitness clothing has been a success and she continues to do even more!

You can’t run a business in the current digital climate without having a full and well rounded understanding of what it takes. Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communication solutions firm that has been focused on keeping businesses ahead of the competition by bringing them the digital tools that they need in order to find success. Talk Fusion was established by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007 after the founder had failed to find a similar platform. Reina has since grown Talk Fusion into one of the most prominent innovators in the industry ever since. Reina sat down to talk about just what Talk Fusion has to offer.


Talk Fusion excelled in 2016 in a way that few other companies within the industry did. To start off, Talk Fusion won the prestigious 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for their work on the Video Chat application. Talk Fusion also saw unquestioned growth in the market both in America and around the rest of the world. CEO Bob Reina has been focused on continually pushing the limits of what his company can offer so it should surprise nobody that they are where they are today.


Now, Bob Reina knows that in order to win new customers you have to sell them on your services. Reina doesn’t need to work too hard to sell Talk Fusion to potential entrepreneurs within the market. The biggest thing that Talk Fusion offers, and they offer quite a bit, is the ability to become an all in one office for all of your digital management needs. Talk Fusion offers enhanced customer service programs, live meetings, video chat interfacing, and reputation management through a plethora of different programs. Reina points out that often times companies who go through another provider will be forced to individually hire out for all of these tasks.


Talk Fusion is also focused on keeping themselves ahead of the rest of the pack with rock solid technology. Reina points to their work with WebRTC technology as a prime example. He also invites anyone interested in taking advantage of this technology aboard the Talk Fusion platform.