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In the United States, the campaign finance rules have been a matter of discussion for the many political experts for a long time. The Supreme Court of the country decided in the year 2010 in the legal battle that pursued between FEC and Citizens United that corporations and individuals can spend as much money they want in the elections to favor the political parties and candidates of their choice. It has practically given the control of the election campaigns in the hand of selected few wealthy individuals and companies, who want the political candidates of their choice to be elected. The fancy election campaigns influence the common people of the country as such, and the results are manipulated easily.

However, the End Citizens United was formed in the year 2015 to protest against the election campaigns finance rules. Overturning of such campaign finance rules is necessary to ensure that the political candidates who are reformers and want to work for the benefit of the country and the interest of the people are elected. With the flow of endless money into the elections, it has become a useless exercise that claims to be neutral and independent of any influence but is not. End Citizens United is one of the most active and influential PAC or the Political Action Committee that is entirely funded by the grassroots donors and aims to bring to power only those political candidates that are reformers and have the interest of the nation as its priority.

End Citizens United understands there are legal and constitutional roadblocks to what it aims to achieve and therefore, has taken the inherent route to end the corruption in politics. It aims to start a movement of creating awareness among the general public and gather funds to support the political candidates that it feels have the same ideology as the PAC. It would in the long-term help bring together the everyday people of the country against the corporations who are indirectly controlling the election campaigns and its results with the help of their enormous wealth. End Citizens United wants to overturn the Supreme Court decision of letting big money enter the election campaign and make it regulated so that the money that flows into the election campaigns is accountable.

Recently, the government wanted to make changes in the tax laws to repeal the Johnson Amendment. It would have allowed the big companies to channel their fund through the church and charities into the elections. However, due to the efforts made by End Citizens United and other reformer politicians, the bill was passed to ensure that the repeal doesn’t occur. Tiffany Mueller, founder and President of End Citizens United believes it is a win for the PAC and a step ahead in the right direction.

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