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Every year consumers spend millions of dollars on computers and computer accessories. A decent computer with ample space will cost no less than 250 dollars. One computer company is working to change that. Meet CHIP, the world’s first nine dollar computer. There is a lot of skepticism around this nine dollar digital wonder. A large amount of computer lovers are asking how reliable such a cheap computer can be.

Thankfully, Boraie Development says that there are a few beta testers who were willing to put CHIP to the test. The first question one would ask, is where the makers of this device get such cheap equipment. CHIP engineers have successfully gutted some incredibly inexpensive Chinese tablets to get the workings of CHIP. After a few tricks and flips, the makers can add specific ports depending on what the buyer wants. For example, if someone were to want a CHIP computer with a reliable HDMI port, they would have to pay 15 dollars instead of 9.

They’re willing to pay 6 dollars more for a computer that they can carry in their pocket and hook up to any television set. The project is a Kickstarter which means CHIP won’t be available for a while.