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Shaygan Kheradpir has been appointed the chair and the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant Firm. Mr. Kheradpir previously worked with the Marlin Equity Partners in senior management department. In his new capacity in Coriant, Shaygan is expected to leverage his experience in strategic organization planning to build strategies and provide solution to Coriant’s customers. His appointment comes at a time when Coriant’s niche market is at pick of competition of the ever-dynamic end-user markets. Shaygan takes up the place of Pat DiPietro, who is the former CEO as well as former president of Coriant.

Shaygan’s appointment was made considering the expansive operation, business, and industry experience he posses. His professional expertise is critical in achieving Coriant’s long-term goals. The market opportunities have greatly expanded due to the increased demand of end-use data in intensive applications. Shaygan is expected to lead the company in the portfolio integration and development initiatives. Coriant Corporation boasts of a comprehensive packet portfolio of data and optical networking solutions. Besides, it has unrivalled global reach of client base. In his acceptance speech, Shaygan highlighted some of the core goals he hopes to attain upon assuming the office. First, he hopes to create a non-disruptive network solution for Coriant’s customers and secondly, optimize the company’s services to the highest level of automation service agility and programmability. According to Mr.DiPietro, Shaygan’s guidance and insights in execution of operations is invaluable and is confident his contribution in his newly appointed rank will drive Coriant to higher levels of growth.

Education and Career Experience

Shaygan is an engineering graduate from the Cornell University and is an executive board member of engineers in the same college. He has vast experience in technology, financial, and telecom services, which exceeds two decades. He started in GTE Company, where he worked for approximately five years before joining Verizon Company.

At Verizon, Shaygan was named the lead Information Officer and his roles included ensuring efficient system modernization and pioneering new product development. He later joined Barclays as the technology officer and was later promoted to higher positions of leadership including becoming the head of technology department at the company. Link

Susan McGalla is one of the most noticeable female executives in the corporate industry today. Much of this has to do with her exciting times at American Eagle Outfitters. It was doing her time as CEO that she was able to provide a leadership style that would provide large sums of revenue for American Eagle. She has been sought after by many different companies because she increased revenues in such a dramatic way during her time with this company. Currently Susan McGalla serves as the director of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is in a position that she is well-equipped for after spending many years as a branding expert in the retail industry. In her role with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning she has the ability to draw light on the team and make more consumers aware of this organization.

Susan has been able to provide motivation to a lot of women that are also looking to enter the corporate world. She is one of many CEOs that have taken companies to new heights as she pleased investors, but the difference is that she is a woman. For many years women have been locked out of the corporate world and leadership positions. Susan is one that did not fall victim to the barriers that trap a lot of other women that look to thrive in this corporate world. She has been able to successfully navigate her way through many positions in the workplace as she builds a better career for herself and leaves a legacy for other females that are following her lead. Many people say that she is one of the best leaders when it comes to changing the infrastructure of an organization. She knows how to get on the inside and make the organization work in a way that allows it to be profitable. This is what investors want and that is why Susan McGalla of bizjounals website has been able to thrive for such a long time in an industry where there are not a lot of female leaders.

This is quite an impressive task for someone that is not known for attending an Ivy League university. Many people may have never heard of the college that she attended, but most people in the retail industry are familiar with the work of Susan McGalla. She is the person to listen to when one is speaking about branding. She knows this area quite well because she had worked in it so many years. This has made her an expert and many people in the industry still value her opinion even though she is no longer in the CEO role for retailers like American Eagle and Wet Seal.

Susan has created a work history that speaks volumes. She is one of those leaders that always manages to thrive even when she is under pressure. This makes her a special entity that will always have a place in the corporate world if she desires to do so.